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Vita game Soul Sacrifice teased in Famitsu ad

10:15 AM on 04.18.2012

Dale North

Former Dtoid EIC

A six page ad in the upcoming issue of Famitsu teases a new PlayStation Vita game called Soul Sacrifice. Japanese site Sinob gets an early look at the magazine and says that the ad's only image shows four characters up against a big monster, with keywords pointing to a story of magicians, "real fantasy shown in high spec," and "evolved battle" concepts. They also give a placeholder link for an upcoming webpage for the game.

Andriasang has more on the ad from another source. Apparently it shows another image of a hooded character with his hand extended to the reader, with some sort of red Z mark on it. More text says that this is an action game, and that it should "shake your soul." Ooh.

Seeing as how an announcement is expected at a Tokyo event hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment early next month, this could be a first-party title. The ad doesn't state, but SCEI is listed in the ad's copyright. 

This sounds kind of Monster Hunter-y, but darker. Do we want that?

You'll find some not-so-great ad image scans in our gallery.

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