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Jul 14 // RatCasket

Kerfuffle - Dev Diary 7/15

I started working on Kerfuffle in December of 2014. I created the original prototype in about 40 hours for Ludum Dare. Like a lot of Ludum Dare titles, I realized that I had something fun and wanted to expand upon it. For the...
Sep 30 // RatCasket

Batman Arkham Asylum or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Level Design

Batman: Arkham Asylum was released five years ago and I finally got around to playing it. I never bothered because, at a glance, it looked really awful. The combat appeared slow, exploration seemed  limited, upgrad...
Jun 20 // RatCasket

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Animal Crossing is a game about diggin holes in your yard and lookin for bones. New Leaf has this plus more features that I don't know about because my girlfriend is the mayor while I remain a lowly ditch digger. Basically ...
Jun 20 // RatCasket

Why is Titanfall getting so much press?

Everywhere I look I see Titanfall. Every time I turn around some gaming site (this one included) has some article about how its the best in show or some game journalists favorite game of E3. Why? Why is this on any ones r...
Jun 20 // RatCasket

This Game F*cking Sucks: The Last of Us

This post assumes you have played The Last of Us and may contain some spoilers. Read at your own risk. Like previous Naughty Dog titles The Last of Us suffers from predictable gameplay and progression. Unlike Uncharted, howe...
Apr 26 // RatCasket

This Game F*cking Sucks: BioShock Infinite

Maybe I just expect too much from the video game industry. Maybe I'm just a hipster, as many people like to call me whenever I openly dislike newer games. Or maybe my brain is just wracked with syphilis and everything around ...
Apr 17 // RatCasket

Dark Souls: The Holy Texts Pt 2

Humility Another wonderful life lesson that Dark Souls teaches us by shoving sharp, flaming instruments into our soft bodies is the concept of humility. The thing about Dark Souls (specifically the PVP) is that regardles...
Apr 13 // RatCasket

Dark Souls: The Holy Texts Pt 1

Introduction Dark Souls is a holy relic. An interactive bible for the modern age. It speaks directly to the human condition in a soft, but stern voice. I'd like to explore this beautiful experience in depth over a couple ...
Jul 19 // RatCasket

Choice? You never had a choice.

A lot of games this gen, and even a lot last gen, boast giving you a lot of "choice" or "choices" to progress through the game. They offer expansive "dynamic" dialogue trees, multiple endings, "good" and "evil", and a whole s...

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