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Comments of the week Extra: Anyone seen my blue toothbrush?

Oh. Never mind. You keep it. Welcome to Comments of the Week Extra! It's the stuff that didn't make it into Comments of the week after people complained that 10 pages of pictures don't count as a comment. They had a fair p...   more

Comments of GoldenGamerXero

13 months ago, this happened: From Occams thoughts on a Wednesday 5 days ago, this happened: From Sean Daisy's Inbox Here is my tribute to one of the guys who got me back on the site, and got me back into doing...   more

Comments of the Week: ...And a bunch of other weeks

Hey guys! I'm guesting this week. Been a while since I contributed to the C-Blogs but it feels great to be back. Things have been crazy busy. Got accepted into college, working at a local video game store, writing reviews f...   more

Comments of the Week: I have returned edition

Yoho Dtoid! A lotís happened since Iíve been doing real world stuff and not coming by here as much. It feels... smaller than before. And did we get rid of the trolls? This place seems pretty relatively troll free compared w...   more

Comments of the Week: Tinfoil hat edition.

Hey everybody! Itís time for Comments of the Week, categorizing comments so you donít have to think for yourself! So, E3 is next week, Iím sure you didnít notice know because nobody mentioned it lately, but are you ready?...   more

Comments of the Week: Octonauts Edition

Now that I'm a Dad, Octonauts the kind of stuff I watch. Now, I am giving you get the opportunity to watch it. It's about a bunch of animals having undersea adventures. Is that underselling it? Apologies if I have, because i...   more

Comments of the Week: Schrodinger's Cat

Hello! Each week there's usually a theme for Commentoid huh? Well coincidentally there has been some discussion about a cat. A very specific cat. A cat often trapped in a paradox. Perhaps it is Schrodinger's Cat? From...   more

Comments of the Week: I Feel Feyntastic

I was away for a little while, but now I'm back. I guess Xero had to step out for a little while or something, and The Bus asked me to do some Commetingoid. I wasn't super busy, so I said, "sure!" This week's Commentoid is i...   more

Comments of the Week: Easter Egg (hidden in the Statue of Happiness) Edition!

Is your brain a fizzing synaptic mess after excessive chocolate and alcohol overload? Hey, welcome to Easter! Us British folk have a double-header of holidays - the usual Easter celebrations with Friday and Monday off and...   more

Comments of the Week: I'm still getting used to this Edition

I couldn't really think of anything relevant for a header image, so here's a reminder that Portal 2 comes out in less than a week. Hey guys. Freak here again, filling in for knutaf. I know this week's post isn't quite on sc...   more

Comments of the Week: CaptainBus watches you when you comment Edition

Natalie Portman in When Carrots Ruled the Earth (due out in Spring 2012) Greetings, true lovers of the comment! As you may or may not know I have been keeping myself mighty busy with Debatoid, which is doing pretty well. If...   more

Comments of the Week: Now Subsidized Under New Parent Corporation

I was going to start this week by telling people my process of how I do Commentoid, but to celebrate the possibly hostile takeover by the new CEO of C-Blog Enterprises, Andrew Kauz, I think I'll go with a corporate office the...   more

Comments of the week Ė 5 years of JOURNALISM edition

Originally I was going to write the beginning about THE AWESOME METAL GEAR SOLID L4D CAMPAIGN THAT YOU SHOULD ALL DOWNLOAD but Dtoid doesnít turn 5 every week so hereís a late happy birthday: As a gift weíll be doing bus...   more

Comments Of The Week(s) - Don't Tell Lies Edition

Lately I've been watching Lie To Me on Netflix. I also have access to Hulu Plus, so I just got to start season 3. The first season was fairly formulaic, but over time they've mixed it up more and more. There are really just t...   more

Comments of the Week: COTY Edition

A thousand welcomes! Those of you who crave punctuality might identify that this entry of Commentoid is a little late. This was deliberate! This very date marks one year from the day I pulled Dale North's Comments of The We...   more

Comments of the Week: This Week's Word is Panic

What a fun week it was with pirates, hackers, zombies, oh my! There was a lot of stories in the past week alone and I tried to get one from each of them so hopefully this will be enough to make up for my last attempt. Wit...   more

Comments of the week: WHAT TIME IS IT! edition

MATHMATICAL! Welcome to Comments of the Week Xero style everybody! Iíve been watching Adventure time season 2 for the past two days whenever I havenít been playing TF2 or Persona 4 and it is the greatest cartoon ever made ...   more

Comments of the Week: Itís not gay if you do it in space Edition.

Hey everybody! Itís that special time of the week, the triple threat three-way that threatens to trump the temptations of these treacherous times: Comments of the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Iím your host Handy and my brain has...   more

Comments of the Week: CaptainBus Explains It All

As I walk the streets, waving at passers-by and bronzing my taut, defined chin in the shimmering midday sun, I am regularly approached by fans of Comments of the Week, kicking me in the shins and leering at me with taunts o...   more

Comments of the Past Few Days: Law Screwed Up

Riiiiiiiight. So I promised I'd return last week, but I didn't. Really sorry about that. After being sick a bit I just played games and procrastinated. I'm kind of busy right now trying to juggle a couple things so to tie...   more

CapitanoBus Presentť uno Comments de los Weekas Holiday Spectaculoso!

Aw, crap! It's past Christmas, I've managed to get some internet back by forging a modem out of tree decorations, perseverance and gentle weeping, and I haven't gone and got the community anything for Chrimbolidays! Well,...   more

Comments of the Week: Long and Short Edition

Welcome welcome faithful listeners, once again, to Commentoid for the week of... er, sometime around Black Friday to sometime after Black Friday. I'm Knutaf, and I'll be trying to entertain you for the next few minutes. I dun...   more

Comments of the week: ďDoing Things The Hard WayĒ is the coolest edition

VVVVVV shouldnít be this fun but it is. Anthony was right: This >>>>>> Twilight Princess Okay so Iím back and ready to Commentoid! Apologies for the absence but now Iíve got more time (or less to do) we ca...   more

Comments of the week: Xero is an unreliable bag of dicks edition

Tom and Jerry never stops being funny Well stuff happened like my internet breaking down, watching the entire first season of Adventure Time, trying to learn C++, designing a small game with some friends and as per usual sch...   more

Comments of the Week: Irresponsible Maturity.

Biker Mice from Mars + Married with Children = one confused and slightly depressed Handy. Header images donít have to make sense right? I thought this was sure to be the easiest week in Commentoid history, but, to my sho...   more

Comments of the Week: Are We in Wonderland?

Last week Capt. had a picture of his head on the rabbit from what I believe to be from the Wonderland. So, in that same vein I created an image of me to be used in the former header picture of new Destructoid. Here it is: ...   more

Comments of the week: CaptainBus is MajorLate edition!

Guys I am so fugging late it's unbelievable! I'm later than David Letterman after his alarm breaks and there's only warm milk in the kitchen and he can't find his shoes or keys and the traffic is bad and the...   more

Comments of the week: CaptainBus is MajorLate edition!

Commentoid: The we will be back soon edition!

Man, have you guys seen the KZ3 storm out there? I tell you, I'm glad that we've hunkered down, set up some shiny-as-a-new-penny avatars and top images, and held out while this storm blows over before delivering y...   more

Commentoid: The we will be back soon edition!

Comments of the Week: Why Do We Need An Edition? Edition

Two weeks ago I bailed out of Comments of the Week, because my dad was in town visiting. Last week I shirked my duties because, well, Halo: Reach happened. There is some portion of the readers I know will forgive me this laxi...   more

Comments of the week: Sorry I'm late! Edition

Uh, hello? Is this thing on? Testing 1-2-3. Syllabus. Syllabus. Curriculum. Curriculum. Okay good. Hey everyone, VGFreak1225 here filling in for Knutaf this week. I know I'm a couple days late, but this isn't going to caus...   more

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