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Jul 31 // Brad Nicholson

The Pirate Radio Station in 'Bring Down the Sky' and FOX News

Words -- and in this case, a quote -- need to be snipped to salvage tone or keep an article to what I would consider readable length. In my "Bring Down the Sky" article there was one particular quote that I couldn’t share w...
May 01 // Brad Nicholson

Nick Chester cheats, wins against Brad Nicholson in SF IV

Nick Chester cheats, wins against Brad Nicholson in SF IV April 30th, 2009 -- Brad Nicholson PR Company Late this afternoon, Street Fighter IV World Champion Brad Nicholson (using Zangief) was defeated by Destructoid dot co...
Dec 02 // Brad Nicholson

Brad Nicholson writes history, which is kind of like a book report [NVGR]

While I was digging through my files today I found a historiographic essay I wrote early in my academic career. It was one of my flashier works as a historian. Notice the liberty I took with the introduction. At the time, my ...
Nov 22 // Brad Nicholson

Resistance 2 player looking for a good time

Hey guys, is anyone up for some crazy Resistance 2 action today? Im currently digging into the multiplayer components for review and Im looking for a couple of cool dudes (or ladies) to help me out. I want to get in a ton...
Oct 03 // Brad Nicholson

Brad Nicholson making an appearance at Indiana University

That’s right, ladies and gents. This Thursday (October 9th) I’ll be traveling to the very scenic Indiana University campus to give a guest lecture for the very same media class that spawned GameZombie. You may remember ...
Oct 01 // Brad Nicholson

Magic the Gathering: Building Your Deck

All right, so it’s been awhile. Blame Japanese RPGs, medieval women, Aztec sacrifice, and late Geometric authors. Seriously. Before I get into the real point of this post I first want to point out where I’m at in Magic:...
Sep 13 // Brad Nicholson

Magic: Two-player Starter Game

My last Magic article talked about how much a young person can learn from Magic: the Gathering. Someone who commented on that article talked about something that Wizards of the Coast is considering right now - the person ...
Sep 13 // Brad Nicholson

Magic: Almost getting schooled by a girl

There’s something great about Magic, and it isn’t talked about that much. Last week, I had the opportunity to play against my friend’s niece. She’s a 7th grader and is really into the game. I didn’t know that she ...
Sep 13 // Brad Nicholson

Magic: the store

Awhile back I mentioned that I needed some new Magic: the Gathering cards and that I was interested in checking out a sanctioned store in my area. Thanks to this list supplied by the guys at PlayMagic, I was able to find on...
Sep 01 // Brad Nicholson

Review: Too Human

Too Human, Silicon Knights’ long-awaited action role-playing game is a schizophrenic offering. I was initially compelled by the ideas and traits of which the game is composed, but after a few hours of play, I was driven m...
Aug 30 // Brad Nicholson

Magic: 60 card decks are huge

If you’ve been following me thus far (and you totally should) you know that I’ve learned a few things about Magic: The Gathering. The first thing that I learned is that the game is fun to play. The second thing is that ...
Aug 27 // Brad Nicholson

Magic: The first night

The last time I talked Magic: The Gathering, I told you guys about my eventful PR experience at Gen Con. I also mentioned the minor fact that I had zero idea what the hell the game was or what it was supposed to do. I only ...
Aug 27 // Brad Nicholson

Starting Magic: The Gathering

At Gen Con I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with some of the folks at Wizards of the Coast. As many of you may recognize already, I write at a videogame-centric website called Destructoid. When I took the appointme...
Aug 12 // Brad Nicholson

Madden '09 hasn't been that awesome

This is the last little update I'll do before I review the game, but after five additional games with the Madden IQ system, I have to deduce that it's broken. My IQ, which started above 600, is now a very steamy 477. The las...
Aug 12 // Brad Nicholson

Madden '09 may not be that awesome

I just picked up the game an hour or so ago and after pouring through the rosters for a bit, I decided to start up a new franchise. Unfortunately, it's the third quarter of my first game and I've already thrown EIGHT interceptions. Remember in my impressions piece when I mentioned that the DBs still look like they're in leather-seeking mode? Totally. Eight interceptions. Christ.
Jul 31 // Brad Nicholson

Brad is looking for some online fun

Hey, Destructoid community. I have to be honest, I don't have very many online friends on Xbox Live. Or at least, the people on my list don't have Supreme Commander. This weekend I'll be finishing up my review, and I would ...
Jul 06 // Brad Nicholson

Universe at War Review Notes

As you may have noticed, my Universe at War: Earth Assault review is up and live. While I thought the game was a dreadful experience, at least my notes were lively enough. Feel free to check them out: Universe at War Revie...
Jun 23 // Brad Nicholson

Two New XBLA Titles Wednesday

Today, Microsoft sent out an exciting new press release detailing two upcoming XBLA titles. When the service updates on Wednesday, players will have the magical opportunity to pick between either Stainless Games’ Happy Tre...
Jun 23 // Brad Nicholson

Rumor – Possible Release Date for Starcraft II

Joystiq did a bit of digging this morning and found that three big retailer’s websites (Gamestop, Best Buy, and Circuit City) are all in agreement on a Starcraft II release date. December 3rd could be the day of sanctuar...
Jun 23 // Brad Nicholson

What Can the 360 Eastern RPG Bonanza Provide Us?

A few weeks ago Microsoft held a press event in Shibuya, Japan called “Xbox 360 RPG Premiere” in an attempt to once again garner the attention of the Japanese audience. Early leaks of information pointed towards a generi...
Jun 21 // Brad Nicholson

RPG Dress in the Next Generation is Still Deplorable

One of the premier unwritten rules or laws of the RPG genre seems to be so ingrained in developers and artists that we will never see a change. Fresh out of last generation, I was heatedly looking forward to the new consol...
Jun 21 // Brad Nicholson

Flamethrower Confirmed for Call of Duty: World at War

The big ruckus right now is the fact that the Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War teaser trailer is available on LIVE, but I beg to differ. The trailer is fun and all, but all that really matters is that a weapon very ...
Jun 21 // Brad Nicholson

Okami Cover Art Hitting Your Doorstep Soon

For those industrious enough to complain about the IGN watermark in the original Nintendo Wii cover art, Capcom is in the process of making the final amends. According to the Capcom Blog, the new art of the consumer’s ch...
Jun 20 // Brad Nicholson

Resistance 2 Beta Code Giveaway

The guys at PS3fanboy recently got a hot tip about the emergence of Resistance 2 beta invites getting past around. Like most high profile closed betas, Insomniac is going to force prospective players to toss out some hard ...
Jun 20 // Brad Nicholson

Disgaea 3 Gets a Release Date and Price

Time wanes and genres fall, but the strategy role-playing game continually stays in focus. Many moons ago an astute poster on the NeoGAF forums found an interesting pre-release trailer that not only showed off some gamepla...
Jun 20 // Brad Nicholson

Hello Kitty DS Records Your Life

If you are anything like me, you simply crave the opportunity to write down appointments, interviews, meetings, and daily agendas in video game form. Thankfully, the guys at Nobilis will finally give us the chance to use the...
Jun 20 // Brad Nicholson

The Start of the Affair: Text Parsers and Point-and-Click

I wish I could say that my initial foray into video games started with a wonderfully iconic game like Super Mario Brothers or Contra. Unfortunately, early in my youth, my family lacked a Nintendo Entertainment System. Yet...
Jun 19 // Brad Nicholson

Ubisoft Creates ‘Play Zone’ Label for the Wii

Development for the Nintendo Wii is a veritable license to print money, and it is apparent that Ubisoft has realized this fact. Recently, Ubisoft created the “Play Zone” label to get in on the party game craze for the ...
Jun 19 // Brad Nicholson

Saboteur and Dragon Age in Early 2009

Yesterday, at the William Blair & Company Growth Stock Conference, EA CEO John Ricciello dropped some awesome release date information. Apparently, both Bioware’s Dragon Age and Pandemic’s Saboteur are expected to hit i...

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