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I'm Nex.

I used to work here but my love of cash led me to take a gig with Wired.

I still keep an eye on the 'toid, but to see what I'm really up to, you should either hit up my Vox or go have a look at the Wired media empire.

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10:12 AM on 11.26.2007

'GTA for girls' causes controversy, sky is blue, Piplup still adorable

In a completely unshocking turn of events, a game billed as the "Grand Theft Auto for girls" has pissed off people who we're all beginning to assume earn a living being outraged and screaming "Won't someone ple...

Earnest Cavalli

9:10 AM on 11.26.2007

Japan puts the 'rampant consumerism' back in Christmas with Pokemon decorations

Courtesy of Siliconera we bring you that picture above from (where else?) the Land of the Rising Sun.Yes, it's funny that Pokémon are so famous, and Piplup is adorable, but I think the real point here is how utterly ir...

Earnest Cavalli

12:27 PM on 11.25.2007

Destructoid's games of the week for 11/25/2007: Is this a cop out edition?

It's a video. Watch it.Why?First, because I'm utterly fascinated with both foreign girls AND spunky indie girls; Superbus lead Jennifer Ayache is the epitome of everything I love about women, and as soon as I'm done with th...

Earnest Cavalli

12:02 PM on 11.25.2007

As if gold farming couldn't get any worse, now it funds pederasty

As an amateur Internet historian and a professional whatever-I-do-here, most of my skills are completely underwhelming. As often as I tell women in bars that I'm really very hilarious (on the Internet), few seem to offer me i...

Earnest Cavalli

7:55 AM on 11.25.2007

SUBOTRON seeks electronic culture artists for Viennese salon, adoring groupies

Every once in a while, in between the e-mails demonstrating all the inventive ways in which women conceal their naughty bits behind gaming appliances, and pictures of Brian Crecente's head pasted on a centaur, we receive miss...

Earnest Cavalli

7:24 AM on 11.20.2007

Turok Achievements unveiled: they're promoting team-killing now?

After the jump you'll find the just-released list of Achievements for the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming blood, guts n' dinos FPS Turok. Normally this wouldn't even blip on our radar of actual, useful news but something abo...

Earnest Cavalli

3:13 AM on 11.20.2007

Halo novel becomes NYT best seller, just like my novel Jurassic Park

There's been a lot of petty sniping towards Halo from both the anti-Microsoft crowd and the contrarian, anti-mainstream crowd ever since the pre-release hype for Halo 3 began building up, but absolutely no one, regardless of ...

Earnest Cavalli

9:23 PM on 11.18.2007

Destructoid's games of the week for 11/18/2007: Mixed messages edition!

Guys, I'd love to spend an hour crafting a deep, engaging story about why my hair hurts this week, but honestly I'm too absorbed in Assassin's Creed to give this whole thing much thought. One of the true joys of a gig like th...

Earnest Cavalli

12:45 PM on 11.17.2007

New Soul Calibur: Legends trailer: Lloyd sold me cigarettes this morning

Aerox continues his streak as my favorite tipper for today by sending in a link to the above trailer. I've been following the progress of Soul Calibur: Legends for a while now, mostly as I think it's an interesting experime...

Earnest Cavalli

9:30 AM on 11.17.2007

Game Center CX: the coolest game I hadn't heard about until yesterday

Ever since it was revealed to me (yesterday), Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge has become my own personal video game equivalent of the Mo-dettes: absolutely no one's heard of it, it's amazing and bringing it up in casual con...

Earnest Cavalli

8:14 AM on 11.17.2007

EA loses nearly $200 million, begins ushering women and children to lifeboats

Earlier today (yesterday?) reader-cum-tipper Aerox sent us a link to this Associated Press piece discussing EA's second quarter earnings. Or, more specifically, EA's second quarter losses. It seems that the gaming behemoth lo...

Earnest Cavalli

7:05 PM on 11.15.2007

Live-action Assassin's Creed: They couldn't find a koala to play with?

Assassin's Creed has been a debacle for days now. Between the less-than-stellar response and the childish vagina worship surrounding its producer, one gets the feeling that Ubisoft would rather just forget about the game an...

Earnest Cavalli

4:58 PM on 11.15.2007

Destructoid Review: Call of Duty 4

The first two Call of Duty games were widely praised as the next step in the first-person shooter genre. They had bombastic action sequences, gripping storylines and enough Nazi-bashing to make George Patton squeal like a you...

Earnest Cavalli

11:08 PM on 11.14.2007

Gods of Zul'Aman trailer: Take THAT Joss Whedon!

That clip is the cinematic teaser for a just-released 10-person raid dungeon, Zul'Aman. Like previous dungeons sporting the "Zul" prefix, it's home to trolls and their pseudo-Rastafarian, tribal society. You see, w...

Earnest Cavalli

5:46 PM on 11.13.2007

Microsoft allows Rare to develop on the DS, possibly to fund Moonraker laser

Ever since Rare announced they'd be making a handheld Viva Piñata title for the Nintendo DS, gamers have been scratching their heads and furrowing their brows wondering how exactly that came to pass. "After all,&q...

Earnest Cavalli

2:38 AM on 11.13.2007

Persona 3 cell phone prequel coming (to a faraway country)

Siliconera has word that Japan will be seeing a Persona 3 prequel in the form of a cell phone game that doesn't look entirely terrible. Here's the rundown:Without delving into too much some events happen pre-Persona 3 Playsta...

Earnest Cavalli