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Apr 29 // etirflita

Taking in the Sights: Guild Wars 2

I've only begun dipping my toe into the Guild Wars 2 beta that's been running this weekend, and I'm already impressed with the design of the world. It takes a special sort of game to cause me to stop and admire my surroundi...
Mar 16 // etirflita

PAX Pic Post

I departed for PAX East 2011 with no previous convention experience and no idea what to expect. I had few goals other than "enjoy yourself", check out the 3DS, and attend at least the Community panel to support Hamza (or...
Jun 25 // Lenore Coffee

The Great Escape: Reclaiming Innocence

I played games a lot as a kid, and this gameplay was very similar in experience and diversity as my Lego, Barbie, and kid-on-kid action was. As children, we're free to explore, play, and--perhaps most importantly--make mis...
Jun 14 // etirflita

Rise From Your Grave: Dreamcast!

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. -Robert Jordan The Undead have been sh...
Nov 05 // GamingGoddess

GoddessCast#6: We Also Heart Anime

Yeah, so I didn’t feel like making a new header this week and just used one of my old fanarts. Wanna make something of it? DO YOU WANT TO FISTICUFFS!?! This show is late-- normally I try to get them up by mid-day Wednesda...
Nov 03 // GamingGoddess

Parasite Eve: Day 5 (The Longest Day)

For the benefit of you latecomers who haven't been reading the PE series since...last November *gasp*, here are the links to all of the previous entries; they link together, too. I probably should have done this from the v...
Oct 30 // GamingGoddess

Fanart: Bayonetta

After reading stewie's cblog on the question of why Bayonetta is hot, I got to thinking a bit about the character. She's the last character I ever thought I'd want to draw, but after thinking about it, I realized that I do...
Oct 28 // GamingGoddess

GoddessCast#5: We Heart PSX

On GC #5, we talk about the original Playstation in all of its pixelated glory. Wilson is fairly quiet during this episode while Micronesia and I take a happy stroll down memory lane. Games mentioned include: FFVI, Travia...
Oct 21 // GamingGoddess

GoddessCast#4: Afternoon of Darkness (and Golf)

Okay, GGCast sounds funny so I’ve just decided to call it GoddessCast and get it over with. Doesn’t really sound like a gaming podcast, but then again Rebel FM doesn’t sound like one either, and that seems to work out okay...
Oct 20 // GamingGoddess

Parasite Eve: Day 4 (I Finally Cover a Day in One Blog Edition)

In Day Four of Parasite Eve, Aya races to St. Francis Hospital to get to the sperm bank before Eve does. I have decided that, at least for the purposes of today, I am actually twelve years old and the whole concept of a sp...
Oct 14 // GamingGoddess

GGCast#3: Five Hours in a Cave

Our plans for this week's podcast got pushed back since our new cast member is having microphone problems-- hopefully by the time we record the next one he'll be ready to go. Anyway, this episode is a bit more rambling the...
Oct 13 // GamingGoddess

Art Blog: The Kiss

I don't post most of my Sterling stuff here, but this page just makes me really happy:) :) :). Some other images from this scene are included.
Oct 08 // GamingGoddess

Fanart: Rydia, FFIV

This is one part of a larger project, but I haven't posted any new art for a little while so I figured I'd share it. It's actually kind of scary to use colored pencils these days-- I'm so used to Photoshop that the idea of...
Oct 07 // GamingGoddess

Podcast: GGCast #2

In this episode, we discuss the fact that I've finally started playing FFVI, then try to avoid talking about Final Fantasy for a brief period until we give up; then we just blab about FF excessively. Which was a lot of fun...
Oct 06 // Lenore Coffee

Defiling the Wasteland – A Memoir, Part 3

Scars spread across my body like the patchwork of a web, armor all its own, a story formed by warfare so individual as to fail descriptive faculty—just connect my dots, follow each jagged line to its edge till it splinters ...
Oct 03 // Lenore Coffee

Defiling the Wasteland – A Memoir, Part 2

I had never killed another human being until the day Amata put that 10mm in my hand. Funny, really, thinking about it. A couple or a few or however many days ago, I came upon a settlement even more ramshackle than Megaton...
Sep 30 // GamingGoddess

FFIV DS And the Role of New Game +

Rydia: Still Awesome. I hadn't planned on playing through FFIV DS again immediately after finishing it; after all, I'm a busy girl. But, after finally beating the game the other day and starting over, I quickly realized t...
Sep 21 // Lenore Coffee

Defiling the Wasteland—A Memoir in Parts

Imagine living your whole life in darkness, in a monotonous debasement of mundane tasks and surrounded by the same handful of people the entire time. Imagine just a single shelf of books to read over and over again, the sam...
Sep 18 // GamingGoddess

Parasite Eve: Day 3 (Giant Dogs and Exploding Bullets)

I've always been a fan of the "Your home base is now infested with monsters" event. Familiar territory becomes exciting again, and as an added bonus, for once you know where the hell you're going. When they say "Ben is up...
Sep 17 // GamingGoddess

Parasite Eve: Day 3 (Getting Back to Business Edition)

Okay, no more social commentary, random art dumps, or impromptu musical numbers, it's time for more Parasite Eve bitches! YEAAAAAHHHH!! Sorry, I just spent the last hour watching Nine Inch Nails perform on Youtube, so I ma...
Sep 12 // BGFUSAB

Are Gamers Elitist?

I prompt this question due to the response I've seen from this article at Gamesutra, promoting easier gameplay in video games. In short, Mr. Pulsipher is writing fr...
Sep 12 // GamingGoddess

Shortblog: FFVII the Musical Score (it's a sickness)

Since recording Tifa's theme, I can't stop thinking about more songs to mutilate-- I mean adapt-- for a theoretical FFVII musical. These are some of the ideas that occurred to me: Cloud: Thanks for the Memories (Fallout Boy...
Sep 11 // GamingGoddess

Original Song: Tifa Lockheart's Theme (it's all Chad's fault)

Two audio-posts in two days, I seem to have issues with moderation. Anyway, inspired by Chad's awesome songs I wanted to do a cover of his RetroforceGo! song, but part of the way through I got the idea to just do something n...
Sep 10 // GamingGoddess

First Podcast, Whoo-hoo

Wilson and I just attempted to record our first podcast (awww). It's basically a pilot, since the thing doesn't have a name yet and I don't know how many of these we may or may not be doing. It was fun though. My apologies...
Sep 08 // BGFUSAB

Video Games and Education

I've edited the post to move the focus away from Obama, because really he was just a convenient device to use as a hook and a representation of those normally aligned against video games, albeit a bit unfairly. It backfired a...
Sep 08 // GamingGoddess

Another PSX Classic: Vagrant Story

Apparently trying to obtain screens from my original, black-box copy of Parasite Eve is a fool's game and my playthrough is stalled until I can obtain a copy of...a different pedigree. I find it kind of strange that while I...
Sep 01 // GamingGoddess

More Dryad Art

Now that I have a proper desk with room for my scanner (you don't even want to know where I used to keep it), I've scanned some of the drawings from the tremendous backlog that I've accumulated recently. The attached image...
Aug 31 // GamingGoddess

FFIV: This Really Happens

*spoilers for Final Fantasy IV* This is a comic dramatization of a real conversation in Final Fantasy IV: No names have been changed, because no one is innocent (especially not Kain). It wasn't like I was surprised when R...
Aug 29 // Lenore Coffee

Arbitrary Experience—Where’s the “Earn” in “Learn”?

My Fallout 3 character is one badass little honeypot. I stacked Sneak, Small & Big Guns to 100; Agility and Perception are at 10. When I first started playing, I’d tiptoe around Raider camps and lure them out one at a time...
Aug 25 // GamingGoddess

Miscellaneous Comments and Impressions (waiting for desk mode)

I'm kind of in hurry-up-and-wait mode right now-- I've been waiting for a few days to get my new desk, because my current one was apparently made for an elementary school student. I've been stoically putting up with it, but ...

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