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Jul 26 // JoyfulSanity

I'm back, and I made my own website too!

Have you ever been away from home for a really long time? Do you know that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing old friends and family for a week after being away for months at a time? That's kind of how I feel writing this post. It...
Jun 20 // JoyfulSanity

Let's objectively talk about Heavensward. (WARNING: 100% objective)

I had it all figured out yesterday. I had most of the day set aside to play the brand new Final Fantasy XIV expansion Heavensward, and I was ready to binge on it until I saw enough to write up a comprehensive first impr...
Feb 19 // JoyfulSanity

Review: Bacon Club Cheeseburger

    It's time to join the club   When I first heard about Bacon Club Cheeseburger, I was skeptical to say the least. Developer McDonald's is no stranger to anti-consumer practices, and the critically pann...
Jan 28 // JoyfulSanity

Ask me questions and I will at worst verbally accost you with love

  Confession: I wrote the title of this blog as a silly excuse to jump on the anti-badger bandwagon after the not-quite-stellar Q&A session that recently happened. However, after rereading all the badger-re...
Oct 08 // JoyfulSanity

JoyfulSanity's top 10 objectively best fetishes of all time!!!!

How does one write an intro for a blog about something as shameful and private as their fetishes? Seriously, someone tell me please. 1: Elizabeth When it comes to Persona girls, some guys like Chie for her legs, Yukiko ...
Jan 25 // JoyfulSanity

Random battles aren't bad, they're just misunderstood.

Image Source: Kotaku If you ask just about anyone what they hate the most about old school style jRPGs, there's a very high chance they'll say "random battles." It's an idea that has been parodied to death and has been the...
Dec 05 // JoyfulSanity

December is the month I go somber (99% NVGR)

Ever since I started blogging here around the beginning of the year, I've been thinking I should keep away from talking about personal drama or struggles for the sake of my own (joyful)sanity. For this month, I think it's fo...
Nov 15 // JoyfulSanity

Top 10 Sexiest Dtoiders

If you asked me to fill out a list of ten reasons why I come to Destructoid, numbers one through nine would probably be a picture of Marlon Brando riding a polar bear which is wearing a jetpack made of shotguns. But at numbe...
Nov 07 // JoyfulSanity

Pokémon X taught me how to enjoy gaming again

Playing Pokémon X brings me back to a simpler time. And no, I don't mean the days of drinking Surge and watching Nickelodeon. I'm talking about the years after studying for weekly spelling tests and before Steam sales flood...
Oct 30 // JoyfulSanity

Top Ten Spookiest Pokémon

It's Halloween, and there is literally nothing scarier we could be celebrating on this day of shock and terror than the Pokémon series. I mean, seriously, have you read the creepypastas? Chances are, if you buy a used copy ...
Oct 26 // JoyfulSanity

A 100% Objective Review of the Ys series. Because VIDEO GAMES.

ShadeOfLight says we need stupid things like "happiness" and "positivity" and "quotation marks" around here. Well tear down the pillow fort and throw out the pizza, because I'm about to add some much needed JOURNALISM to thi...
Oct 25 // JoyfulSanity

The Stanley Parable's Noncontroversial Controversy

Look, I get it, the reasoning for those images being changed in The Stanley Parable is a bit silly. I haven't played the game myself, and I hope to change that when I have a little bit more spare change, but I get why the i...
Sep 26 // JoyfulSanity

“Sexualized” is a lazy term. Think before you use it.

For all the times the words “sexualized” and “sexualization” pop up in articles and comments sections on gaming sites these days, have you ever taken a step back and asked what those words mean? I mean, I’m sure we all kin...
Sep 22 // JoyfulSanity

Klonoa 2 is awesome and you should play it

Not only is Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil the best game you’ve (probably) never played, but it’s also my favorite game. As in ever made. I’m not here to convince you that Klonoa 2 is the best game ever made (objectively, it’s n...
Sep 05 // JoyfulSanity

5 Ways to Curb Your Game Hoarding Addiction (Pt. 2)

Welcome to the epic conclusion of this tutorial on how to murder even the most fearsome backlog. New to the party? Catch up by reading the first part here. Yesterday, we learned that we should only buy games we actually wa...
Sep 04 // JoyfulSanity

5 Ways to Curb Your Game Hoarding Addiction (Pt. 1)

“My wallet is crying.” Admit it, you’ve said it, or at least thought it. If not, you must be here just to laugh at the rest of us and I will not tolerate such pretentiousness. (Just kidding, please stay and play nice). B...
Aug 08 // JoyfulSanity

3 StreetPass Games that Need to be Made

The 3DS StreetPass games aren't great because they’re deep games. They’re great because they’re accessible versions of occasionally obtuse genres that are designed for short bursts. I’m not sure if the StreetPass games hav...
Jul 30 // JoyfulSanity


Raise your hand if you like boobs. If you didn't, I'm going to assume you're lying, because you clicked a blog called "boobs." I'm not here to guilt trip you, because, I mean, who doesn't love boobs? Heterosexual men are ki...
Jun 25 // JoyfulSanity

My Confession: I Love a Bad Game

Final Fantasy XIII does nearly everything that I believe a jRPG shouldn't do. The dungeon design is nonexistent, all pressure of resource management has been nullified, and the story is honestly the worst I think I’ve ever ...
Jun 13 // JoyfulSanity

Why Do We Still Care About Mega Man?

It's been two days since Mega Man was announced as a playable character in the new Super Smash Bros. and I still feel adrenaline left over from the excitement. I know I'm not alone in this. Go to just about any Mega Man rel...
Jun 09 // JoyfulSanity

The Story Behind JoyfulSanity's Avatar

An introduction after four blogs is a little silly, isn't it? It's like being at a party for three hours and finally telling everyone your name. In Destructoid's case, it's a party full of characters so diverse and quirky t...
Jun 06 // JoyfulSanity

Why I Love Your Blog

Did you know that there was a blog recently posted called "Why I Hate Your Blog?" It's a great read, and I recommend you take some time to read it. Although, if you do, remember to come back here afterwards, because I'm lon...
Jun 02 // JoyfulSanity

My Gaming Story: The RPG I Loved Before I Could Read

Imagine walking into a room and seeing a four year old with a Super Nintendo controller in his hand, yet the TV is faced away from you. What game might you imagine that kid to be playing? The most logical guess would likely...
May 03 // JoyfulSanity

A Positive Side of Violent Videogames: Father and Son Save the World

The following is a personal response to Katie Couric's tweet that followed her recent piece on videogames. I remember when I was 13 years old and beat Halo for the first time. As it happened, I finished the game alongside ...
Jan 29 // JoyfulSanity

Sex: Sexy vs. Sex

Sex. It's been on many a gamer's mind as of late, which means we can consider ourselves among those who have discussed literary criticism since the beginning of time. That might seem to be a very weird and vague blanket stat...

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