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Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 12

Cblogs of 10/11/15 - A Short Returning Message

Hey, it's me, Riobux! I'm back from my long long break learning how to journalisms at an UK games convention. However, well, to put simply the journalism aspect has not ended and I'm still trying to pump out coverage of games...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 11

Cblogs of 10-10-15 + Pixieisms!

I've injected Dreamweaver with a deadly neurotoxin so that I could recap again for a day. It wasn't a lethal dose, obviously, since he did get out a Comments of the Week blog today, but he is under the weather now which means...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 10

Cblogs of 10-9-15 + Don't Buy The Uncharted Collection!

This is a public service announcement: Out today is yet another regurgitation of old games in an attempt to get you to pay at the new game price point, .. for old games. At the price of a new game ... Is this still necessary...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 09

Cblogs of 10/08/15 + Shade and Caimdark, sitting in a tree...

Well, I can safely say that it was a very special week that just went by. For the first time ever, I got to meet one of my fellow Dtoiders in real life! Good old Caimdark has been in the Netherlands all week, and last Wednesd...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 08

Cblog recaps of 10/07/15 and DRIVER UPDATING-isms

After months of weird, inexplicable black screens and dead games, it finally occurred to me to update my graphics drivers. Now granted, we're talking about the integrated graphics board on a laptop, but 6 months ago Risk of R...   0

Community  Quickblog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 07
So assuming the terrible blog tools functions correctly, soon there may be a nefarious call to arms. So keep an eye out and hope there isn't a typo due to light-grey on white background text.

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 07

Cblog Reservist Call To Arms

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are. We are looking for more folks to join the Reservist Team over at the C-Blog Recaps (“Recappers?”)So while I am still not allowed to acknowledge what goes on...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 06

Cblogs of 10/5/2015 + Death of a Franchise

So Metal Gear V was released to wide critical acclaim; Hideo Kojima managed to sign off the series with a bang. Now, Konami has sole control lover the series, and whether through Pachinko machines, mobile basterdizations, or ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 05

C-Blogs of 10/4/15 + Philgasms

Stuff. Things. Words. All things that belong in this space. Ready for your brain things to absorb and digest. Hello folks, I am your Phil. Today I wanted to write about my favorite website and community. Sadly, I've been bann...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 04

Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: September 2015

Another month, a new set of podcasts to listen to. For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to the ea...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 04

Cblogs of 10/3/15 - Feeling [like] a kid again

Man, that title is just one word away from being creepy, eh? Anyway, the reason for using that old, tired clich'e is because lately I've been a little sucked into watching cartoons this week. See, Disney XD had a couple of ma...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 04

Cblogs of 10-2-15 + So You Want to Keep Partying, Big Boy

It usually takes me about an hour do the these here recaps and that is split three ways almost evenly between reading your lovely cblogs, formatting/editor problems/selecting images/copy pasting various things and coming up ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 02

Cblogs of 10/01/15 + Nobody say "gate" to me...

I'm done talking about 3DS games for now. After finishing Luigi's Mansion 2 and Virtue's Last Reward (holy balls I can't wait for Zero Escape 3 now) I think it's time I laid the little handheld that could to rest for a little...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Oct 01

Cblog recaps of 09/30/15 and PART-TIMER-isms

Listen here punks, Freedom Planet is on its way to Wii U. This is a joyous time to be had.So October is finally here and life is as cooled off as the autumn weather. I stepped away from the last job I talked about because I ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 29

Cblogs of 9/28/2015 + My Fantasy Life

I spent about 140 hours in the world of Fantasy Life as Spence (Spencer was too long), a dashing young man who was attempting to create a masterpiece. Fantasy Life is a game made by Level 5 and Brownie Brown that is similar i...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 28

Cblogs of 9/27/2015 + A Defense of Evil

Evil, unfortunately exists in abundance in our world. Racism, war, rape, terrorism, sexism, torture, and a hundred different other ways some humans use to dominate over other humans. As long as evil do exist, we shall always...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 27

Cblogs of 9/26/15 - Still on that Destiny grind...

Okay, so you know your boy plays Destiny, right? Well, the thing is, one of the reasons I haven't really gotten addicted to the game is because I usually stay away from PVE. I figured, as long as I stayed in The Crucible an...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 26

Cblogs of 9-25-15 + Rest in Peices

As of yesterday our skater community took it upon ourselves to put a few month long skatepark to rest. This involved skating, drinking, bbq'ing and playing lots of music. It was a sick party and felt like the fourth of July ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 25

Cblogs of 09/24/15 + Nonary Shadeisms; Ambidex Localization

As you may recall, last week I mentioned that I've been playing two new games on my 3DS. One of those was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, which I've finished by now. So today it's time to reveal the other one: Zero Escape: Virtue...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 24

Cblogs of 09/22/15 – FTL to space!

How are you all doing this week? I have been playing a lot of games lately and enjoying them a great deal. There are periods when you can play any game and feel like you’re just going through the motions, mindless play...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 24

Cblog recaps of 09/23/15 and PLAGUE-isms

The good news today is that I finally have a job to my name. It's part-time as fuck and is pretty much in line with the rest of my job history (menial labor, retail, or food related) and not related to my degree in anyway t...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 23

C Blogs of 09/21/15 + Wrenchisms!

Hey again! I'm back to fill in for last Monday and as always it is a pleasure to read your blogs. You folks are killing it these days. The past few weeks for me have been a blur of Heroes of the Storm and Metal Gear. They'v...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 22

Cblogs of 9/14/2015 + Defending the Atlus Tax

The Atlus tax is a nearly $10 extra charge on nearly every game Atlus releases, especially on the 3DS where the regular price of games is less than consoles. To justify this increase, Atlus usually packages the first prints ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 21

Cblogs of 9/20/2015 + Making Mario

In his 30 year history, Mario traversed about 500 2D levels. In Mario Maker, the community made more than a million levels in a week. One Dtoid blogger made the argument that Nintendo no longer needs to make another 2D Mario...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 20

Cblogs of 9/19/15 - Dreamweaver's second form

"Oh my... Dreamweaver, you've... changed." Why yes, that I have. Do I still look pretty, my darlings? As some may have noticed, after a year or so wearing the avatar from Akiba's Trip: Undead and Underdressed has finally ch...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 19

Cblogs of 9-18-15 + Comic Book Movies and Dream Journals

  The way I spent my Labor day was at bdubs with some friends (no that is not a drug reference sadly). It was a kind of okay so-so night, whatever that's not what's important. At some point we started to talk about supe...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 18

Cblogs of 09/17/15 + Getting Down with Luigi-isms

Another week, another two more games. They seem to be getting played by the boatload. I'm probably going to have to start doing something productive soon. Come to think of it, I've actually been playing a third game this week...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 17

Cblogs of 09/15/15 + TGS, what a fun time of the year!

The front-page of Destructoid has been quite busy in these last few days, hasn’t it? There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of announcements and previews, as it is to be expected during one of the biggest gaming eve...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 17

Cblog Recaps of 9/16/15 and STRIDER-isms!

I'm surprised at how late it took for us to notice what a charming game Super Mario Maker was. I got it this past weekend and have poured more than a few hours cooking up my own ideas for Mario stages, ranging from sprinting...   0

Community  Long Blog:
CblogRecaps . Sep 16

Cblogs of 09/13/15 - For The Sake Of Sanity

In this recap, I guess I'm going to dip my toes into an area that is simultaneously topical, ironic* and hypocritical. As well as a bit provocative, an unenjoyable subject and one that is going to induce some rage. Today we ...   0

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