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Nov 08 // Analoge

Where it all began: A transition story and a plea for help

I've got a lot of history with Destructoid. I first heard about Dtoid back in 2005 because I was looking for a game site I could trust. The general attitude Dtoid had, that STFUAJPG attitude was exactly what I was looking ...
May 15 // Analoge

Chloe Sagal, Allistair Pinsof, and Destructoid's Response

The story, for those of you who haven't heard, can be found here. The word's straight out of Pinsof's mouth can be found here. The tl;dr version is that Allistair Pinsof found it necessary to out a transgender* woman who is c...
Apr 10 // Analoge

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut [SPOILERS!]

Hey, Dtoid! Long time no see! How's your family and every little thing with you? Okay, enough pleasantries. I'm here on business. I made a video of what I think the Mass Effect 3 extended ending should look like, and I'd li...
Mar 31 // Analoge

PAX East: Always I Want To Be With You

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a group of Destructoid community members, new and old, take to each other. I would liken it to some kind of biological fusion, but that seems kind of gross. It takes the span of about...
Mar 16 // Analoge

Happy Boifday, Dtoid!

In a few months I"ll be writing my dtoid anniversary post, so I'll keep this short. You guys are fucking awesome. Don't stop doing that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Mar 08 // Analoge

Something About Sex: We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off...

Sex is everywhere. You can't be exposed to television, movies, music, advertising, water cooler conversation, or just walk down the street without being bombarded by sex. Sex is in video games as well. Why? Is it because it'...
Mar 05 // Analoge

Friday Night Fights: Minecraft!

Tonight, we craft mine. In case you're not aware, Minecraft is a sandbox construction game of the highest caliber.It let's you build awesome stuff and doesn't afraid of anything. If you're interested in playing, here's wh...
Mar 02 // Analoge

Dtoid Minecraft Server! (We Built a Giant Mr. Destructoid Head!)

So Minecraft is this amazing sandbox game where you can build things on a giant map with a bunch of other people. I made a server today and this is the fruit of Ryu89 and my labor! If you're interested in playing (Protip...
Feb 13 // Analoge

RAAAAAGE [Short Blog]

My face when I accidentally clicked on the Halo Legends link FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME:
Dec 18 // Analoge

Dtoid Secret Santa: Best Present Ever!

So I got my present today, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Let's jump right in and see what I got. First, a card: What's that? a hand drawn Captain Strong?! Wait, do my eyes deceive me? No, they don't! That's the coo...
Sep 10 // Analoge

PAX 09: Dig Or Be Dug

I posted half of a comic purchased at the door of PAX yesterday. This is the second half (or first half if you want to be difficult about things) of that comic. I feel as if I should make a few things known beforehand. I neit...
Sep 09 // Analoge

PAX 09: The Legend Of That Link Kid

Here's my contribution from PAX 09. 1/2 of a Morman comic that I didn't even pay the three dollars for (Chooly did). I stood in line to play Borderlands and read this, and thought, " This is so over the top. People have to se...
Sep 08 // Analoge

Object Obscura: Incredible Crisis

[Every month (Except last month) Analoge showcases an overlooked, under-appreciated, or just plain weird piece of video game history in a segment called Object Obscura.] First of all, thanks to Chronoswing for suggesting ...
Jul 26 // Analoge

Object Obscura: No One Can Stop Mr. Domino

[Every month (since 2 months ago) Analoge showcases an overlooked, under-appreciated, or just plain weird piece of video game history in a segment called Object Obscura.] No one can stop Mr. Domino. No one. Not you. Not ...
Jul 16 // Analoge

I, The Author: Building The Louvre With Legos

Jim didn't want to be an adventurer. He was perfectly content to live out the rest of his days in the sleepy village he called home with his beautiful wife and daughter, Shayna. That was before the foreigners came. When the...
Jun 29 // Analoge

Plug Nazi turns leisurely gaming into a speed run

Ever seen a dog tied to a tree test his boundaries? If not, it goes a little something like this: RUN RUN RUN RUN CHOKE YELP! This is the type of game experience that the GameDr Video Game Timer makes available for parents...
Jun 25 // Analoge

Kotaku Makes the Moonwalker Connection for Hits.

I thought all the tits for hits stuff was pretty lame, but this is just pathetic. Kotaku has posted an homage to Michael Jackson's laughable video game-related achievements, and begun what I predict will be one of the most ...
Jun 20 // Analoge

PC REVIEW: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is the redheaded video game stepchild of the Ghostbusters trilogy. That's right, it's now a trilogy. The idea that Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were going for was for Ghostbusters: The Video Gam...
Jun 17 // Analoge

I Hope You Like Cockney: U.K. Tax Breaks For "Culturally British" Games.

If you're like me, you find the accents in U.K. games like Fable to be extremely grating. Tough luck for you, me ole chummy! The U.K. government has recently agreed to offer tax relief to game developers in the U.K., provid...
Jun 10 // Analoge

Nintendo rolls in pile of money. Microsoft looks over and says "Meh."

Regarding Project Natal, Microsoft V.P., Shane Kim, has recently had this to say: "The most important thing is this has nothing to do with Nintendo and Sony. This has everything to do with unlocking the potential of the indu...
Jun 10 // Analoge

Rotten To The Core

I don't like being called a core gamer. I expect that other minority groups don't enjoy the offensive terms used for them either. This might be a bit melodramatic, but the truth of the matter is that "core gamer" is being t...
Jun 08 // Analoge

Object Obscura: Top Shop

[Every month (since last month...) Analoge showcases an overlooked, under-appreciated, or just plain weird piece of video game history in a segment called Object Obscura] Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need new frie...
Jun 02 // Analoge

Regarding E3: Pre-Natal

Thomas Edison. The Wright Brothers. Alexander Graham Bell. These are the men who weren't satisfied with the lives that they were given. Who decided that instead of crawling in the muck of everyday living with their heads h...
May 29 // Analoge

Characters without Character

Sometimes there are characters that just stick in your head. You canít help but find them incredibly identifiable. Youíre so taken with their well-fleshed out back-story, their rapier wit, and their spot on character design...
May 27 // Analoge

The Shear Audacity of It All

Being the perpetual bandwagon jumper that I am, I'm going to blog about game music. I'll start off hoity-toity, but don't worry. It turns into a jamfest. So, I'd say two things go into good game music, and the main one is ...
May 26 // Analoge

Ding! Kojima's Up!

With one timer down, a new one comes up. A little bit heavier rain... Some more flashy letters. Oh Kojima. You're incorrigible.
May 26 // Analoge

Dis Clamor: So You're Thinking Of Buying Games, Eh?

WARNING: By purchasing this product, you accept total responsibility for its success. Any hindrance on the creation of future products will be directly due to a failure on your part. As a result, you will be expected to v...
May 25 // Analoge

Why Shu Is For Winners (The Logical Conclusion Being That Anything Else Is For Losers)

I enjoy Dynasty Warriors. I also enjoy Samurai Warriors. I even enjoyed that Gundam Warriors game, even though they butchered Domon Kasshu's signature badassity. But right now, I'm not here to talk about how awesome G Gunda...
May 25 // Analoge

Object Obscura: Shadow Hearts Covenant

[In the spirit of new people trying to fit in and be cool, I have decided to announce a new, semi-regular segment of my bloggy bloggy blog. In it, I will tell you about cool games that you probably haven't heard of.] Shado...
May 24 // Analoge

Contextual Foodstuffs (Have Your Games And Eat Them Too!)

After many unsatisfying meals aboard a U.S. Navy ship, I've begun to wonder just exactly what makes them bad. I don't remember meals ever being this bad before, and I thought about what the difference was between the meals ...

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