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May 03 // nekobun

There's nothing I can say.

You had one of the first social/interactive/chill streaming channels that jumped from to at its formation, and was a cornerstone to Twitch's early development aside from esports content. You had one of ...
Mar 01 // nekobun


You heard that we were great But now you think we're lame Since you saw the show last night You hoped that we would rock And knock it up a notch Rockin' was nowhere in sight And it's never good when it goes bad No one...
Apr 01 // Jim Sterling

Bring us Merlenderl, and wipe away the debt!

(Made with loving juiciness by Michael Towns)
Jan 17 // nekobun

Byte-Sized Boo-galoo: more indie horror for even less money

Some of you may recall my foray from last month into the realm of free, horror-themed downloadable games. If not, you can read it here. I've been working my way through some more, and here's what I think of the latest batch I...
Jan 13 // nekobun

What the heck is a Streamtoid, anyway?

You've seen the daily posts for Mash Tactics. You've seen the weekend schedule each week for the heaps of shows we have on over the weekend. You've caught Jonathan Holmes' 'Sup Holmes Interviews, or explored the Dafo...
Jan 08 // nekobun

A Humble Bundundrum: are indie bundles losing their way?

Back when it debuted in May of 2010, the first Humble Bundle presented something new and interesting, especially to those gamers out there on a budget. Serving up a fistful of indie games that were already receiving varying...
Dec 28 // nekobun

I still maintain I was named for a Styx's "Christopher, Mr. Christopher."

Decided to hop in on this name game thing, and punching my moniker into Urban Dictionary yielded some, um, interesting results. By "interesting," I mean something along the lines of "probably written by foreveralone cryhard...
Dec 21 // nekobun

A beginner's guide to Z-grade Dtoid fame

A section of the latest Communitoid that touched upon people asking how to gain a higher profile in the community resonated pretty solidly with me. A lot of good points were raised, and, having been floating around here for a...
Dec 13 // nekobun

Taking "idiot nerd girl" back.

As one who's not that fond of image memes, being old enough to remember that photos used to be funny without stupid captions added to them, and given my attitudes toward the treatment of women on the nerdier side, you can ima...
Dec 09 // nekobun

Byte-Sized Boos: indie horror quick hits

I've discussed Slender and Slender Man's Shadow in the past, but in their wake has come a veritable onslaught of independent, free games flying a banner of "horror" and trying to get a piece of the YouTube scaredy-cat pie. In...
Nov 28 // nekobun

Hold the sausage: will videogames ever be more than playing with the boys?

(EDIT 11/29/2012 - edited the title and a couple of other uses of the term "misogyny" out of things; a friend pointed out I was using the term far too lightly, and it didn't fit the message I intended. Just a terminology ho...
Nov 25 // nekobun

Red and Blue, resolving into purple.

This almost qualifies as NVGR, but given Red Vs Blue's basis on Halo, I figure it counts. Kinda personal, tl;dr ahead, so if you're not into that, you can find the Back button easily enough. Of all the things that have ever ...
Nov 23 // nekobun

Something to be thankful for: the end of Ctrl-Alt-Del

After just over ten years of publishing, gamer-centric webcomic Ctrl-Alt-Del would appear to be calling it quits. Having somehow survived the post-Penny-Arcade boom that spawned a slew of similar, "gamer buddy" strips in th...
Nov 14 // nekobun

Halo 4: Trying to reinvent the ring.

(Yeah, another Halo 4 blog. At least this one isn't nearly as spoilery as my prior one, so enjoy without worry.) It goes without saying that I'm kind of a Halo fanboy. With several blogs on the series over the years, one in ...
Nov 11 // nekobun

La Blue Girl and the Demon

First things first, title aside, this is safe for work, and has nothing to do with any sort of anime. And, while I usually open with a relevant introduction and then slip in the spoiler warning, the subject material discuss...
Nov 07 // nekobun

The Scoville Dewritos Challenge claims another victim.

Can't untaste. All-nighter delirium kind of made the flavor even more indescribably awful, on top of making me rambly and not entirely there. If you're wondering about the logo and the background Halo-age, I did this as a (po...
Nov 03 // nekobun

Burnt flowers fallen: the tragic bitchotry of Lilly Caul

Telltale Games has been killing it, more and more so, with their point-and-click adventures over the years. Their takes on the Sam & Max and Monkey Island franchises have managed to stay true to the source material laid down ...
Oct 31 // nekobun

Thank you, for bringing me here, for showing me Home.

Benjamin Rivers' Home is a game that didn't see the most timely release. Rolling out, originally, at the beginning of June, Home's 2-D, low-res, sprite-based horror risked some overshadowing by the long-awaited Lone Survivo...
Oct 30 // nekobun

Cheap Tricks II: Sugar rush boogaloo

Though I recently ran through some of the Halloween offerings on the free-to-play scene, some wallet-friendly haunts had yet to unveil their spookier side. Now that October 31st is nearly upon us, the few stragglers out there...
Oct 25 // nekobun

Hey guys! I'm not a computer! Stop all the downloadin'!

There's no doubt Christmas has come early for gamers, with a slew of excellent titles rolling out a few months ahead of the traditionally hectic holiday sales season. From solid indie outings, like the long-awaited Retro Cit...
Oct 24 // nekobun

Not fit for man, the beast.

(Some spoilers for the story of Tokyo Jungle follow. You know, if you're actually playing for the story. Mild spoilers for other games, too, that you may actually have heard of. Just sayin'.) There have been quite the numb...
Oct 20 // nekobun

The legacy of the (unlikely) wizard.

January, 2001. I remember it well. I was browsing the shelves at Funcoland, getting my hopes up with a birthday soon on the way, when some ethereal music caught my ear. Wandering over to a demo station bearing a Sega Dreamc...
Oct 19 // nekobun

Cheap tricks (and treats) don't come cheaper than free.

With the time of spooks and ghouls nearly upon us, there are plenty of games out there celebrating the season in their own little ways. Sure, World Of Warcraft has its Darkmoon Faire, and some console franchises such as Ani...
Oct 16 // nekobun

Slipping back to the shadows.

Since my earlier article discussing Slender and its spiritual progeny, the Slender Man's Shadow project, four more Slender Man's Shadow maps have seen release to the public. Having spent a decent amount of time with all of ...
Sep 10 // nekobun

Duke Nukem Forget-it (I wish I could.)

While the closure of Duke Nukem Forever's epically long dev cycle kept it from applicably sharing acronyms with Did Not Finish, there's still something to be said for the fact that its initials can also be applied to be Do ...
Sep 07 // nekobun

Without Slenderness, there's something missing.

Since its inception on the Something Awful boards back in 2009, the Slender Man mythos has been creeping its way across the internet's collective consciousness slowly but surely. With several Youtube series still in product...
Aug 27 // nekobun

Donning the lobster shirt.

Nearly seven years ago, I went back to a job with a grocery store I'd worked at years before, out of a desire to escape a night job that was killing me and not really paying what few bills I had, and to help out a former supe...
Aug 21 // nekobun

Taters gonna tate.

Most recent amongst my gamer sins is having not played Portal 2 with any due timeliness. Thankfully, the latest Steam Summer Sale coincided with at time I actually had a few pennies to spare, and I picked up what was reported...
Aug 12 // nekobun

Dbumps in the Night - SCP-087

Dbumps in the Night is my weeknightly stream of scary/spooky games; here, I'll be doing complementary articles on my impressions of what I've played. I spent my evenings this past week with the five known freeware game tak...
Aug 07 // nekobun

An interview where nothing bad happens - CTDV's Alex Jordan

After being fairly impressed with the PC release of Alex Jordanís Cute Things Dying Violently, and even having him watch as I played it on-stream, I thought Iíd kick him a few questions to see what makes the man of a mass m...

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