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Nov 10 // Atlas

Horse Armor DLC for Skyrim available for purchase

Leaking early on Xbox Live Marketplace and then quickly removed was horse armor, priced at 400 Microsoft Points. Most telling about the download was that the content is already on the actual game disc, and the cost is merely ...
Oct 28 // Atlas

The Jim Sterling effect (Jim Sterling)

I gathered some data and analyzed it, my results being quite amazing. "The Jim Sterling effect" as you may know it multiplies blog excellence. But now, you can rest quite assured that there is some serious science behind th...
Oct 26 // Atlas

Why modern games are infinitely better than retro games

Lots of people in this day and age constantly berate new, superior modern games. They tell us that this new game is trash, that videogames are for the mainstream and have been dumbed down, and that old classic games are bette...
Oct 25 // Atlas

Why Skyrim is better than Zelda: Skyward Sword

With the extreme similarities between Skyrim and Zelda, we are forced to compare them. They are nearly identical competitors, with nearly identical gameplay... Very easy to directly compare to each other! Kind of like Battl...
Oct 24 // Atlas

MMO Stories: The day I was molested

I was a boy of ten years old in the world of Runescape. It was Christmas day, and I was enjoying vast deposits of coal left unguarded by people who had abandoned me to real life. I am the master of this coal mine, being the ...
Oct 24 // Atlas

Blizzard unleashes an underhanded way to profit millions from World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been around for nearly a decade. In that time millions of accounts have been created, and many more billions of characters, now completely inactive, have been created, taking up space and money. And no...
Aug 16 // Atlas

I know what happens in Bioshock: Infinite (aka SkyoShock predictions)

I know everything about Bioshock, being Atlas and all. So let me reveal exactly how the plot will twist. - The character, Elizabeth, is what keeps the city floating. Without her it will crash. - Andrew Ryan won't have anyth...
Jul 02 // Atlas

Would you kindly let me spoil your games?

Atlas is Fontaine Samus is a woman The main character IS Darth Revan Aeris dies Your dog dies Tidus isn't real The Collectors are actually Protheans Carmine dies The princess is in another castle John Marston gets ki...
Jul 01 // Aerox

Helpful Hints for Blogging

Hi everyone! I realized we've never actually done this before, so I figured I'd make a blog post just with some helpful tips and suggestions on what we're looking for in articles to promote. Some of it will be style stuff, s...
Mar 20 // Atlas

How does Wailord fit inside a Pokeball?

I don't understand.
Mar 19 // Aerox

Fanboy Friday is going on hiatus

So, I thought I could do this forever. I thought that fanboys would provide me with a never-ending stream of entertainment, and that we could all sit down and mock them until the end of time. Unfortunately, after over a year...
Mar 18 // Atlas

Happy Fortieth Birthday Destructoid

I can't believe it has been forty years since Niero created Destructoid. After all these years it has remained awesome, only a little less so when Niero disappeared in the Brazilian jungle seventeen years ago. But we carry on...
Mar 13 // Atlas

OK, guys, we gotta rap some Pokémon.

You just do the singing. I'll take care of the hard part.
Feb 17 // Atlas

Why are Guards Psychic?

Guards. Some of them have telepathic abilities. They can see you when you are out of site. They know when their friends attack you. Hell, they even know when you stealth kill someone. This is a real conspiracy. It's up to A...
Feb 10 // Atlas

Why are Mushrooms Bouncy?

Mushrooms. Step on one. It will crumble before your magnificent visage. No recoil. No rebound. Just a mushroom flattened before your very eyes. How could humanity twist such a creature? How could we destroy the very concept o...
Nov 09 // Atlas

Hey Paisano

Hey, did I do it right? Can I get past the border now, meng?
Oct 25 // Atlas

Destructoid Burnout (too much of a good thing?)

So.... six months since my last blog post. I can recall doing this once or twice before. I get real into Destructoid, so much that I write blog after blog like I'm getting paid for it. I make tons of comments. Read all the ne...
Aug 21 // Aerox


That is all.
Apr 19 // Atlas

Internet pirates found guilty, sentenced to a year in jail

Pirate Bay founders Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Carl Lundström were all found guilty of promoting the copyright infringement of others, and sentenced to serve one year in prison and pay a fine of over 3....
Apr 18 // Atlas

Those about to die: ME

I'm not too fond of games that travel the well worn and tested routes, the games where you rescue the princess and live happily ever after (well... only until the sequel of course). These videogames are a dime a dozen. Rega...
Apr 13 // Atlas


How is it that a final boss can die at the end of a game if he was never once alive? Will Smith destroyed a contingent of plastic bullies in "I, Robot" but he did not technically ever kill a single one of those angry mannequi...
Apr 07 // Atlas

Vin Diesel confirmed to star in upcoming Shadow of the Colossus movie

Vin Diesel is queued to star in the upcoming "Shadow of the Colossus" movie based off of the 2005 blockbuster videogame of the same name. Diesel has yet to comment, but his agent has mentioned the stony faced actors performance will definitely be more devoid of emotion and hard hitting than box office flop "The Pacifier" and the entire "Fast and Furious" series combined.
Mar 16 // Atlas

Mr. Destructoid takes a picture of himself everyday for 3 years

Destructoid turns three. Watch how he changes over the years. Enjoy.
Mar 15 // Atlas

Resident Evil 5 is blatantly racist against Jim Sterling

Capcom tried so hard to be unracist they unwittingly victimized Jim Sterling.
Mar 02 // Atlas

Jim Sterling is Blatantly Better than Jesus Christ (UPDATE: Gay Erotica)

PS: Dear Internet, please remove the balding, gay porn star that shows up when you google Jim Sterling. EDIT: Watch the video below to understand...
Feb 12 // Atlas

Hamza Day 2009 Featuring Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Hi guys it is Hamza Day '09!!! I made a really bad flash video but it won't convert properly so I have stuck you guys with a really bad video of a Hamza/Atlas combo staring down Robotnik. I know it sucks! Anyone have sug...
Feb 01 // Atlas

Mr. Destructoid Gets Crucified and 10 Reasons to Love Me

So basically I said "Mikey plz draw Mr. Destructoid getting crucified k thnx" and then he said something and I said something and then this happened. You're welcome for the video -- took me a couple of hours to put it toge...
Jan 15 // Atlas

Launching Destructoid Canada!

Remember when I said that Canadian Dtoiders would have a present? Probably not because I said that a long time ago. After playing with the content in it for the last month in frustration I decided to go the best route I c...
Jan 13 // Atlas

Playing With Brothers

When I was young I could single out the very best thing about my brother; he could play videogames with me. Long nights were spent passing the controller around causing mindless mayhem in Grand Theft Auto, button mashing ea...

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