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Community  Quickblog:
Noyemi Karlaite . Nov 03
Enjoy this leaked footage of Fallout 4 before it's gobbled up:

Community  Quickblog:
Noyemi Karlaite . Oct 29
[url=""]Voidspire tactics[/url] is a lovely little tactical RPG for PCs. You can also vote for it on steam—personally, I'd like to see more TRPGs on the service and I believe it's a crucially underserved area of the RPG market on PC

Community  Long Blog:
Noyemi Karlaite . Oct 11

Write Games Like It's 1977: Octo-ber II

Currently we are 11 days into October, and consequently, the second Octo-ber game jam! The jam isn't widely known, but it's all about writing small games in Chip8 to run on the Octo virtual machine, which is a multi-machine e...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Inspector Buffoon . Aug 06

Gaming with Inspector Buffoon

Truthfully, I was surprised by how much I struggled to put the subject into a perspective that [hopefully] makes sense.  So. What's it like to game with me? To answer this question I opted to reminisce on the times I've play...   0

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