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I don't take this shit seriously, and neither should you.

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Kif's Official Guide On How To Get Your Monthly Musing article featured!! (YAY!)
1. Be professional. No lolcats (Sorry guiz my cat ated tem lmbo)
2. Namedrop one of these: Half Life, ICO, Shadow, Bioshock or any game by Atlus
3. Wait for it...
4. BOOYAH!! You now have a featured article!!

(Alternative method: Write as if you were Anthony Burch)
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8:40 PM on 06.19.2008

Start of the affair: The Amiga and Mega Drive 2

[Editor's note: Kif talks about the Amiga and Mega Drive 2 for his contribution to this month's Monthly Musings. -- CTZ] My venture into the world of videogames started oddly I guess. When I was a kid, my grandad owned an Ami...


4:52 PM on 06.07.2007

Gaming under the influence: Top 10 drunk multiplayer games

Drinking while gaming is such a stupid thing to do, and yet I know most people this site will have tried it. It's a match made in heaven when it comes to entertaining. But playing games drunk on your own is depressing and sad...