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Name: Nick Berg
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Who is GON and Why Did He Follow Me to My Car?

Broke individual hailing from Denver, CO who was, unbeknownst to him, led here by this man who's store I sometimes frequent when I am not a broke individual.

I unfortunately don't have the latest and greatest gaming systems out there besides a Wii, so most of my gaming time is spent in Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, or playing older games on NES, SNES, Genesis, Virtual Boy, Dresmcast, PSX, PS2, and occasionally Saturn.

I will be focusing on tabletop gaming in my blogs since it's a thing I like to do, and although it's not necessarily video game related per se, there's plenty of games out there based off of tabletop RPGs/card games. I'll post thoughts on upcoming video games that deal with tabletop stuff, my thoughts on various tabletop games, and the most recent storylines I'm running/playing in.
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5:40 PM on 04.16.2010

E for Effort: Hacking and coughing

[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware that it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a who...