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Aug 20 // tazarthayoot

Top 10 reasons it's Samit's birthday

10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
Aug 20 // tazarthayoot

10 Reasons why Obama's from Hawaii

I apologize to NO MAN. 10. Because his birth certificate says so 9. Homie loves his luaus. 8. It's the only other place besides Washington he can easily roast a pig. 7. The beaches, obviously. 6. THERE IS NO REASON 6. ...
Jun 18 // tazarthayoot

Why both Prototype and Infamous suck

Because. I. Said. So. I cannot understand why people are so unbelievably up in arms over the two games and the desire to make a huge to-do over it. What Prototype and inFAMOUS attempt to do are complete opposites from one ...
May 16 // tazarthayoot

New Orleans Dtoider Meet Up!?

Alright Dtoid, so I'm back home in New Orleans for the next few days with absolutely nothing to do. I have every intention of getting shit ass drunk and rambling through the French Quarter without pissing/shitting myself. T...
May 10 // tazarthayoot


It's been done. It cannot be undone.
Aug 13 // tazarthayoot

UPDATE!Red Faction: Guerrilla destructifest tonight. We want you in!

Setting up teams, since it seems there will be quite a few people joining us. Also set back start time to 10 pm eastern instead of 9 due to the fact that I'm a fucktard. BOOM AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH Tonight, my fair Comm...
Jul 28 // tazarthayoot

Comic-Con 08: Hands on with Dead Space

I have been apprehensive to try to buy into any hype around most new games, especially since my fallout I had with Fable years ago. I almost never read or follow anything on upcoming games, in hopes that they will not build...
Jul 28 // tazarthayoot

Comic Con 08: Amazing!

I just woke up after having stayed the night at Aerox's house here in LA. Last week was without a doubt the most amazing time of my life, and I couldn't have been happier to be a part of it, despite the fact that my legs and ...
Jul 03 // tazarthayoot


So the other day I was searching for information about everyone's favorite singer of the mid-to-late 90's, nu-metal hero Fred Durst. Why? Because the man is a fucking god. For the uninitiated, allow me to tickle your nostalg...
Jun 25 // tazarthayoot

Contest over at Tomopop!

Do you like toys? Do you like art? Do you like steampunk stuff? Do you like to win art by a steampunk and custom vinyl toy artist by doing just about nothing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should head o...
May 21 // tazarthayoot

GTA in popculture: We get it, it's got drugs and guns.

It's funny because he has WACKY HAIR!!!!(kill me) We all know GTA IV is one of the biggest selling games of all time. With over 6 million copies sold in the first week, there is just no questioning that it's hot. With all...
Apr 22 // tazarthayoot

CINCI NARP: Ron Workman plays SSBB!

As I'm sure you all know by now, this last weekend's NARP at Joe Burling's crib was without a doubt one of the best NARPS on record. It had everything you could ever want: 1) SuMizzle, he's back ya'll (and he's black ya'l...
Apr 01 // tazarthayoot


French President Nicolas Sarkozy: Man of the people. Fan of Counterstrike. PARIS, FRANCE: Previously I reported about the formation of The Coalition of the Gaming Masses Who No Longer Wish To Fight Amongst Each Other an...
Apr 01 // tazarthayoot


Pictured: Members of the Nintendo Party of CGMWNLWTFAEOFNSH™ training for a "Search and Destroy Romero" Operation in the Middle East. Redmond, WA: Shock and Awe-mazing news coming down the pipeline today, and FOXToid is y...
Apr 01 // tazarthayoot


The porn industry struck back at EA and Bioware's Space RPG title Mass Effect today because of it's use of "rampant, unprotected, unsolicited sex with humans and aliens." "This is just wrong, and completely unfair," says t...
Mar 28 // tazarthayoot


On this day 11 years ago, Cheeburga was born. To celebrate the surprising conception of one of my best friends, I bring you this: In all cerealness, happy birthday, Chee! I <3 u, and you'll get your buttsecks tomorrow!
Mar 03 // tazarthayoot

Tazar Tirade 02: Michigan NARPapalooza!

This version of the Tirade is not so much me bitching about shit that pisses me off, as I have already addressed that once today. No, this tirade is aimed simply at recounting what little I remember from this past weekend's ...
Mar 03 // tazarthayoot

Failed criticism, and the failed journalists who excel at it...and the gamers that play them.

My good friend Grim just showed me this article by the Daily Texan's Hudson Lockett. Lockett poo poo's all over Gametrailers TV, stating the show is full of misinformation and is completely unorganized, yet manages to shit...
Feb 28 // tazarthayoot

Five Games That Need Prince

Prince is the greatest thing ever. Not man, thing. He is a musical phenom, a literary genius, and a god to all the sexy ladies. That being said, no one has ever made a game starring Prince, or even mentioning Prince. Wh...
Feb 24 // tazarthayoot

WTF #1: Sonic Underground

WTF will be a series I hope to not fail at keeping up with, chronicling the bastardization of all of our beloved childhood heroes. Sonic hasn't had a very good life. He was amazing in his first few outings on the Genesis, ...
Feb 16 // tazarthayoot

Jack Thompson is a Cunt, Also Comments In Video Game Blogs.

Jacky boy, you really need to get laid. We all know about his quick to blame video game agenda at NIU, because honestly, that's all he can ever do, but now the man has become even more hilarious. On a recent post that Kot...
Feb 14 // tazarthayoot

A Tribute To The Greatest Couple of All Time

Throughout the years we have seen countless couples. From the page, to the big screen, to our video games, love is a very endearing factor in just about every facet of entertainment and culture. That being said, who is the ...
Feb 06 // tazarthayoot

MIDDAY LULZ™: Robots Can't Act starring Mr. Dtoid's cousin

No embed on this one sadly, but it's rather humourous. Robots act out a very memorable scene from Pulp Fiction. It also stars Dtoid's cousin, who I've affectionately named Nippletoid, as Brad Click here to watch And for added lulz™, more FatalFarm genius:
Feb 05 // tazarthayoot

Dear Mr. Kokomo

I love Concelmo. I just have to get that out of the way. Okay now, on to what the point of this blog is. Kokomo my dear awesome friend, as everyone knows, you have an unbelievably strong love for all things dolphin. With ...
Feb 01 // tazarthayoot


I am so copyrighting the phrase "You make me so sad.©"
Jan 30 // tazarthayoot

My Integrity is like, I dunno, a million times more integrer then yours.

So I just got a gig writing for this blog called OICW, and my first post is all about this amazing new system that hit the market a few months ago. Head on over there and check out this amazing story before Joystiq steals it and claims it as their own! LINK WINS!
Jan 26 // tazarthayoot

We're Making Progress: Cooper Lawrence is OK with Mass Effect

Over at Gamepolitics there is a new post about Ms. Cooper Lawrence, the ne'er-do-well panelist behind the infamous Fox News scene. In her interview with New York Post, Cooper Lawrence says she "misspoke" of the content wit...
Jan 25 // tazarthayoot

Tazar Tirade 01: Gamers are to Blame

This is an idea I've had for a while. It's been tough coming up with something to write about that deserves to be numero uno for this column, but I think I found it. Enjoy I'm an angry gamer. Take from that what you will,...
Jan 23 // tazarthayoot

The Club Achievements: Hey Ha-ha's! Beat This!

So I was checking out earlier today and noticed they had added the achievement lists up for not only Lost Odyssey, but they also had the achievements for The Club as well. Although I didn't particu...
Jan 23 // tazarthayoot

EA Calls out Fox News Corps: They're all Lying Whores

Kotaku was recently attached to a letter addressed to Fox News from EA, in which they not only defend their game Mass Effect from the poorly put together "debate" over the games notorious sex scenes, but humbly asked for an...

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