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Sep 24 // flaakmonkey

Vindictus - A great little Diablo Fix

So I have been playing this new game (well new to America), called Vindictus. Its a nexon MMO, but its geared towards the western front. Its built on the Half Life 2 engine so it looks as good as it plays. Basically its...
Jul 24 // EightBitMav

Friday's Destructoid Meet-Up: Or, Aborto and EightBitMav's fighter-spectacular.

Friday at Comic-Con: My third day amongst the ravaging masses of cosplayers, nerds, geeks, tourists, and fat men with their Sinestro Corp shirts tucked into their jean shorts. Today, however, brought a nice change of pace...t...
Mar 16 // CaptainBlue

Niero. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

I would like to thank you Niero, not only for this website that keeps me company on any given lonely weekday, but also for your kindness. I joined the website back when you got started because you were just like me. You were...
Dec 26 // flaakmonkey

Future is uncertain for some, bright for others!

I am talking about Contests!!! That is right people! To everyone who reads, my blog and Dtoid are all invited to participate in contests i will be hosting this week. Prizes are Nintendo Ds Games. Castlevania order of Ecclesi...
Dec 26 // flaakmonkey

Mickey Rourke is Awesome!

If you know me, you know I love movies. I go to the movies every week to watch at least one movie in the theater. This movie that I am looking forward to is a sleeper. Mickey Rourke. I love this guy. You have to too. If you do not there must be something wrong in your head. Anways here is a trailer for his new movie The Wrestler.
Dec 17 // flaakmonkey

Who say I have an Addiction?

Well to help not play WoW, cause even though I kinda play it again I have only logged on twice for good amount of time. So I went and bought a Nintendo DS....again! Take that WoW! This is my 6th one. I have owned multiple but...
Dec 16 // flaakmonkey

Never say Never

So why is it all of the sudden a few weeks after getting rid of my WoW accounts I have a sudden urge, small, but still an urge to play again. What is so great this time around that I have to play? I still have trouble seeing ...
Dec 16 // flaakmonkey

Cords Free, Everywhere Here I Come.

So I recently bought myself a MSI Wind u100. It is a netbook. Most people are aware now that they are great for the net, some entertainment, email, and such simple stuff. But fewer know it can be a full laptop replacement. I ...
May 23 // Squeewupiwupi

DoD:Source Beta hits Steam.

A beta for a new update is open to all owners of Day of Defeat: Source. This update includes a new Official map, Integration of the Steam ID system and Icons, and *gasp* 51 Achievements! Time for a lot of people to start picking up this bad-ass game for only $9.99. If you already own the game, the beta should be on your "My Games" list under the "Not Installed" section.
Apr 27 // Squeewupiwupi

Hey, you got your Warhammer in my PCGamer!

So I just got my newest issue of PCGamer (June 2008), and what do I see on the cover? Needless to say, I'm pretty damn psyched about these announcements. I've always enjoyed the Warhammer universe and a new Dawn of War alo...
Apr 18 // flaakmonkey

Where in the World is flaakmonkey?

Simple. My friend got his own WoW account and of course before he did I sent him an invite so I could get a free month. I know after three weeks of no WoW I have been playing a little here and there. Mostly just raids and a l...
Apr 09 // flaakmonkey

Death to Diablo!

So I have been playing Diablo 2 like I said and its much more fun since I rerolled a Sorceress. That is by far my favorite class, Some people say its just a easy mode class, but its fun, running and gunning in a sense. But wh...
Apr 08 // flaakmonkey


This pic says more than meets the eye. Wait no it does not. It just says what EA intros should say that most of us already know. EA is gay and will continue delivering disappointments for generations to come. I mean only th...
Apr 08 // flaakmonkey

Gamerscore Milestone, lulz

Well I got my Gamerscore to over 1,000 finally. I know its like nothing now but it is something for someone who rarely plays. But since no WoW, what else is there to do? So like now I guess I hit it big and go for 5,000 befo...
Apr 07 // flaakmonkey

Vista Ahoy!

To fully utilize my PC I have to run Vista. As much as I dislike for no particular reason other than I just have never truly used it. So that aside after a backup and fresh install of Vista Business, I have to install a few d...
Apr 06 // flaakmonkey

WOW (literally)

One whole week without World of Warcraft. My goodness it feels pretty good too. I get more stuff done and seem o have more fun possibly. I know it sounds crazy being "sober" from a video game, but if you have played WoW you k...
Apr 05 // flaakmonkey

Death by Diablo...or Life by KOTOR?

So anyways another day without WoW. That makes like three, lol. So out of boredom with some friends I have picked up Diablo 2 again. Playing over TCP/IP is so fun, and brings me back to the day when that was hot technology we...
Apr 04 // flaakmonkey

Day or Night

Hard to tell these days when you do not have work the next day and stay up all the time with no particular bedtime. Having friends over and house sitting, playing WoW TCG, Laning Source and Blizzard games, playing Xbox 360, ...
Apr 04 // flaakmonkey

WoWÖ..The sad Ending

Maybe it is and maybe it is not. But the other day my WoW account expired again and believe it or not I do not care. After playing for the last three years off and on (mostly ON), I think its time either for a long break or t...
Mar 28 // flaakmonkey


So I have not been around for awhile like went from top 150 to 900 something now. Pretty lame. But I will once again give the public what it wants. More flaak and less jiggaboo!! Cause we all know what happens when you jigga...
Jan 22 // EightBitMav

A call to arms! AKA Vote on my submission

Okay, so yeah, this is TOTALLY...well, it's kinda VGR. My submission has been accepted at for rating. I'm calling upon the Cblog members to maybe help me out and vote on my submission? It's kinda VGR...I me...
Dec 22 // CaptainBlue

Velocity Micro Contest Giveaway, Etc. The Wienertoid Escapades

So here it is...THE winning entry! So in the end of Niero's post, he said to think outside of the box. I decided to think with my dick IN the box. Christmas Splicer + Wienertoid dog + my Dick in a Box = Extra win.
Nov 25 // EightBitMav

Clover Studios - A Posthumous Recognition

(Editors Note: So, this is an article that I wrote back in March for my old blog that I can't access anymore because my admin broke the site and is in the process of getting it back up. Anyway, I didn't have any blog posts, a...
Nov 01 // Otsegowupiwupi

$98 HD-DVD Player!!!! THEY DID IT!

Toshiba did it! they managed to drop HD player prices below $100. That should trump any argument that the new format war is too expensive to get into. PC World Article
Oct 03 // flaakmonkey

Random Dribble Sep, 28-Oct,4th

Not a lot has been going on. Just working and playing WOW. Saw A few movies. Some WoW News.... Got my Hunter, Priest, and Druid all up a level. Big whoop right since they are all 26, and the Priest is 27. My Shaman I level...
Oct 02 // flaakmonkey

Microsoft Doesnt care about Black People 2

Seriously though, is this pic not racist even w/o the comment? And that new XBOX Halo 3 game fuel crap where the world is getting beat by a black man, hell the only black dude in the commercial. MS is a little racist these days yah or nah?
Oct 02 // flaakmonkey

Jerichoís Walls Come Tumbling Down

In a year when great FPS arenít exactly as rare as ammunition in a survival horror game, Clive Barkerís Jericho has kind of slipped through the cracks. Now with its 1.06Gb 1 level demo released, itís time for it to get a l...
Oct 02 // flaakmonkey

In a year when great FPS arenít exactly as rare as ammunition in a survival horror game, Clive Barkerís Jericho has kind of slipped through the cracks. Now with its 1.06Gb 1 level demo released, itís time for it to get a li...
Sep 29 // flaakmonkey

Retrospec: Dreamcast Part 1

Dreamcast was the greatest system to ver fail. It fail to an upcoming giant in name, but not the market of gaming itself. Its graphics were worse than tha of the Dreamcast. All grainy and pixelated. Who in their right mind w...
Sep 29 // flaakmonkey

My New Phone

I have been back and forth between Smartphones, and Cool phones all month. And I have to say I have finally found a phone for me. I have T-mobile. And who would have thought I would get a T-mobile branded phone?! I got the T...

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