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Jun 03 // MasterBalls

E3, Theatricality, and Mr. Caffeine.

E3 is, when all the booth babes, big screens, and sword and shield wielding Miyamatos are taken out of the equation, is essentially a platform for game developers to announce new stuff. So why must they feel the need to be ...
Feb 22 // MasterBalls

Review: Dillon's Rolling Western

Developer: Nintendo EAD Price: £9.00/$10.00 Nintendoís eShop didnít exactly get an excellent start. The service itself was three months following the 3DSís release, and the flow of content was undeniably stalled for the ...
Jan 27 // MasterBalls

My Three-Dee-Ess Friendly Codec.

Getting Revelations tomorrow, so figured I'd put this up here for anybody who wanted some Raid Mode/Mario Kart 7. 2492-4106-3083
Jan 27 // MasterBalls


Anybody with a mountain of games unfinished, or on the contrary a stack of games you have completed like a bro, I recommend making your own "Backloggery". Good way to track your progress, and remember games past forgotten. My personal URL is (Yes I know the discrepancy in usernames is confusing.)

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