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Community  Long Blog:
gamesradar . May 10

Defiance – Action Sci-Fi MMO full of potential

Defiance is finally here, the long-awaited Sci-Fi Action Third Person Action MMRORPG from Trion Worlds. It is one of the first MMOs to be ever released on the same day on Xbox 360 and PS3 alongside the PC version.Defiance t...   0

Community  Long Blog:
gamesradar . Apr 12

PlayStation Plus (NA/EU) - Subscribers showered with benefits

For EU PlayStation Plus Subscribers : If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber living in the EU, we have some great news for you. Sony has given an early teaser of what the May 2013 PlayStation Plus update is going to inc...   0

Community  Long Blog:
gamesradar . Apr 11

Bioshock Infinite - Awesome Sexy Elizabeth Cosplay (Must See)

Introduction: BioShock Infinite, the newest venture from creator Ken Levine and developer Irrational Games, takes you through the floating city of Columbia as Booker Dewitt, a former soldier and currently indebted gambler ta...   0

Community  Long Blog:
gamesradar . Apr 10

Best & Rarest God of War: Ascension screenshots

Here are the best God of War: Ascension screenshots you'll find anywhere.   0

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