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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC, my $0.02 *spoilers*

The original ending to Mass Effect 3 was pretty bad, to put it bluntly. The trilogy emphasized player choice, bringing disparate peoples together as one for a greater good, and the bonds of frien...   more

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC, my $0.02 *spoilers*

The "two hour" experience (short blog)

For a game to be successful it must respect the playerís time. As I get older Iím finding it increasingly difficult to invest my time in video games. Iím not a busy man, no, in fact I sometimes...   more

What Is Gameplay?

What is gameplay? Debates about this very word have caused controversy in the last couple of years in the gaming community. More often than not the attacks have been aimed at games that proclaim ...   more

A quick and simple understanding of El Shaddai

Growing up I was never religious. While my mother is a devout Christian, she never once forced her beliefs on me. Because of this, I grew to be a bit sympathetic towards religion. I don't believe...   more


I slide, glide, and glitch into your life. Why do you love me, if Iím so imperfect? My identity is typical Ė shield, sword, hammer, spells. I talk to you, repeating sameness until you leave. The...   more


Diary of a Breton: journey to Solitude (part 2)

Iím starting to believe Iím the only one who has changed. Itís simple, but an unpleasant feeling. But I must finally realize that I am subject to these sudden transformations. Nothing new has h...   more

Diary of a Breton: journey to Solitude (part 2)

Diary of a Breton: journey to Solitude (part 1)

Awake. I started my journey in the forest, not far from some nameless town. Itís nameless because I didnít bother to remember it! The town itself, let me admit, is ugly. It had a strange smell....   more

Diary of a Breton: journey to Solitude  (part 1)

Helpless (short blog)

I was 16-years-old at the time. It was about 11 PM. Both my parents were working and didnít come home until midnight. My older brother was out attending a party, and I had the place all to myself...   more

Are you afraid of the dark?

Two years ago I decided to read by Marquis De Sade. I only made it halfway through the book before I decided not to finish it - the book was simply too disturbing to read. I thought I can handl...   more

Criticizing the critics

Reviewing the reviewer and reviewing the score is a rather controversial topic. People seem to never be satisfied with a score a game they admire received; itís either too high or too low. The c...   more

I think I may have a problem

Everyone loves a familiar face, no? Someone you can relate and know inside and out. Most people have fear of the new and undiscovered, but always champion familiarity. As a literary major, my cla...   more

I think I may have a problem

Game + Book = <3

begins with a boy with horns being carried to a castle and shut forever in concealment. We know nothing as to why this is being done to the boy, but itís safe to assume that the isolation...   more

Game + Book = <3

I think we're going to be friends

My school isnít bad. Nor is it great. It fits right in the middle of mediocrity. The school isnít a prime example of excellence or a defective environment of undesirables. Itís just there. Itís n...   more

Gamers are going crazy

- Youtube comment on a negative review for . Iíve been quiet on this subject for some time, but reading reviews for , , and many other ďnicheĒ games has got me thinking: gamers like to fee...   more

Demonís Souls: An Allegory for Life

What is this place? The gamer is told itís where the dead communicates. Itís dark and damp. A slow and moody soundtrack plays and gives the gamer a certain type of calmness and reassurance that...   more

Why the 3DS price cut is upsetting.

Nintendo recently announced an $80 price drop on the 3DS, taking the price from $250 to $170. This was done in response to poor sales, and they're selling their hardware at a loss for the first t...   more

Why the 3DS price cut is upsetting.

Downloadables: The petal of life

Being an adult is difficult. The responsibility and juggling more than you can handle at once sometimes can be too daunting. As a young adult, I look back at childhood with jealously: a li...   more

Why I like linear games

Iíve been without a current generation home console for almost a year now. During this year Iíve become a lover of handheld gaming. I finally bought myself an Xbox 360 four days ago, and Iím sta...   more

Your game is kiddy!

The dreaded word ďkiddyĒ is often used as an insult to certain type of games; mostly games made by Nintendo. I question the people who have a need to express their distaste for anything ďkiddy.Ē ...   more

Do games have to be fun?

Do games have to be fun? Well, in my opinion they do. But there are some individuals that disagree with this opinion. Sometime itís best to agree to disagree, but I still fail to see how an indi...   more

Do games have to be fun?

How My Brother Ruined My Gaming Experience

As most of you know by now, I recently got my hands on a copy of . I went into the game knowing nothing of the series, and to my surprise, I ended up enjoy it, until my brother came to visit me. ...   more

A Game That Mirrors Destructoid

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I recently bought (SoTC). At the time I was up to the third Colossi, and I greatly enjoy the game. Now, Iím almost done with the game, and I have mix feel...   more

A Game That Mirrors Destructoid

Turning to Games for Comfort

Is there a game you go to in a time of need? A game that comforts you; a game that acts like the bosoms of your mother; a game that whispers: ďitís okay, everything will be fine.Ē Video games are...   more

Turning to Games for Comfort

P2 Press Start: She Was Only Sixteen

At that time I was only sixteen years old. My life then was already gloomy. I did not associate with anyone; I even avoided speaking, and kept to myself most of the time. I tried not to look at a...   more

Will You Survive The Hipster Apocalypse?

Remember the days when you and a couple of friends knew about a certain game or band? Remember how you felt? It was like you knew a secret no one else knew; and if that secret was ever let out to...   more

Mommy, youíre 62! Put The Controller Down!

There seems to be a line that separates video games and anyone older than 50. If the Wii has taught us anything it's that games with simple controls might be the gateway to get older players. Sim...   more

Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

Growing up In New York my family didnít have much money. I didnít have any games, or clothes. In fact, I would have to borrow my older brotherís clothes if I wanted to mix my style up at school....   more

Aaamaazing: How I Learn To Be a Better Man

- Dylan Thomas Braid is a game I struggled to finish - Iím simply bad at puzzle games of any kind, but the aspect of the game that truly affected me was the story. Iím not going to rant on th...   more

When Bored In Class; Why Not Doodle

Every single class this semester seems to be boring Ė even my Beatles class, but when that happens, I doodle. I always love when friends show me their doodle (sounds sexual). My doodles seems to ...   more

When Bored In Class; Why Not Doodle

Fudge! Fudge! Fudge! Music Saved Me (Non-Gaming Related)

As stated in the title, this is a non-gaming related post, so I donít know if anyone is going to be interested, but oh well, Iíll give it a shot. This week has been awful for me. Here are some o...   more

Fudge! Fudge! Fudge! Music Saved Me (Non-Gaming Related)

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