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Is there anyway to fill out a personal bio without coming across like a tool?

This is a deep question that warrants much research.

I'll get back to you shortly.
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5:00 AM on 08.05.2011

Driver: San Francisco trailer shows off multiplayer fun

Here is a new Driver: San Francisco trailer which highlights three of the 11 online multiplayer modes: Tag, Shift Racing and Takedown. Tag is pretty much what it sounds like (if you're "it" then hit someone else and they're...

Ben Hardgrave

1:00 AM on 08.05.2011

EA boss announces changes to organization

CEO of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello, has announced changes to the company and how they distribute their games. Specifically, a changing that focuses on "building [their] intellectual properties/franchises into year-round...

Ben Hardgrave

6:00 AM on 08.04.2011

New WiiWare game is like Ikaruga with magic

Ikaruga fans might be interested in this rather unashamed clone, Kyotokei. While it has a differing horizontal perspective and a more fantastical aesthetic, the games core mechanics are clearly derived from the Treasure Co. c...

Ben Hardgrave