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When I was 4 years of age, I got my first console, and Nintendo Entertainment System. Ever since then, for the last 17 years I've been gaming hardcore. I've sacrificed everything; Girls, Fame, Glory, everything to lead where I am now: A writer for a website where I don't even get a paid contract, still single, and still a virgin...hell, I never even kissed a girl... (oh, how long it's been since I felt the sweet caress of a woman's--)

But, that doesn't matter! Because, I'm livin' the dream, baby! YEAH! I boogie!

Anyhoo, I'm an aspiring writer, anime fanatic, and a heavy gamer (of course). I'm currently working a trilogy of novels (which will never get finished, but, I'm gonna keep trying by God!) and I'm currently loving my jobs as a full time sociopath, and part time pain in the ass.

Games I love the most right now are DOA4, Gears of Wars and Call of Duty 2. I also play a little Ghost Recon where I play a mean grenadier. If you ever wanna find me, look me up.
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9:54 AM on 01.18.2007

Gears of War patch adds knockout feature

While playing Gears of War with a friend tonight, we discovered a new feature that's been added since the patch: knockouts. Previously, if you were downed in versus, you could be revived as many times as needed. However, ...


11:39 AM on 01.12.2007

New Gears of War patch: Play time is over

After a week long disappearence from Live, I come back to new swag on the marketplace for Gears of War, including a map pack, a new theme, and even a new patch. While the theme and the new maps are pretty sweet, the patch is somewhat of a burn.


2:45 PM on 12.20.2006

Buried games better left buried: Tattoo Assassins

Oh, Mortal Kombat. Though you were pretty much created as a cheap American answer to the Street Fighter craze of the 90s, you became so much more. You were a landmark title in the game industry: You gave us beautiful fatali...


12:32 PM on 12.07.2006

You want 80 bucks? Play Gears of War! (Update!)

It seems there are few gamers out there taking it upon themselves to use Xbox Live for competitions. GAme G0dz over at Redassedbaboon.com is holding a Gears of War tournament in January and is even giving away prizes: Third...


12:35 PM on 11.30.2006

Never giving up: Return of the competitive edge

What do you call the thing that drives you to win at any costs in any endeavor; that Internal cocktail of honed skills, ruthless guile, pure instinct, and fevered adrenaline. That thing where your palms sweat, and your heart ...


1:12 PM on 11.27.2006

DOA: Dead or Alive Review

(SPOILER WARNING - HIKARI INDUSTRIES IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY SPOILERS THAT MAY BE GLEENED FROM READING THIS REVIEW) Dead or Alive. The fighting game franchise is one that's captivated players in the arcades and on 5 conso...


4:50 PM on 10.30.2006

XBox 360 Dashboard update hits on Halloween

For those of you who loved the last big update Mircosoft made to the XBox 360's Dashboard, be sure to sign on tomorrow as the fall update is slated to be ready for your downloading pleasure. What sorts of new freshness ...


4:33 PM on 10.29.2006

Gears of War: Just Do It

Ever wish that awesome new game you've been waiting for was turned into an awesome pair of sneakers? Well, wait no more! ... Sort of. A poster on the Gamertag Radio Forums, called PinkSage, decided to put her photoshop skills to the test and created the ultra sweet Gears of War basketball shoe. When Emergence Day hits, will you be stylin' in your Gears of War kicks?


7:11 PM on 10.09.2006

And so ... the reign of Hikari began ...

Greetings, Destructoidians! I am Teksuo Hikari, and it would seem that my blogging journey has brought me to Destructoid. Some of you might know me from a little site called redassedbaboon.com. *crickets* Anyone? No one?...