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Sep 03 // JACK of No Trades

PS3 FNF: You guesses it………Makoto, Tager, & MAG Edition!

Howdy folks. I’m back for another fun and fantastic ride. Plant your asses in your couches and get ready for some extreme fun. Lets party like its 2007 & play like we use to play CoD4. Do you remember when Moosehole, Jimbo, T...
Aug 27 // JACK of No Trades

PS3 FNF Makoto+Tager+MAG

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man! It doesn’t matter if you’re a old mature lady (Elsa) or man child with a beard (Jimbo)! You can be any race, creed, and color! We don’t care. But! One thing is for sure… PS3 FNF i...
Aug 21 // JACK of No Trades

First Look at Valkenhayn in action! BBCS

He looks badass! The DLC is suppose to launch in September. I cannot wait.
Aug 20 // JACK of No Trades

PS3 FNF: Gadget Finger Edition..... & MAG!

Aug 06 // JACK of No Trades

FNF BlazBlue CS Edition

I will get to the point.... BlazBlue CS is going to start at 9 EST. Bring your asses down for the fights!
Jun 22 // JACK of No Trades

Three Years with Destructoid

It all started back in 2007. I was very young at heart and just got banned from Joystick for having a strong opinion. That’s when Destructoid came into my life. I soon found out that it wasn’t just any game site. It was a...
Apr 21 // JACK of No Trades

Yojimbo....Not the Old Guy....

A Work of Art! You might know the remake of this film bet­ter than Yojimbo itself. Clint East­wood retold it as A Fist­ful of Dol­lars. I’ve not actu­ally seen A Fist­ful of Dol­lars, but this is the sec­ond time I’ve seen ...
Dec 03 // Excremento

Love/Hate: The Games as Art Argument

If it weren't for the majority of people who were born at the end of Generation X and the beginning of Generation Y, this debate wouldn't exist. I say this because we were the first generation to be brought up having wide a...
Dec 02 // Excremento

Love/Hate: Super Mario World

Let me get this out there right now. There is in my mind, no better example of a platforming game and no "Mario" game that comes as close to perfection than Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. I love this game like no...
Dec 01 // Excremento

Do the Wrong Thing: Battletoads

Well, RevAnt hasn't put up the Monthly Musings for December just yet (I'm assuming is forthcoming)...I thought maybe I could sneak this one under the radar of the astute readers of Destructoid, even though it's really the fir...
Nov 30 // Excremento

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Arcade Beat 'Em Ups

If there's one genre of games I think is getting the shaft over and over again that made me fall in love with gaming in the first place, it would have to be the beat 'em ups. These games were just notorious for eating a rol...
Aug 08 // JACK of No Trades

The Evolution of Mr. Destructoid....Mega Model

I've been doing this Mega Model stuff for a long time now. Mr. Destructoid has been modeled many times by me, so I felt the need to show the evolution of him through my eyes. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!!!!! And now the new MR. Dtoid!!!!!
Jul 23 // JACK of No Trades

Mega Model Thursday: Death Star Edition!!

Its been awhile since I have posted any new models. I woke up today and wanted to hop on 3D Max. I decided to model up a Death Star. Hope you guys like them! Remember im not a professional at this shit so don't beat me down too much! Oh, and is anybody else having trouble with PSN today? None of my friends are showing up online?!
Jun 05 // JACK of No Trades

Why Is There So Much Hate?!

Good afternoon! I feel I need to express my feelings to the Dtoid community. Last Tuesday, I picked up a spectacular game called "RedFaction". It has been shunned by many members of this community for some odd reason(cough Bl...
May 18 // Excremento

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- NES Games That You Had To Leave on All-Night To Beat

Back in the great days of my youth almost 19 years ago, when the NES was king and I was a portly little quiet kid. A kid who escaped everyday to the Mushroom Kingdom and Dracula's Castle to avoid my boring existence as a gr...
May 08 // JACK of No Trades


Guess what dtoid? Its May 8th of 2009 and its Takeshi(aka Johan Hin)'s BDAY!!!!! No one knows his exact age, but Im placing him around the fourty range lol. Ever since I joined Dtoid, about two years ago, this fucker has be...
Dec 02 // Excremento

Games That Defined Me -- Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is just one of those games that deserve more dissection and more attention from the gaming world even though I'm sure it's been done before by many other contributors and writers here on Destructoid. This was pe...
Nov 25 // Excremento

A Weird Kid's Top 10 -- Guilty Pleasure Movies

Whether it be games, music, books, or movies, I've earned my Weird Kid moniker. With movies it was mainly because I had too much time where I was allowed to stay up late watching all the premium channels without any adult s...
Oct 16 // Tron Knotts

Rumortoid: Play as Shooting Star Mega Man in next Monday's DLC

A friend of mine walks dogs for a janitor at Cacpom USA. She's supplied me with a lot of info in the past, all of which has been almost right sometimes. Anyway, she knows I like Mega Man, so she's been scouting around for...
Oct 14 // Tron Knotts

Eva Langoria got rounder (NVGR)

This just in people, Eva Langoria but on a few pounds, but dear god, DON'T ASSUME THAT SHE GOT PREGNANT. This shit is too important to fool around with. This shit is ATOMIC. To say that this shit is "for real" is understate...
Oct 07 // CaffeinePowered

TF Tuesdays - 10/7

New game type tonight, ktf, short for King of The Flag, which is basically a game of keep-away, grab the flag and run. The maps are similar in size to arena maps and so far there's about 4 ktf maps out there. The person who...
Oct 03 // JACK of No Trades

Mega Model Friday: We need more art post edition! Get busy Ceark!

Whats up guys. Its been awhile since I posted some new models. I decided to do some more 3dmax work to show off my amature skills. I just glad its Friday and I get to frag some of the pricks in the community.
Sep 30 // CaffeinePowered

TF Tuesdays - 9/30

(photo-uploader seems to be bugged :( ) FPS Banana's servers seem to be down so I'm pulling all the maps from for this week. There's a new version of Avanti that I'd like to give another go, as well as a cool spa...
Sep 26 // CaffeinePowered

FNF - TF2 - Debate Night

Not sure on attendance this week as those of you of voting age in the US might be watching the debate. Personally, I just want to see the VP one to watch Palin make Miss Teen South Carolina look like a Rhodes Scholar. Poli...
Sep 23 // CaffeinePowered

TF Tuesdays - New Card :)

Finally got my new card installed yesterday and TF2 plays smoother than ever. Just three maps this week, things seem to have been going a bit more slowly on the new release front and even less so on the quality portion. All...
Sep 16 // CaffeinePowered

TF Tuesdays - Homebrew & Trains

Still won't be around as I'm still waiting on the replacement card Asus is so graciously giving me for free since my old one burned out almost two weeks ago. However, Exanimo has an alpha ready of the map he has been workin...
Sep 12 // JACK of No Trades

Mega Model Friday(CAN I HAS COMMENTS?!?!)

Whats up DTOID?~?!?!? I finished these models last night and I think you will Love it..... Im fucking wet today. Its flooded like crazy today because of the tropical rains. It sucks dick.
Sep 05 // JACK of No Trades

Mega Model Friday: I Am NOT Happy With This Model!!!! Takeshi on FNF??????

Well Im ready for some FNF action. I will be SC4 because that game is still new to me. I tied to model this bastard, but it was hard with solidworks. I can't turn it into a mesh and mold the part. This is the reaction I got from the other models: Behold the Cacodemon!!!!!
Sep 05 // CaffeinePowered

FNF - TF2 - Playing Spore Edition

Since Spore got leaked I'm sure a fair number of people are going to be playing it early. Just one new map for tonight and I'm going to experiment with executable configs to start FNF and for a highlander game mode. arena_...
Sep 04 // JACK of No Trades

Ultrasound And It's Great Gaming Purpose!

So, how many of you guys love your gaming controllers? I do. Some scientists from the University of Tokyo have found a way to destroy our old way of playing games and replace it with ultrasonic waves that allow the user to ...

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