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Nov 03 // solidturtleman

That One Time: The Swapper

That One Time is a series of articles, each of which analyze a specific moment from a different video game.    SPOILERS FOR THE SWAPPER The automated voice echoes, "Hull breach in Sector 1. All personnel to Waste Man...
Apr 02 // solidturtleman

Nitpicking? A Little Rant about Bioshock: Infinite (SPOILERS)

SPOILERS FOR BIOSHOCK: INFINITE BELOW Approximately halfway through Bioshock: Infinite, Booker and Elizabeth must travel from their current reality, in which a group of rebels called the Vox Populi is futilely attempting t...
Dec 04 // oliverf1234

Review: Lego Lord of the rings (All consoles)

Lego Lord of the rings This game is a amazing experience for Lego fans and fans of the Lord of the rings series And yes, The Lego people talk during cut scene just like in Lego batman 2 This game doesn't have a Main plot, ...
Nov 19 // oliverf1234

Review: Limbo (pc)

Limbo is a Dark, Disturbing, Masterpiece its 2D sidescroller fits perfectly with its puzzle based genre Every thing about this game is brilliant, its smooth animation, its black and white visuals and its surprising gameplay....
Oct 01 // solidturtleman

So Capcom's selling... human flesh to promote RE6?

Man, I don't know what to say. I mean... displaying edible human in public is just awesome. Sharon Baker, has been hired by Capcom to alter the look of London's Smithfeld Meat Market to that of a human flesh trade market....
Aug 23 // solidturtleman

Team Ninja Wants to Make Metroid: Other M 2 (*sigh*)

In a Gamescom interview with Dead or Alive 5 director Yosuke Hayashi VG247 discovered the most horrifying fact I've heard in a while: The possibility of Metroid: Other M 2 being born into this world exists. Upon being aske...
Aug 06 // solidturtleman

Source 2 Info Found Valve Time, a somewhat credible fan site, has just found files for Source 2 in the Source Filmaker. Here's a direct quote from So...
Jun 26 // solidturtleman

Wrath of Lamb: Is it Good?

I just wanted to know how it was in comparison with Binding of Isaac? Is it worth getting? :D

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