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Community  Long Blog:
MasterBalls . Jun 03

E3, Theatricality, and Mr. Caffeine.

E3 is, when all the booth babes, big screens, and sword and shield wielding Miyamatos are taken out of the equation, is essentially a platform for game developers to announce new stuff. So why must they feel the need to be ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
MasterBalls . Feb 22

Review: Dillon's Rolling Western

Developer: Nintendo EAD Price: £9.00/$10.00 Nintendoís eShop didnít exactly get an excellent start. The service itself was three months following the 3DSís release, and the flow of content was undeniably stalled for the ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
MasterBalls . Jan 27

My Three-Dee-Ess Friendly Codec.

Getting Revelations tomorrow, so figured I'd put this up here for anybody who wanted some Raid Mode/Mario Kart 7. 2492-4106-3083   0

Community  Long Blog:
MasterBalls . Jan 27


Anybody with a mountain of games unfinished, or on the contrary a stack of games you have completed like a bro, I recommend making your own "Backloggery". Good way to track your progress, and remember games past forgotten. My personal URL is (Yes I know the discrepancy in usernames is confusing.)   0

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