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Mar 06 // atheistium

2007 was a good year for the ladies

Hello dtoiders. I thought of you today because of this subtle reminder. CannibalCalvin. I miss him :-( I miss Dexter too. In fact, I miss all the nerdcore men. HARDMODE: Keep a straight face when you realise CC has DS carts on his nipples. Random Fact: I last posted exactly two years ago.
Mar 06 // atheistium

Oshawott is a rock star

Video taken at the Pokémon Black/White launch party in London. Was awesome. Not been here since 2009. Is weird.
Oct 25 // Puppy Licks

Hey it's that PuppyLicks guy... and he does art now?

Hey all, I've been absent off the Dtoids for a while now but it's about time I got reconnected with the community. I've been travelling all over the shop from December to about August like some smelly backpack...
Apr 13 // FAILCAST

The End Is Here: Failcast Finally Dies Tonight

About freaking time, if you ask me It took us over a month to schedule a date to do it, but tonight, Failcast finally dies. In keeping with tradition, our 4 intrepid hosts will come together and record a badly organized whi...
Apr 10 // Puppy Licks

TravelToid: Puppy Licks and DanMazkin to invade LA.

Hey all, as you may all know already, I have been trekking across many countries along with my brother DanMazkin and my girlfriend Justine, and we plan on plodding through many more before we're done. We have already been run...
Apr 06 // Puppy Licks

TravelToid: A photo adventure of a Hong Kong arcade

Hey all, Hey guess what? I'm back in Hong Kong! Travelling around has been a great experience so far, and it is something I would recommend everybody do at least once in their life. But despite all the fun and excitement, th...
Mar 29 // Puppy Licks

TravelToid: If you love Shadow of the Colossus, go to Cambodia.

Hey all, I know it's been a while since my last blog but traveling around the place doesn't grant much time for internetting, only now do I look back and think to myself 'Shit, I should have brought a laptop along'. Oh well,...
Mar 09 // FAILCAST

Failcast: The End Is Near [Edit: Tiny sound files yay]

To Our Literally Tens Of Listeners, Ever since Failcast put out its first episode, we've heard rumors that Failcast was ending. Well, not so much rumors... more like biting comments, such as "you suck", "why are you doing ...
Mar 02 // FAILCAST

Failcast Records Tonight, Changes Name To "Dale North and his Failure Friends"

That's right faithful listener (thebez, I'm looking at you), Failcast returns to entertain literally tens of you this week. Seeing as this show is a multiple of 10 and Necros has some weird rule about "special people" every...
Feb 23 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 59: Austrailia Is Scary

You know, faithful listeners, I’ve always wanted to travel the world. See the sights, go on adventures, explore the unknown… until now. After hearing about the horrors that await Down Under, I’ve been convinced, thanks to n...
Feb 18 // FAILCAST

Animucast Records Tonight: SING ALONG EDITION

DAY-UM, that's hot. And now, a song: I love Baka to Test I love the trap within He makes my weenier twitch He makes me want to sin Boom de yada Hideyoshi Boom de yada Made me gay I love Animucast I love how it's so great...
Feb 10 // FAILCAST

Animucast Skips A Week, So Instead We Have A Contest!

WHAAA NO ANIMUCAST Sorry kids, but there will be no Animucast this week due to scheduling conflicts, real life, and Second Impact. In lieu of the awesome weeaboo goodness, we have a challenge for you, the listener! Though w...
Feb 09 // FAILCAST

Failcast 59 Records Tonight: Sexy Times

Don't get us wrong, Failcast loves everyone regardless of who they are (unless they're Necros), but a pic like this only comes once in a lifetime Once again, 4 terrible people get together with one terrible guest to have a ...
Feb 08 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 58: Loveu Timeu

Couple of the decade Failcast’s in the air, in the whisper of the tree. Failcast’s in the air, in the thunder of the sea And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming, don’t know if I feel safe But it’s something that I must believ...
Feb 07 // Puppy Licks

Hello from Hong Kong! A.K.A. I'm not dead!

Hey all, Puppy licks here, Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up from mah travelin' adventures and offer a friendly note that I'm not dead yet. Yay! I've been busy with all this travelling business and rocking it out i...
Feb 05 // FAILCAST

Animucast Episode 5 - Drop-in Cast!!

Hey there Cats and Kittens as always we are a day late and a dollar short, but the we did spend was all in an effort to give you a better show! This week is short and sweet but isnt without all of the delicious side helping...
Feb 02 // FAILCAST

Failcast Records Tonight; Basks In The Glory of the Bass Effect

Greatest game of all time? I THINK SO Here at Failcast we love 2 things: Fishing and Space Operas. Combine the 2, and you have GOTM (Game of the Millennium). Everything else just isn't worth living for. And so, once again...
Feb 02 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 57 LISTEN

Once again another amazing episode of failcast has gone through the editing process and has arrived hot on your plate for ear-eal consumption. What did we talk about? LISTEN! What questions did we answer? LISTEN! Wh- you get...
Jan 27 // FAILCAST

Animucast Episode 5 Records: PIERCE THE LATE POST WITH OUR DRILL

SUBS FUCKING WHERE??? So... this post is going up late, but don't fret children, because Animucast will be recording another kickass episode tonight! The usual crew of Yashoki, king3vbo, and the fabulous Stella Wong once ag...
Jan 21 // FAILCAST

Animucast Episode 4 - Yashoki's a spitter

Happy thursday everybody! One more day until the end of week and another fine episode of Animucast for your listening pleasure! This week we answer your questions , and discuss our impressions of the shows out this far in t...
Jan 14 // FAILCAST

Animucast - Episode 4 records tonight ft. Wolf Cu**'s

PUT YO' GUNS ON! For Animucast Episode 4. We return after our break to make sure we catch up on all the shows coming out. Join Yashoki, King3vbo and the fantabulous Stella Wong as we give you our impressions on the new Anim...
Jan 12 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 57 Fails Yet Again Tonight, Adopts A Theme Song

I'm calling it guys, this is now the theme song of Failcast. Hell, this is the theme song of my entire life from now on. Fucking. Win. So yeah, Failcast records again tonight. As usual, we have no plan, no schedule, no not...
Jan 12 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 56: We're Back!

That’s right, ladies and germs. After a near-month long hiatus due to the holiday season, Failcast returns with a vengeance! We were going to have Mollygos on the show, but something came up and she couldn’t make it, so kin...
Jan 05 // FAILCAST

Failcast Returns! No One Cares! Why Are You Reading This!

Regardless of how terrible we are, Failcast returns with a vengeance tonight to rock your faces off with our sweet rockin' sauce. Our guest tonight is the venerable Mollygos, and you can expect some sweet, sweet Cataract action since Necros is still recuperating from his skin pigmentation surgery (SPOILER: He's black now) So ask us questions, make fun of us, call us names. We love it all!
Dec 23 // FAILCAST

Animucast Episode 3 - Lol boobs

Hey peeps, even though we didn't get to record failcast what with Necros' penis enlargement surgery, Hitos bad hip, and Kings and Yash's case of mono. We still have a episode for you just in time for the holidays! Join King,...
Dec 23 // FAILCAST

Failcast Wishes You A Happy Holidays

The horror, THE HORROR That's right kiddies, no Failcast this week either. Seriously though, we have a good excuse this time: since it's the week of Christmas, Failcast will be continuing our holiday hiatus. Someone has to celebrate Kwanzaa, after all. So from all of us to all of you, have a fail-filled holiday season! (Except Hito, he's too old to know what week it is, let alone what year)
Dec 17 // FAILCAST

Animucast Episode 3 Records Tonight

That's right kiddies, 2 weeks have gone by and it's time to record another episode of your favorite anime-themed podcast that's hosted on a video game website, Animucast! Once again we feature Yashoki, king3vbo, and Stella ...
Dec 15 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 55: New Age Retro Hippie Edition

Not actually Scary Womanizing Pig Mask but I like to believe that it is Oh! Good evening listeners. You're looking lovely as usual. *snicker* You know, you guys have really come a long way. You beat up the town bullies, pun...
Dec 11 // FAILCAST

Animucast Episode 2 ft. Stella Wong is out now! Also Contest!

Hey there listeners! Guess what? We have two, count them, two shows for you this week. A very fun filled episode of Failcast Episode 52 and Animucast Episode 2! Thats so unlike us right? This week we answer your questions, ...
Dec 10 // FAILCAST

Failcast Episode 54: The Little Episode That Could

They said it couldn't be done; that it would never reach the surface. But we pierced the heavens with our drill, and believed in the Failcast that believes in Failcast... Aww, who am I kidding... This one is super late on a...

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