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Nov 02 // madninja

My Own Retrospective: 5 Years of Growth

How is everyone doing tonight? Most of you probably don't remember me because my last blog post is from September of 2009 but that is alright. I recommend you don't do what I did and go back to those old posts but this ...
Jul 23 // Butmac

Five years ago today I joined Destructoid and it changed my life.

I can honestly tell you that the boredom I suffered back then steered me into one of the greatest decisions I would ever make in my life and would put me in the position Iím currently in. Five years ago to this very day I j...
Sep 01 // Chris Morris

Mister Destructoid plays Just Dance 3

So, I'll just leave this here - Mister Destructoid vs. Just Dance 3 at PAX Prime 2011. It honestly doesn't really need any additional commentary, it pretty much speaks for itself. The sound is kind of flaky for most of it, blame the terribad phone mic! :(
Mar 08 // Chris Morris

EverQuest TLP - Ding 50!!

Although you may not have been following my grind on the new EverQuest TLP server, over the past few days I have been pulling ever closer to the Classic level cap of 50. For those of you that have played EQ, or any old scho...
Mar 08 // Chris Morris

Pretty Epic Adventures Live - Grind to 50!

I am on the last leg of my ridiculously long grind to level 50 on the recently released EverQuest TLP (Time-Locked Progression) server, Fippy Darkpaw. I am going to try to push through the final 35% left in level 49, hopeful...
Sep 15 // Chris Morris

My Re-Introduction to the Dtoid Community!

Hail Dtoid Community! Many of you may have previously known me as Azereki, or perhaps even "Ass Ricky." I have been a member of Destructoid for many years now, practically since it opened! Like many others, I started out as a...
Jun 24 // Chris Morris

Post-E3 Disappointment & Classic Game Nostalgia

Now that we have had some time to digest all of the news from E3, how do you feel about this years announcements? Did you see any hardware or peripherals that you absolutely must have? Are you eagerly awaiting the release o...
Sep 03 // madninja

Dtoid: Help me start off my Retro-Rollercoaster of Fun

(I use this for relevancy reasons) So this has been a while hasn't it, Dtoid? Well late with all my work done I get crazy ideas, ideas that could work so I decide to ask your guys to be my starting point. Let me explain my ...
Jul 18 // madninja

New WoW race? Maybe. New Wolf WoW race? Sign me up!

So someone who is really into World of Warcraft was looking through the magic of the internet and found the new Halloween masks. Normally I wouldn't care and neither would my friends who all went crazy when they discovered ...
Jul 14 // madninja

Late Night Ninja thought: A Response to Jim's question with another question

Today while looking through Dtoid today I noticed Jimís feature titled ďAre games bloggers less trustworthy than 'real' journalists?Ē and this got me thinking. While I was trying to type a comment for about ten minutes to a...
Jun 05 // madninja

A clearer version of the Zelda concept art, Also Kingdom Hearts 300something/2 days impressions

I was just looking through my regular sites earlier and noticed the above at Bitmob. And damn it looks mighty sexy, I don't know how I feel about the still adult Link yet because I liked Twilight Princess. Check out the bal...
May 31 // Butmac

Live with Butmac makes it's return

So, apparently it's been over a year since I first did "Live with Butmac." So I say to myself, "self, since I'm in LA for E3, why don't I start up Live with Butmac again and broadcast a show each night with -D- recapping ...
May 07 // Butmac

New Butmac Video! Leaf Trombone!

Here's my latest video of me and my two best friends playing Leaf Trombone on the iPhone. Hope you like!
Apr 13 // madninja

Ass-assin's Creed 2, reaction rant to Gameinformer

Let me start with some back story, (and no stops) I thought the first Assassinís Creed was horrible, horrible. I got through most of the game until I just got angry at the game and stopped, so I gave the game a fair shake. ...
Apr 10 // madninja

How Bioshock 2 was on the edge and where it landed.

I am sure most people have seen the footage of Bioshock 2 if they are reading this but if you havenít go check to CTZís post about the footage. I am a huge fan of Bioshock, so much of a fan that I even love the ending of ...
Mar 25 // Butmac

Destructoid Community Alumni star in "Theories of a Gay Vegas"

What up Here is my new video starring Kryptinite, -D-, CharlieSuh, and Butmac. It's short. Hope you somewhat enjoy!
Mar 24 // Butmac

Ultimate Spider-Man 2??

Look at this interesting article about how Ultimate Spider-Man 2 may or may not have been cancelled of even made. If anyone played the first game then you would know that it was pretty sweet and a good follow-up to Spider-Man 2. But anyway, this probably happens a lot with video games, but you guys know how I loves my comic book games. OH HOW I LOVE THEM
Mar 16 // Butmac

Video:Happy Birthday Niero and Destructoid (From last year!! ROLfLL!)

Destructoid sure has grown a lot over the past year. My face hasn't been around as much but I wanted to share one of my favorite videos that I made last year for this occasion. Hopefully it will bring a smile to at least one face. Love, Butmac (the original Dtoid video master of celebratories)
Feb 25 // Butmac

Break that release date Wednesday!! Killzone 2!

Quick note - the Target next to where I live released Killzone 2 today two days early, so if any of you are chompin' to get it - check Targets and other places because it's weird to release a game on a Friday and obviously some stores just throw it out there with the rest of the stuff. Godspeed!!
Feb 23 // Butmac

New Video: Boosting (1 Problem)

What up suckas?! I thought I'd share with you all my newest video where I try out an energy drink marketed towards athletes and see it's effects on me, a gamer. I'll be honest the video has little to actually do with that.
Feb 01 // madninja

10 things you don't know about John The Madninjaing Ninja

I am just going to jump right on into this. Also doing this because I haven't made a blog post in a really long time. 10. I am younger than you think I am I decided to start off my list with the thing that kind of makes m...
Jan 10 // Butmac

We're f*cking pornstars and playing RE5 in Vegas

If you go to Las Vegas be sure to grab as many cards as you can from (coming soon, I kid you not we bought the domain name). Also, If you want to see the height of badassery, play Resident Evil 5 pro...
Jan 06 // Butmac

NVGR Debate to the Death!!!!

Sorry Fronz, I'm hijacking your shit for a second. OK SO - I'm talking with -D- and he said he liked the movie "The Replacements" which in and of itself is terrible. But when I told him I had to go see "The Replacements" wh...
Jan 04 // Butmac

I hugged Kyttie...

and my cat died...
Dec 24 // Butmac

How awful is Brian Crecente you ask? This awful...

Don't get me wrong, I'm in a cheery mood right now. The Christmas Spirit has bit me on the face. But I just was looking at Kotaku and saw...this. Here's my promise to each one of you reading this. I will do something wit...
Dec 24 // Butmac

Thanks to Samit, Yao Ming, and Destructoid: My first contest prize!

Hellz to the yeah! I got NBA Live 09 in the mail yesterday from Samit for winning one of his caption contests. Dreams to come true on this site. Just kidding, but I am pumped about this game! So thanks to Samit and Destructoid for the game, and thanks to Yao Ming for being tall, hairy, kooky, spooky, and Chinese.
Dec 05 // Butmac

The Only Video Game Award You Need to Care About for 2008

If Fallout 3 doesn't win game of the year then that will just be an absolute travesty. If GTA IV wins game of the year I will go on a homicidal tear. But that's not the award you need be concerned about. No sirs. The award ...
Oct 21 // Butmac

No Punisher Movie for Marvel Fans [NVGR]

So I wrote this artcile over at Bags and Boards about the Punisher movie franchise and want to know how you clowns feel about it. It wasnít u...
Oct 13 // Butmac

The IMDB of Rock Band DLC

Rock Band DLC is a beast. It's one of the best things to ever happen to video games, ever. However, I've always been slightly disappointed in the lack of cohesion that the songs have as far as getting information on them on...
Oct 09 // Butmac

Rock Band 3-Song Dream DLC Pack - Volume 5: Harvey Danger

In light of the song "Cream and Bastards Rise" being available as Rock Band DLC, I've decided to do focus more on Harvey Danger. Disclaimer: This is not real, it's just what I know would be awesome Unfortunately, not a l...

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