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10:32 PM on 05.24.2007

Blame Master Chief's wang for the Halo 2 Vista delay (update)

Wow, can't say I saw this one coming: It seems the blame for the delay in Halo 2 for Vista being released is a little thing called "partial nudity." Talk about dedication. I guess those boys at Bungie just could...

Robert Summa

12:02 PM on 05.24.2007

Fable 2 diary: All we need is love

We're all about love here at Destructoid, so we must say that we embrace this "love" that Lionhead is trying to bring across with Fable 2. The first in what should be a series of diaries leading up to the release of Fable 2, this video in particular deals with that human emotion that many of us feel as we see a robot glide into an empty room. Enjoy! 

Robert Summa

4:17 PM on 05.23.2007

New screens of the Kung Fu Hustle MMO

In case you weren't aware, Sony Online Entertainment via their studio in Taipei, Taiwan, is developing an MMO (yes, another MMO) based on the Stephen Chow movie Kung Fu Hustle. The game is a tad different, however, from ...

Robert Summa

2:02 PM on 05.23.2007

As Dane Cook says, sometimes I just want to dance

World of Warcraft is good for a few things, I admit. You can level up fairly quickly and see some pretty artistic stuff around the living world and even better, you can make friends along the way. But, perhaps my favorite aspects in the game are the dance animations. And hell, they're your favorite too, right Dane Cook?

Robert Summa

1:15 PM on 05.23.2007

Attention 1080p HD owners: Sony's PS3 firmware update will cream your pants

Whether you blindly hate them or not, you have got to give Sony credit for at least doing all they can to constantly update the PlayStation 3 to increase its worth for not only those who shelled out $600, but for those still ...

Robert Summa

12:57 PM on 05.23.2007

PS3 leading cross-platform software development? Haze and Devil May Cry say yes

Like a twist in a not-so-good mystery novel, it appears as though some developers are now taking their cross-platform games on the PlayStation 3 first and porting down to the lesser systems. It was already revealed last week ...

Robert Summa

3:29 PM on 05.22.2007

Captain Obvious: 80GB PS3 is staging ground for Sony VOD service

We all knew it was a matter of time before Sony began talk of rolling out its own video on demand service worldwide much like Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace. All the pieces are there for the PlayStation 3: large hard d...

Robert Summa

3:25 PM on 05.21.2007

Famitsu loves Resident Evil 4 on the Wii

Reviews from the Nintendo-slanted Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu have unveiled the potential of yet another Wii game worth playing. According to two editors, the GameCube-to-Wii classic Resident Evil 4 is a perfect 10. Her...

Robert Summa

12:18 PM on 05.21.2007

Ubisoft going casual; prepare to be left in the dust hardcore gamer

I'm sure some of you can see the writing on the wall, right? With the success of the Wii, DS, and services like POGO, the casual games market is set to be the largest, most highly-focused group of untapped money that vide...

Robert Summa

2:29 PM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike

Another little pleasant surprise for me at Sony's Gamers Day was the PSP title SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike. Seeing as how I was never really got into the PlayStation 2's first-person shooters, I never got i...

Robert Summa

2:09 PM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: Alcohol + game journalists + SingStar = Gold

On the night prior to the two-day Sony Gamers Day event, the company had a "cocktail hour" to get the gaming journalists all loosened up. One of the highlights of the party was SingStar for the PlayStation 3. Equi...

Robert Summa

1:34 PM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: Warhawk

I admit, I've had high hopes for Warhawk. To me, it was looking to be the kind of major time sink that Halo 2 was for me online, or even Counter-Strike and Battlefield 2.Perhaps those hopes were a bit too lofty, because o...

Robert Summa

5:28 AM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: LittleBigPlanet

Without a doubt, the upcoming PlayStation Network title LittleBigPlanet was my most-wanted game to play at Sony's Gamers Day event. Since first seeing it along with everyone else at GDC, the game has been stuck in my min...

Robert Summa

5:12 AM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: Heavenly Sword

After getting the crap beat out of me by the Heavenly Sword build that kept crashing -- I think I lost track after three consecutive Mr. Freezes -- I was finally treated to another short and sweet demo of a game that easily...

Robert Summa

4:31 AM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: Home

Whether you're into the whole social networking scene or not, chances are, you are into chat clients online. In fact, I'd say pretty much all of us use one. So the question becomes: Would you want an advanced versio...

Robert Summa

3:35 AM on 05.17.2007

Sony Gamers Day 2007: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Sadly, especially for me, I wasn't able to get any hands-on time with Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. But, I did ask around to find out impressions others had of the game and not one little person had a ...

Robert Summa