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Aug 15 // KrazyKraut

Faster than Phantom Class: My new Wipeout Vans

Yo folks, Gamescom 2011 is coming and all nerds and game lovers are going to the only game event I can visit. So i thought: I need cool shoes. We used Angelus Acryl Colors, which we imported from a small shop in the USA. And...
Mar 18 // KrazyKraut

God of War OST + Blood Metal EP for free!

OMG! I dont know why, but its possible to download the GoW Soundtrack and the Blood Metal EP of GoW for free! Official from the SERVER!! Get it before its too late! God of War Trilogy Soundtrack: http://ww...
Dec 31 // KrazyKraut

Happy New Year !!

I wish all Dtoiders a Happy New Year!! I wish that this year will be better than the last one and that your wishes will come true! I wish that Destructoid will be bigger than now and this community will get more nice members! Let us stay together and keep Destructoid as the best gaming community of the whole fakking world. This year a lot of things will change!! Happy New Year!!
Oct 30 // KrazyKraut

Destructoid Helloween Wallpaper!!!

Hurray!!I have promised (when i won the Resident Evil Contest), to bring you the Mr.Dtoid Zombie wallpaper.In four different sexy screen resolutions. The copyright belongs to Martin Downar (me) and Destructoid. Right click ...
Jun 28 // KrazyKraut

Mortal Online limited edition for 3,850 $ UPDATE

The economic crisis got us all,even poor game devs: Maybe you heard about it or maybe not...but this Summer Mortal Online, a PVP focused MMORPG is coming. Developed by the independent guys from StarVault in Sweden and suppor...

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