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Gearbox Announces Which Publisher It Will Steal From to Fund Borderlands 3

At the end of its PAX South panel today, Gearbox Software announced it is teaming up with Deep Silver for an untitled racing simulation game that will allow the developer to wet its feet in an unfamiliar genre as well as...   more

Frak what you heard: I wrote rap lyrics once and they're awful

Once upon a time, I wrote a horrific rap tune about myself and used a lot of awful nerd clichés. I thought it'd be fun to do a dramatic reading of them. ​​I need my own theme 'cause I'm a catastrophe...   more

Frak what you heard: I wrote rap lyrics once and they're awful

PS Friday Night Fights: Work... Work Never Ends

This is how I've felt the past week I'm hopefully finally done with the intense 'get shit done yesterday' kind of work I've been doing the past 2 weeks, and I can relax and peruse the forums a bit more, and play a fe...   more

PS Friday Night Fights: Work... Work Never Ends

Gentlemanís Club Nintendo Launching This September

Nintendo fans mourning the loss of Club Nintendo won’t have to wait long for its replacement. According to classified documents obtained today, the successor to the points program where customers are rewarded for p...   more

PStoid Episode 16: Roomate Fight

On this episode of PStoid: Nanashi gives a weather forecast, Trev enjoys funny usernames, Neal should remember to get cards against humanity packs at PAX, Cornflake doesn't trust Evolve devs to do a good job, Kim is angr...   more

PStoid Episode 16: Roomate Fight

Like the prophets once said

Hi, Destructoid community. I'm working on some projects I want to share with you all soon, but now's not the time.  I'm in the middle of finalizing one project, and I thought I had a name, but it turns out it's act...   more

Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Coming to the US, Will Ship Without Buttons

Just days after Nintendo announced the US release date of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, the company made it known it plans to release the smaller New Nintendo 3DS this May in the United States. Featuring all the same enhancem...   more

PS FNF: Science Fiction Friday Nights Edition!

This is some slick concept art for the brutally murdered Star Wars 1313 game. Mourn, mourn like you mean it. But hey, at least we have the new Battlefront game coming out! It’s always interesting seeing games t...   more

PS FNF: Science Fiction Friday Nights Edition!

Pre-Order DLC For My Next Article

What's up my fellow D-Tards?! It's me, the Gay one, with a quick heads up about my next article. This blog post is one I have been planning for a long while and I'm very excited to announce here today that my next p...   more

ep.16 feat Occams Electric Toothbrush Records Soon, Call For Questions!

There's a new episode of PStoid coming that records this week! Joining us this time, as you may have figured from the title of this blog post, is Community leader Occams Electric Toothbrush! As always we ask the communit...   more

ep.16 feat Occams Electric Toothbrush Records Soon, Call For Questions!

Radio D 052 & 053: Conor has poor time management skills.

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 053 - Talkin' Nintendo! In this episode: Conor is still pissed at The Evil Within, Kyle is bested by children in The Last of Us, Bill talks about his Withcer 2 experience, and guest host...   more

PStoid Episode 15: Committed to #YearOfNanashi 2015

PStoid rises out of the ashes of 2014 and into the cespool that is 2015 and whatever wonders await us there! In this episode: Cornflake thinks Microsoft will do better this year, Neal survives the cold of a powerless off...   more

PStoid Episode 15: Committed to #YearOfNanashi 2015

Playstation Friday Night Fights: I miss Journey Edition

> VIDEO GAAAAAAAAAAEMS Nothing much to report this week folks! Video games are happening, we avoided a minor uprising against the FNF system (I'm kidding, please don't hurt us), I learned that if you're kicked from...   more

Playstation Friday Night Fights: I miss Journey Edition

Community podcasters: help us get you more listeners!

Are you a Dtoid community podcaster? If so, this post is for you! Here's the deal: Occams and I are working on a front page thing to promote our fine community podcasters (that's you), but we need a bit of help to get i...   more

Princess Kora Details What #GamerGate is Really About

Self described “Cam Goddess” and PhD student Princess Kora would like you to know that #GamerGate is not about harassing women, it’s about dressing up as a woman who is frequently harassed and sticking ...   more

This shark is heading off into the open ocean

After nearly nine amazing, wonderful, and crazy years, my time at Destructoid has come to an end. I fell in love with this place ever since I first laid eyes on it, finding myself entranced by the gonzo writing style Ni...   more

Begging for Money Is Now a More Respectable Career than Working For IGN

IGN, which once paid someone actual money to write this piece, took a huge hit to its public image today when it was revealed that begging strangers for money is a more fulfilling livelyhood than working for the website....   more

ep.15 Records Soon, Call For Questions!

With the return of Playstation-toid, the podcast focused on destructoid, playstion and video games non-PS, comes a megton announcement: Relaunching the show after a holiday break with our first episode of new year, I her...   more

ep.15 Records Soon, Call For Questions!

PS Friday Night Fights: Happy New Panties! ...YEAR. I mean, YEAR.

You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down! Being a lifelong fan of the weird, transgressive, bonkers and otherwise not acceptable in polite company means I cross paths with Japanese cultu...   more

PS Friday Night Fights: Happy New Panties! ...YEAR. I mean, YEAR.

New Year's Resolutions from Gaming's Top Figures

Sega & Capcom - After the unexpected success of the Archie Comics series Worlds Collide, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be developing a cross-over game starring our biggest mascots. So fans, look forw...   more

PS Friday Night Fights: (Late) End of Year Edition

Or this snowman will murder you. Or Happy New Year. Whatever. Merry Christmas, mother truckers. I'm posting this at 9pm because I've been with family the whole week. I missed the forum post because I think we went to...   more

PS Friday Night Fights: (Late) End of Year Edition

Teen Able to Fake Happiness After Getting Duck Dynasty The Game For Christmas

A Maryland teenager managed to not ruin everyone’s holiday after he successfully feigned interest in a terrible video game he got for Christmas. 17-year-old Charles Waxmore of Hagerstown was able to put a convincin...   more

GamesRadar Accidentally Names Destiny as its Game of the Year

In what is being called the biggest blunder of 2014, the editors of GamesRadar mistakenly named Destiny as their 2014 Game of the Year. “It started out as a joke,” said Managing Editor Jann Jones. “I sa...   more

Here's just the tip of what's coming your way, HUGE members

As of last month, I have officially taken over the task of making your HUGE memberships something worth dropping $3/month on again. That started with a fun new "Bonus Levels" monthly newsletter (new issue out tomor...   more

PS FNF: /Endrant Mostly...

Hit the weakpoint for massive damage! Until the weak point falls off at least. I think I’m slowly getting tired of being angry at video games. Destiny’s RNG is frustrating, Rockstar keeps delaying content...   more

PS FNF: /Endrant Mostly...

Sony Cancels All Upcoming Games For Fear They Will Upset Dear Leader

Hours after Sony Pictures announced it would not release the Seth Rogen/James Franco film The Interview, Sony Computer Entertainment said it is canceling all upcoming games after it learned some of the games might make K...   more

Radio D 051: Mewling Cabbage Children

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 051 - Mewling Cabbage Children! In this episode we're joined by our new hosts Bill and Occam!  Andy gets his wish of Netflix achievements and is good at Titanfall, Occams ...   more

Nintendo Announces amiibo Wave 4 Figures, Immediately Stops Production On Half Of Them

Nintendo fans woke up to a surprise this morning when the company announced the much anticipated fourth wave of amiibo toys, then announced they’ve stopped production on half of them. Scheduled for release April 13...   more

Santa Giving Copies of Escape Dead Island to Kids on his Naughty List

Boys and girls who were bad this year won’t be getting a lump of coal in their stockings Christmas morning. Instead, St. Nick is punishing those kids with something far worse: a copy of Escape Dead Island. Santa Cl...   more

PS Friday Night Fights: There Will Be DOSH Edition

Oh boy! I'm pretty excited about Killing Floor 2 coming to PS4. I don't have much more to say than that, so I'll hit you with a quote instead. "In other words, Tripwire is not being "consolized", rather we plan on ...   more

PS Friday Night Fights: There Will Be DOSH Edition

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