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Jun 11 // Jon B

[Shortblog] TF2 Oldstyle UI

Very little to say really. In brief, I've basically whipped up a old-style UI, due to people disliking the new one. Aren't I so amazingly kind? Anyway, you can grab it from my FPSBanana at
Apr 22 // Jon B

A Little Slice of Persona 4 *AND 3* on your Desktop

This is where I'd normally just copy-paste the stuff from the DeviantArt page, but NO! Dtoid deserves better! There once was a game called Persona 4. It was a very good game, that many people said was very good. And things...
Nov 14 // Jon B

Modern Warfare 2 Dedis Already?

Because we all know blogs look boring without a picture. This is not a direct link, for what should be obvious reasons. Now, before...
Nov 13 // Jon B

[NonBlog] Forza 3 - With added cocks.

Search Dtoid on the storefront, and it's free to all.
Sep 23 // Jon B

Trackmania 2

Jaw = Floored. From the looks of things from this remarkably dodgy video, Trackmania 2 appears to have slightly more customisation than the previous iterations, while still being insane with incredible graphics. Don't take my word for it though, just watch the video. (This news is fairly old now, but I didn't see it mentioned, so apologies if it's a repost.)
Aug 27 // Jon B

Xbox 360 w/Forza 3 + 250GB HDD on Amazon site.

Yes, that's right, once again the amazing people at have listed an item early, just like the PS3 Slim.
Aug 13 // Jon B

Play TF2? Grab a soldier medal while it's hot. Free soldier medal, for the first 11,111 people to log in to the hidden site. Here's confirmation it's not fake: Of course, I changed my password anyway, so make what you will of it. It's on the official site though, so I severely doubt it's fake.
Jul 31 // Jon B

PS3 Slim on the Amazon site

I don't know how new or old this is, but at the German Amazon site, there's an interesting link towards a certain something:
Jul 14 // gamadaya

Why NyxQuest is Squandering Literary Opportunity

As someone who cares deeply about literature and its legacy, *commence whine*.
May 30 // Jon B

First blog. Heh. Anyway, PS3 logo/slim hint?

Wow, first blog post. Anyway, more directly to the point, watching the Bayonetta E3 video on Joystiq, I couldn't help but notice a little thing odd about it. See the PS3 logo? Certainly looks different to me, I checked th...

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