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1:06 PM on 05.15.2007

HD DVD update hits for 360 users ... all five people rejoice

The handful of people or so who actually went out and purchased the HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 will get a pleasant surprise update when they boot up their player today. Here are the goods for what Microsoft has done to im...

Robert Summa

12:54 PM on 05.15.2007

Another professional gaming channel set to launch ... but in the UK

While pro gaming is certainly huge in the likes of Asia and across Europe, it really hasn't caught on quite yet in the States. We have our own e-sports channel on DIRECTV, but who in the hell has DIRECTV? The latest profe...

Robert Summa

3:54 PM on 05.14.2007

MotorStorm to get a fresh update

Seeing as how MotorStorm is among the proud and the few PlayStation 3 titles worth playing, news of a brand spanking new update breathes some fresh air into the title. Besides fixing some known bugs, Sony has just announced t...

Robert Summa

3:50 PM on 05.14.2007

Need more Halo 3 love? Check out a live play session today

In case you haven't had enough Halo 3 coverage in the past few days, I'll be taking over my beta and skills to the Epileptic Gaming crew for a pre- and post-show play session. This is your chance to not only see it l...

Robert Summa

2:41 PM on 05.12.2007

A real life WWII RTS ... how future wars will be handled

The Internet/gaming generation will one day fully consume this world. And, when and if that happens, I believe we all will be witnessing a ROFL Copter fly by our window or Wahmbulance roll down the street as haxorz overtake...

Robert Summa

1:04 PM on 05.12.2007

Halo 3 Zune is Zunetastic!

Last night in San Francisco, and apparently at the NYC Halo 3 event, Microsoft gave away these very sweet Halo 3-themed Zunes. Being a Zune owner myself, I was ready to chop off a finger to get one of these bad boys to take ...

Robert Summa

3:27 AM on 05.12.2007

Eight hours of Halo 3 equals eight hours of pure bliss

I literally just got back from a marathon eight-hour session of Halo 3 multiplayer beta play and boy are my arms tired ... *rimshot*. No, but seriously folks, it was pretty much a wonderful night. I'm sure you'll s...

Robert Summa

1:47 PM on 05.11.2007

A day inside EA

Yesterday, the guys from Epileptic Gaming were kind of enough to let me tag along with them as we spent about half the day at the Electronic Arts Los Angeles complex. Most of the time, I just tried to soak in as much of the...

Robert Summa

12:42 PM on 05.11.2007

Headed to San Francisco to get my Halo 3 freak on

I'm not gonna lie, I have the best job in the known universe. Not only do I get to always hear from adoring fans on how worthless I am, but I also get to go to special preview events that make every single living moment ...

Robert Summa

5:33 PM on 05.09.2007

Hands-on: God of War: Betrayal

Most of the time, we wouldn't dare give up precious Dtoid front-page space to something as casual and, well, crappy as a cell phone game. But, when something is as big and done as well as God of War has been done for the ...

Robert Summa

12:56 PM on 05.09.2007

New Simpsons game detailed; hopefully it won't suck as much as the show

The Simpsons used to be such a great series ... that is until it became a watered down, bastardized version of its former self. With the release of the upcoming movie, however, the good 'ol days may make a welcomed return...

Robert Summa

10:56 AM on 05.09.2007

Destructoid review: Mr. Robot

If you're just reading this headline and know nothing of the independent PC title Mr. Robot, then chances are you may think this game is about our own Mr. Destructoid. Sadly, that is not the case.However, what you are get...

Robert Summa

9:13 AM on 05.09.2007

Fils-Aime restates Wii's general purpose; do you want your Nintendo back?

Speaking with CNet, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime further clarifies the company line that has been pushed by Nintendo since the announcement and launch of their "new generation" console, the Wii. We...

Robert Summa

11:19 PM on 05.08.2007

Captain Obvious: Expect Spore delays

Whether you fully realize it or not, Will Wright's Spore is a highly ambitious project that for most of us who have seen and heard it on several occasions, think it may never even see the light of day because it's s...

Robert Summa

2:00 PM on 05.08.2007

Zach Selwyn busts a Destructoid freestyle

In case you didn't know, Zach Selwyn is the man. Not only was he kind enough to stop by our buddies over at Epileptic Gaming and hang out last week, but he also performed some freestyle songs which included the greatness that is Destructoid.Check out the freestyle above and Zach's other live performances: Alcoholiday; Worst dressed; and an EG freestyle. 

Robert Summa

1:00 PM on 05.04.2007

Super Paper Mario proves that the Wii really is a powerful system

I admit, I was completely wrong about the Wii. All those jokes about it being two GameCubes taped together was totally way off. The Wii is next gen and it can produce next-gen graphics and situations. I fully admit that I ...

Robert Summa