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Sep 02 // Qais Fulton

Left 4 Dead: A rude awakening for armchair zombie hunters everywhere

Having formulated plans for almost every eventuality once the dead rise, or the virus breaks out, or whatever flavor of zombie apocalypse you prefer, the brief time I had my hands on Left 4 Dead at PAX resulted in a horrifyin...
Aug 21 // Qais Fulton

Casually Hardcore: Extending the olive branch to "casual gamers"

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take in a panel at one of the less reported gaming events, Casual Connect. The thing to understand about this kind of event is that it's more of a con in the conference sense than the ...
Aug 05 // Qais Fulton

Champions Online hands-on impressions

One of the chief concerns I've heard from people regarding Cryptic Studios' upcoming MMO for PC and Xbox 360, Champions Online, is the lack of the beloved WASD -- at least for the Xbox 360 version of the game. It's a common p...
Jul 29 // Qais Fulton

E3 2008: Can't we all just get along?

Following Nintendo's underwhelming dog and pony show at E3, a whole slew of folks happily jumped on the Nintendo bashing bandwagon. Which really was the only appropriate response. Perhaps not bashing per se, but lambasting, r...
Jul 29 // Qais Fulton

Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars pre-orders bundled with statuette

[As originally posted on Tomopop] I'm beginning to think Gamecock should just quit the gaming business and make toys. Toycock? Figurecock? Yeah, doesn't quite have the same ring to it I guess. At least when you pre-order Mush...
Jul 25 // Qais Fulton

First 4 Figures unveils Ryu Hayabusa statue

[As originally posted on Tomopop]Normally I'm not much of a statuary fan, being of the opinion that you should actually be able to play with your toys after you buy them rather then look longingly at their stoic visages colle...
Jul 14 // Qais Fulton

Gears of War 2 site goes live

While you're sure to get all the Gears of War 2 lovin' you'll need from our E3 coverage, every little bit of blood-soaked info is welcome when it comes the sequel for Microsoft's rampaging shooter. There's a slew of concept a...
Jul 11 // Qais Fulton

Champions Online Media Day: Land of the free, and home of the Fire-Apes

The first thing to understand about Champions Online is that it is not City of Heroes 2: Hellions' Revenge. They're obviously similar, and it would be insulting to suggest otherwise, but the development of Champions Online ha...
Jul 10 // Qais Fulton

2k Games signs on to publish Champions Online

So I was supposed to hold off on revealing this until tomorrow, but thanks to the folks over at Cryptic Studios I'm able to provide you with this tasty morsel of superheroic news. Today, 2k Games announced their role as the i...
Jul 08 // Qais Fulton

Brutal Legend not coming to E3

In a recent interview between MTV's Multiplayer blog and Tim Schafer of Doublefine Studios, it was revealed that the aforementioned developers would not be presenting Brütal Legend at next week's E3. The decision was rep...
Jul 07 // Qais Fulton

Majesco announces AWAY Shuffle Dungeon for the DS

If someone were to ask what you thought we could use more of on the DS, RPGs likely aren't going to be the first idea out of your mouth. Not that RPGs on the DS are bad in any way simply on the face of them, but there's a glu...
Jul 03 // Qais Fulton

This Week In Rock Band DLC: Rush and Red Hot Chili Peppers

That's right, Toidertots, we've got next week's rock offerings a couple days early. On July 8th (the 10th for you PSTriple-ites) Harmonix is serving up a delicious rock stew featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks "Snow (...
Jul 01 // Qais Fulton

Gamecock gets Steamy, announces distribution agreement with Valve

Those of you disappointed in the less-than-stellar performance of Insecticide on the DS, but not inspired enough to put forth the momentous effort required to pick it up for the PC, take heart! Gamecock has announced an agree...
Jun 27 // Qais Fulton

This Week in Rock Band DLC: Crue Fest Track Pack and a freebie

OK, I get that everyone has different tastes. Really, I do. But why, Harmonix? Why follow up the Pixies and Weezer with Mötley Crüe, Papa Roach, and Trapt? I thought we were friends, man. Yeah, yeah, you're kicking ...
Jun 27 // Qais Fulton

Ubisoft announces 4 new "Games for Everyone" DS titles

When you name a line of games something like "Games For Everyone" you're setting up your market to expect (and bear with me here, 'cause this is where it gets complicated) games for everyone. Seems like a fairly str...
Jun 26 // Qais Fulton

McFarlane Toys announces a line of Guitar Hero figures...wait, what?

[As originally posted on Tomopop]When I think of games I'd like to see produce some figures, Guitar Hero isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, it's not even the third or fourth (those are Imagine Babiez ...
Jun 26 // Qais Fulton

"Hot Coffee" class-action suit an utter failure

When Take-Two settled its case over the infamous Hot Coffee incident, a hidden sex scene less titillating than a drug-fueled orgy between the cast members of The Golden Girls, it was both sad and hilarious. Here we had a larg...
Jun 17 // Qais Fulton

Best Buy Canada gets into the used games market

Best Buy Canada, recognizing the obscene profits to be made by reselling used games, has decided to adopt the practice at its subsidiary Future Shop stores. The Globe and Mail goes on to tell us what we're already intimately ...
Jun 06 // Qais Fulton

Rumortoid: MGS 4 pre-order bots responsible for Amazon downtime

Today was quite possibly the worst day for Amazon to experience downtime. Planned to be the day that Amazon began accepting pre-orders for the Metal Gear Solid 4 80 GB PS3 bundle, everything fell apart when Amazon experi...
Jun 05 // Qais Fulton

Saints Row 2 trailer takes aim on GTA IV

It's really too bad that this trailer, outlining a stunning array of obscene activities in Saints Row 2, was so poorly executed. You'd think with a combination like stealing a sanitation truck to hose pedestrians with raw sew...
Jun 05 // Qais Fulton

Student's Atheism game does more harm than good

History and common sense teach us all a valuable lesson in dealing with people whose religious beliefs don't parallel your own: violence is only acceptable if you're willing and able to decimate the opposition. It appears tha...
Jun 05 // Qais Fulton

Long Ghostbusters script is long

If there was any doubt in your mind that the Ghostbusters game was going to be a good, well-rounded representation of the series, some recent news from Ernie Hudson (aka Winston Zeddmore) should put those doubts to rest. In a...
Jun 02 // Qais Fulton

Big in Japan: Rock Band heads to the land of the rising sun

Sweet, sweet irony. It seems that Japan, the country that made rhythm games what they are today, is getting a localized version of Rock Band courtesy of Harmonix and Q! Entertainment of Lumines, Rez, and Every Extend Extra Ex...
May 27 // Qais Fulton

G4 announces Xbox Live distribution agreement

In what can only be described as a brilliant move, G4 announced today that they will be partnering with Microsoft to release several of their series via Xbox Live. The shows up for grabs are "Code Monkeys", a show a...
May 23 // Qais Fulton

Philip K. Dick novels get the gaming treatment

Today, The Guardian reports that The Halcyon Company -- a media company unheard of in the gaming world -- has obtained the right of first option to Philip K. Dick's works and plans to adapt two of his novels into games. The t...
May 20 // Qais Fulton

The Cars' first album coming to Rock Band

 The first time I heard "Good Times Roll", I was about 15, sitting in the back seat of my friend's car while we drove around my hometown looking for anything to do just like the night before, and the night befo...
May 14 // Qais Fulton

Fun for the whole family: Cornholing comes to the Wii

A popular college pastime will soon come to video game consoles. Thus begins The Lantern's article on Incredible Technologies' game version of Ohio's noble pastime of "cornholing". Armed with only a vague knowledge of the st...
Apr 30 // Qais Fulton

R-Type Command pre-orders put you in the cockpit of an R9

[As originally posted on Tomopop] You really shouldn't need any more incentive to run out and pre-order R-Type Command other than the fact that it's R-Type. But in case you did -- and I'll be collecting your home address...
Apr 28 // Qais Fulton

Yoink!: UPS employees lifting GTA IV

It seems that the parade of pundits angrily shaking their fists as they list the myriad ways in which videogames would be the downfall of civilization may have been on to something. According to the fine folks at Ars not even...
Apr 23 // Qais Fulton

Psychological study suggests link between gory games and aggression

I have a request for the scientific community at large, though really this is for any of their ilk that want to do a study on games. Before one of your noble community decides to shed light on the apparently opaque machinatio...

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