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Aug 29 // Pure Poison 1

I suck at games - RPGs, my favourite genre

I easily spend the majority of my gaming time playing RPGs on the train, sometimes after work and most of the weekend. They easily make up more than half of my gaming collection. Unfortunately I am really bad at them. Now...
Jul 25 // Pure Poison 1

Broken console, Sony conspiracy, new PS3!

Considering every 360 owner I know has experienced the red ring of death at least once, if not multiple times, I always thought out of all the consoles I own the first to break would be one of my 360s. Not so! It is my backwa...
Jun 07 // Pure Poison 1

Star Ocean The Last Hope - PAL Collectors Edition

Today I bought SO4. It was finally released in Australia on Thursday, despite being released nearly everywhere else last year. So far I am about two hours in but since tomorrow is a public holiday I plan to play it a lot mo...
May 23 // Pure Poison 1

Gaming Setup + Cactuar and friends

For my second blog I am posting my setup and my boyfriends setup which are next to each other. I have also included a few pics of my plushies and Valkyria Chronicles figurines. This is the room we do all our gaming in. We...
May 18 // Pure Poison 1

I love Cactuars! My intro :)

Hi! Since I have decided to start a c-blog I figured I would introduce myself. So I'm 23, live in Sydney with my boyfriend, work full-time, study part-time and am obsessed with video games. My first console was the PS1 an...

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