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Nov 08 // Analoge

Where it all began: A transition story and a plea for help

I've got a lot of history with Destructoid. I first heard about Dtoid back in 2005 because I was looking for a game site I could trust. The general attitude Dtoid had, that STFUAJPG attitude was exactly what I was looking ...
May 15 // Analoge

Chloe Sagal, Allistair Pinsof, and Destructoid's Response

The story, for those of you who haven't heard, can be found here. The word's straight out of Pinsof's mouth can be found here. The tl;dr version is that Allistair Pinsof found it necessary to out a transgender* woman who is c...
Dec 17 // pixelpunx

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang trailer

Hey Dtoid, It's been a long time since I posted a blog on the cblogs, but felt like this was worthy. I had the pleasure of working on this Kickstarter funded documentary alongside 2 Player Productions, and though a lot of yo...
Apr 10 // Analoge

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut [SPOILERS!]

Hey, Dtoid! Long time no see! How's your family and every little thing with you? Okay, enough pleasantries. I'm here on business. I made a video of what I think the Mass Effect 3 extended ending should look like, and I'd li...
Mar 10 // Zen Albatross

See Ya, GDC. Hello, PAX East

Im still not fully recovered from all of the rad stuff that went on last week at GDC in San Francisco (see some of my coverage here, here and here), but nevertheless, Im headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East. The ch...
Feb 17 // pixelpunx

Dream Fighter [Very short blog]

In response to Chad Concelmo's dream fighter article, I would like to nominate Jim Sterling as a fighter. Special Moves: Hammer of Truth: Pulls a giant hammer from his pocket, and throws it at his enemy. If enemy is hit,...
Aug 16 // Zen Albatross

Babycastles: Where Punk Rock & Homemade Videogames Live In Sweet Harmony

Oh wow, I haven't posted here in quite a while. Do I even know anyone on this site anymore? Anywho, I thought you (whoever you are) might like to check out some on-site reporting I've done for Vice on a DIY indie games arca...
Aug 10 // Ashley Davis

Going to PAX? Me too! (HAWP/OUP panel information)

Hey guys! PAX is coming! As if I weren't already excited enough, I just found out that Anthony and I will be attending a panel for Gametrailers. It's pretty short notice, so I'm trying to get the word out so anyone who's in...
Aug 01 // pixelpunx


STFUAJPGM is a miniature mixtape and magazine with a focus on the freely distributed music within the chip music community. Each episode explores a specific theme or story by use of text, videos, pixel art, and of course; m...
Jul 03 // pixelpunx

The Great Escape: A Conflicted Life

Video games are funny things. They provide environments that allow individuals to immerse themselves in worlds with distinct boundaries and clear objectives. They ask us to cross the goal line. To destroy the enemy's base. ...
May 22 // pixelpunx

An exciting weekend for chiptune music in the NW! [NVGR]

For all of the chiptune lovers out there in the Destructoid community, this upcoming weekend has some pretty spectacular events in the Great Northwest. Portland and Seattle folks should be excited! Friday, May 28th, Portland...
Apr 28 // Ashley Davis

An (informal) invitation to the wedding of Burch 'n Davis

Confused? You probably haven't read Anthony's goodbye post. But with the 700+ comments and all of the messages we recieved through email, the forums, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, I'm sure most of you already know that yes...
Apr 22 // pixelpunx

I couldn't believe my eyes. [NVGR]

It's been a really long day at work, and maybe I'm just imagining things... Did this really just happen? Sorry if this is old news, I haven't checked the C-Blogs in a day or two.
Apr 20 // Phalanxxx

Ubisoft is not Captain Planet You should have a quick scan of that article by Dale North( first if you don't quite know what I'm talking about....
Mar 31 // Analoge

PAX East: Always I Want To Be With You

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a group of Destructoid community members, new and old, take to each other. I would liken it to some kind of biological fusion, but that seems kind of gross. It takes the span of about...
Mar 16 // Analoge

Happy Boifday, Dtoid!

In a few months I"ll be writing my dtoid anniversary post, so I'll keep this short. You guys are fucking awesome. Don't stop doing that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Mar 13 // Zen Albatross

Pulsewave 3.20.2010 - Minusbaby, Zen Albatross, Active Knowledge & Mike Goodman

Hello, Destructo-friends. It's Self-Promotion Time: I'm going to be playing Pulsewave, New York's largest monthly chipmusic event next weekend with my pals Minusbaby of 8bitpeoples and Active Knowledge of Boston 8-Bit. If...
Mar 08 // Analoge

Something About Sex: We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off...

Sex is everywhere. You can't be exposed to television, movies, music, advertising, water cooler conversation, or just walk down the street without being bombarded by sex. Sex is in video games as well. Why? Is it because it'...
Mar 05 // Analoge

Friday Night Fights: Minecraft!

Tonight, we craft mine. In case you're not aware, Minecraft is a sandbox construction game of the highest caliber.It let's you build awesome stuff and doesn't afraid of anything. If you're interested in playing, here's wh...
Mar 02 // Analoge

Dtoid Minecraft Server! (We Built a Giant Mr. Destructoid Head!)

So Minecraft is this amazing sandbox game where you can build things on a giant map with a bunch of other people. I made a server today and this is the fruit of Ryu89 and my labor! If you're interested in playing (Protip...
Feb 28 // pixelpunx

STFUAJPGM #9: Brutality

STFUAJPGM is a miniature mixtape and magazine with a focus on the freely distributed music within the chip music community. Each episode explores a specific theme or story by use of text, videos, pixel art, and of course; m...
Feb 19 // pixelpunx

Why Taco Bell Quesadilla Wrappers Aren't Real Consoles

When you try to put a disc in them, they don't even play games. If they did the graphics would suck. In fact, they literally only come out of the wrapper with crud all over them. I want a refund, Nintendo! Make it more cheesy, crunchy, melty, and game play-ey, please!
Feb 13 // Analoge

RAAAAAGE [Short Blog]

My face when I accidentally clicked on the Halo Legends link FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME:
Feb 13 // Zen Albatross

Indie Love Bundle: Machinarium, And Yet It Moves, Osmos and more for only $20

Flowers, chocolates and poetry are all well and good, but nothing says I love you quite like a bouquet of award-winning indie games. Fortunately for all you shortchanged cassanovas out there, the Indie Love Bundle is here...
Jan 11 // pixelpunx

STFUAJPGM #8 Companion

STFUAJPGM #8 is now available for your listening and reading pleasure. This episode focuses on collaborative efforts between chip musicians and artists. Here's a peak at some of the included art, illustrated by Destructoid's own Zen Albatross: Hope you all enjoy it! Listen Here.
Jan 06 // pixelpunx

Brad Nicholson

That's all I'm sayin'.
Dec 29 // Zen Albatross

Giant Mega-NARP this weekend at MAGFest!

If you were planning on spending another New Years Eve trolling NeoGAF while downing leftover egg nog, please first reconsider your life, then head down to Alexandria, Virginia to celebrate the earliest days of 2010 surrou...
Dec 25 // Zen Albatross

Merry Chipmas: Four Holiday-themed Chiptune Albums

Everyone knows that the holidays are meant to be a time for selflessness, love and celebration. And no one embodies the spirit of the season quite like the international chipmusic community, who year after year gift the gener...
Dec 18 // Analoge

Dtoid Secret Santa: Best Present Ever!

So I got my present today, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Let's jump right in and see what I got. First, a card: What's that? a hand drawn Captain Strong?! Wait, do my eyes deceive me? No, they don't! That's the coo...
Dec 11 // pixelpunx

Love/Hate: An Open Letter to Modern Warfare 2

Dear Modern Warfare 2- I just wanted to take a minute to relate some feelings I've been experiencing during our short time knowing each other. I don't want to come off as being super critical of you, but feel like some thi...

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