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Videogame art floods Washington D.C. firms

5:46 PM on 07.10.2008 // Brad Nicholson

Yesterday, the Washington Post featured a feel good story about people who enjoy entertaining each other with videogame art. When the day gets bland, Amy Smith likes to decorate her window with a Ms. Pac-Man composed completely of Post-it notes. Amy does it for her friend in the adjacent building, who can clearly see it when looking out the window. The funny thing is, other people started noticing Amy’s game. Now they create their own art.

The corner of Vermont and L Street is now host to a collection of videogame iconography spanning from Mario, to Link, and even Space Invaders. It has become a competition of sorts, where each building actively watches new characters being constructed and then tries to do one better. Amy is proud of what she spawned between the buildings:

I always dreamed of leaving my mark on D.C.

The reporter goes on to speculate that over 40 windows have some kind of videogame related art on them. Personally, I think this is great utilization of a passion. Amy probably doesn’t read the news, editorials, or reviews as religiously as us, but she shares her tastes in a pretty cool and unobtrusive way. I almost wish every print outlet would take the time to look for a nice story like this, instead of telling us that GTA IV is going to turn the modern American into a car-jacking sociopath. 

[Via Gamepolitics]

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