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Jul 12 // adultswim810

Has anyone else noticed...

This is something I have noticed for a while but with the recent release of BlazBlue and more specifically, the character Hakumen in it I felt compelled to share this with my fellow D-toiders. THE PROTOTYPE ARMOR AND THE GUY...
Jun 01 // adultswim810

The Kojima Countdown is Over!

Yes the famous endless countdown has actually... ended! It ends on a rather flat note too, All that is currently up on Kojima's "E3 2009 SPECIAL SITE" is a crummy looking wall that has a picture of metal gear solid rising ...
Apr 02 // adultswim810

My Magnum Opus!

TADA! The energy sword from the Halo series. Same process as the key blade, but I thought I'd clear some stuff up. 1. We can only work in two dimensions aside from sanding. 2. It's not really a woodshop class per se, but on...
Apr 01 // adultswim810

Look What I Made: Kingdom Hearts

I made a keyblade in my woodshop class today. It's about a foot long and I made it with just a plank of wood, a bandsaw, and a sander. It only took about 30 minutes but I'm pretty happy with it.. Everyone thought it was jus...
Jul 28 // adultswim810

Never buy used off of Seriously

I sort of missed out on the good games from the ps2 era, so when i got a ps3 I decided to get a bunch of the great games i missed out on. I had the money so why not? I went to and they had some pretty good deals ...
Jun 18 // adultswim810

Call of Duty 5 Screenshots imo it looks like the cod4 engine.. except crappier. also, IT NEEDS MOAR BLOOM! However i do hope this game turns out to be good, but im doubting it.
Apr 30 // adultswim810


IT'S OUT FINALLY OUT YEAAAAA!!!!!!11111ONE1!!!!!!!! also steam is like crashing and junk
Apr 28 // adultswim810

Custom Guitar Hero III!

For those of you gamers who only have a PC but love guitar hero, good news: custom songs are now available. This isn't just frets on fire this is guitar hero 3 which means better looking and less buggy! there are actually two packs to choose from: Where to download and how to use. (Rock Band) Where to download and how to use. (Custom) Have fun and happy rocking!
Mar 01 // adultswim810

Assassin's Creed for PC Leaked

Yes you read my title correctly, Assassin's Creed for PC has been leaked more than a month before scheduled release. It's being hosted on most popular torrent sites and it is confirmed working. IMO Ubisoft really f*cked up ...

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