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Jan 10 // Ishaan

Final Fantasy XIII, Versus, Agito scans

Square's new Fabula Nova Crystallis project has been getting a fair bit of attention lately. The trailers of FFXIII and Versus from E3 wowed everyone. I found the FF trailer in particular to be pretty mindblowing. It look...
Jan 10 // Ishaan

Moore, Satchel hop aboard Sony bash bandwagon

You did it. I did it. Our neighbours did it. Hell, my dad did it (and he doesn't know squat about gaming). Now Microsoft's doing it, too. In an exclusive interview with, Microsoft's Peter Moore a...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

CES: Age of Conan on DX10 trailer

Here's the latest trailer for Age of Conan: Hyborian Aventures running in its full DX10 glory on Windows Vista. The game is scheduled to release in the second quarter of 2007. The graphics look fairly good for an MMO and I think this trailer is starting to make me a little wet now...Thanks to NamelessTed for YouTubing it for me! You are awesome.
Jan 09 // Ishaan

Sony did NOT win an award for SIXAXIS

Wait, what? But everyone said they did! Yes, everyone said they did because apparently Sony told them all they did. But they didn't. Confused? Gather around ladies and gentlemen ... this is a hell of a story. Probably...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

Famitsu predictions for '07

Famitsu recently held another series of polls regarding software/hardware sales in 2007 in Japan. The results are exactly what you would expect them to be. In short, the DS and Wii are ruling, followed by the PS3 and the 360 ...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

1UP NOT bought by Dell!

We finally received word from Ziff Davis that they have NOT sold 1UP to Dell. It looks like all is well in the world of game journalism once more. Everyone who said it wasn't true, give yourself a pat on the back. Too bad...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

Games for Zune by July 2008

Looks like Microsoft is getting more and more ambitious by the day. According to Bloomberg, they are now looking to enter the handheld gaming market. Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, will introduce vid...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

360 raging with software attach rate of 5.3 per unit

Holy crap. That is phenomenally impressive. And this is excluding XBLA titles, mind you. The Wii might be coming up really fast and the PS3 might have great potential for the future, but it's pretty clear who is leading t...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

"Balls to Sony" - Microsoft

OK, so they didn't really say that. But being ignored by Bill Gates kind of negates all that awesome publicity Sony got at CES. It was only a couple of months ago that Microsoft called the Wii a "kid's toy". Make up your minds guys.
Jan 09 // Ishaan

Parents unhappy about porn on Wii

Seeing as how this story is already all over the internet, I wasn't really going to bother putting it up ... until Teddy Gage e-mailed it into tips (thanks, dude). Seeing this pop up in more and more places by the minute...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

Europe; ask and you shall receive

So, everyone's been pretty frustrated by Nintendo rolling out their quality Virtual Console titles at a snail's pace lately. Last week's line-up in the U.S. was especially disappointing it seems, as several of you...
Jan 09 // Ishaan

Rare co-founders jump ship

Wow. This has been happening a lot lately, hasn't it? According to Next Generation, Rare founders Chris and Tim Stamper have officially departed from the Microsoft owned studio after 20 years of dedication for unknown rea...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

1UP bought by Dell?

No, I'm not kidding. A few days back we reported Ziff Davis was selling 1UP and EGM. Well, it looks like the site's already been bought and is now within the unforgiving claws of Dell. Notice the new logo in the top l...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

PS3 hacked to use 360 controller

PS3 Fanboy has a post up on their website about yet another console hack. This time it's far more impressive from the usual stuff you tend to see floating around the net. Someone else has hacked up their system and got t...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Hellgate: London to release in Summer

It's about time. Ever since Bill Roper and his band of merry men jumped ship at Blizzard to form their own studio, every Diablo fan and his grandmother have been both excited and scared to see what they'd come up with...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Access Nintendo Wii FTP content

WiiNintendo just put up a ton of exclusive Nintendo FTP content including high resolution artwork and videos from Twilight Princess, Excite Truck and Wario Ware. Also included are pictures of packaging, a few videos of the &...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Live headed to Windows Vista

We all knew it would happen eventually. This is just the official confirmation straight from the horse's mouth. Once again, brings us news of the various ongoings at CES. "Windows Vista marks the b...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Nyko Wii peripherals debut at CES (Update)

Nyko's got some pretty neat stuff coming up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas for the Wii. The three accessories we've heard news of so far are the wireless sensor bar, a remote recharging station, and a high-...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Guitar Hero 2 for 360 releasing in March

Rumors of  Guitar Hero being moved over to practically every console in existence have been rampant for a while now. Well, it looks like we've finally got a release date for the 360 version from Activision. Guitar He...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Spore Vehicle Editor scans

Some of you keeping an eye on Spore might be interested in seeing these. PC Gamer recently interviewed senior producer Morgan Roarty about the game's never-seen-before vehicle editor. The interview touches upon the main c...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Mortal Kombat II coming to PS3!

More good news on the Sony front. According to PSU, Sony Online Entertainment and Midway have recently formed a collaboration to release six classic games on the PlayStation Network in 2007. All you lucky PS3 owners will soon...
Jan 08 // Ishaan

Sony showered with awards at CES

According to, Sony seems to have been honored with numerous awards at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Not only was the SIXAXIS awarded by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Sony i...
Jan 07 // Ishaan

Resident Evil 4 PC ... WTF?

"In this latest installment of the wildly popular franchise, players are reacquainted with Leon S. Kennedy, Raccoon City's idealistic rookie cop from Resident Evil 2. In the six years since the destruction of Racco...
Jan 06 // Ishaan

Motion-sensing on your DS

A very ambitious homebrewer who goes by the name KeithE has developed a motion-sensing card for the Nintendo DS. It consists of a 3-axis accelerometer and a single axis gyroscope. The card works on both, the DS and the DS Lit...
Jan 05 // Ishaan

Metroid Prime Corruption details

The guys over at GamePro got to attend an invite-only gaming marathon held by Nintendo and managed to lay their hands on a playable version of Metroid Prime: Corruption. It looks like they had a blast with the title, to say t...
Jan 05 // Ishaan

The evolution of RPGs

Ahh, it feels good to be back. This past week I’ve had to contend with a number of issues plaguing my PC, ranging from a messed up registry and corrupted drivers to the sudden short-out of my CD drive and the mysterious...
Jan 05 // Ishaan

360 v2 confirmed; Codenamed: Zephyr

I would consider this a rumor were it not for the picture above. Talks of a cooler, more efficient 360 have been around for a long time now, and it seems we're finally seeing what is as good as a confirmation that a syste...
Jan 05 // Ishaan

Dragon Quest Swords preview

Rejoice Dragon Quest fans, for we finally have more information on DQ Swords for the Wii. Up until now, not much was known about the game at all, but Adam Riley over at Cubed³ managed to get his paws on an early version...
Jan 05 // Ishaan

PS3 steerings to lack force feedback

As much as I hate to be the bearer of more bad PS3 news, no one else at Dtoid seems to be awake. Kindly refrain from directing your hatred at me. Like they say, "Don't blame the messenger."  Now that we hav...
Jan 05 // Ishaan

Kojima interested in Wii; pooh-poohs HD

This isn't exactly a surprise, and I'm guessing some of you have already seen it, but here it is, just in case. NWiiZone recently picked up a little quote from Hideo Kojima from GamePro magazine regarding what he th...

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