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Jun 11 // iRaf


PLEASE! I'll pay with paypal or MO. Help a dtoider out?
Feb 20 // iRaf

GDC Unreal Engine Tech Demo

I want all of this in: THIS!
Feb 20 // iRaf

Gears Of War 2 Announced! NOW WITH TRAILER!

RIght then, so far it's not in-game. Chainsaw bayonet clashes above heads, like saberlock in Star Wars games, and Marcus flips the gun upside down and uses it to skewer the Locust. It's all on a bloody background, and now w...
Feb 18 // iRaf

Map only if you Preorder at Gamestop?

"Pre-order Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and receive the code to unlock the Comcast Optimized MLG map! Optimized for more intense multiplayer face-off, this GameStop exclusive is only available through pre-order. Offer is good while supplies last. Codes and instructions for how to unlock the map will be included in the game's box. See stores for details." -Straight from gamestop vegas 2 page.
Jan 29 // iRaf

Why In-Game XMB is a bad idea....

"Since the Playstation 3 was first launched people have been complaining they can't do the same things as you can on the xbox 360 with regards to online friends list, cross game communication and chat and the ability to play ...
Dec 03 // iRaf

WORKMAN IS E-FAMOUS! some random person uploaded rons video on gametrailers.
Nov 28 // iRaf

Grand Theft Auto IV Boxart Revealed!! More Info!

Nov 20 // iRaf

DTOID ON THE TOP FOR PS3 THEMES!!! VOTE 5!!!! Right now it stands at Second on the top rated list! EDIT: ITS ON THE TOP, NOW LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY!
Nov 19 // iRaf

Get Dtoid to the TOP of ALLPS3THEMES.COM!!! VOTE 5!!!! Right now it stands at Second on the top rated list! EDIT: ITS ON THE TOP, NOW LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY!
Nov 04 // iRaf

Some of the best Halo 3 Kills ever: Sticky Edition!

Here are some of the best Sticks I've seen in halo 3! 1.) Across High-ground stick 2.) The Stick of the Century 3.) Across Vahalla 4.) Luckiest Stick of all time 5.) Possessed Sticky! 6.) MAN-CANNON TO MAN-CANNON STICK!
Nov 04 // iRaf

Some of the best Halo 3 Kills ever: Part 1

I've Been playing my fair share of Halo 3, and have yet to experience anything like these. So here's my picks of the best halo 3 kills so far. 1.) we'll call this the "best splatter ever" 2.) Barrel that changed the world. 3.) TRAFFIC C'OWNED! 4.) The Infamous "lift Stick" 5.) Rocket Deflection 6.) Nade to Nade Kill
Sep 23 // iRaf

The Halo 3 Review From Gametrailers.

Sep 21 // iRaf

Unboxing of Regular,Limited, and Legendary Halo 3

want that legendary! here, have this pyramid of gamefuel, also.
Sep 20 // iRaf

Best Homemade Master Chief Costume Ever Made.

get this for the Halo 3 Launch Party, and you'll get all the nerds.You can buy it here. its only $21,000 at the moment, with an hour left. Here, Have the Halo Nights video too, because its awesome. "SACK"
Sep 18 // iRaf

Dick Doodles! Name is Not what it means!

haha. can't believe he pulled the bird one off.
Sep 18 // iRaf

Homemade NES DVD Player!

This is what Nintendo Should Have released, intstead of the wii. Video and Pictures below.
Sep 18 // iRaf

Incredible LEGO Guitar Hero Controller! PICS!

credit to someone on scorehero, just saved the pictures, don't have the link.
Sep 17 // iRaf

Special Halo 3 Futureweapons? MY ASS!

i just watched the so-called Halo 3 Futureweapons edition, and the last 5 minutes was a old E3 halo 3 trailer? thats it! WOW!!!!
Sep 12 // iRaf

Here, Have a NSFW Spongebob Episode.

only swears about a 1,000 times.
Sep 11 // iRaf

2 New Yahoo Exclusive Halo 3 Videos!

"Yahoo! Games will exclusively unveil two new Halo 3 videos this week. The first, entitled "Museum," depicts a former UNSC Marine reminiscing about a great battle he fought alongside Master Chief -- a battle players will get...
Sep 11 // iRaf

Rock Out On Your PC and MAC with Guitar Hero III!!!

ASPYR MEDIA ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH ACTIVISION TO BRING GUITAR HERO™ III: LEGENDS OF ROCK TO PC AND MAC AUSTIN, TX – Sept. 11, 2007 – The rock gods have spoken, and gamers around the world will now be a...
Sep 11 // iRaf

Full Video Of Guitar Hero 3 Slash Boss Battle!

doesn't look that hard, but those Star Power attacks look deadly.
Sep 10 // iRaf

7 year old GH CHAMPION!!!

not as good as the 12 year old child prodigy, but she's only 7!
Sep 10 // iRaf

4 new Halo 3 Screenshots!


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