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Nov 20 // deadpixel

That chick in the Samus outfit reminded me of this commercial

Though it appears this one is a bit more clunky
Nov 06 // deadpixel


Oct 18 // deadpixel

OMAIFING GEEZUZ! Okami has been in every Wii game! We are so blind!

I found these after my friend Danny gave me the SUPER untold Wii friend code. The trick is to use LETTERS instead of NUMBERS on the Opera browser. Then you have to stick the Wiimote up your ass for 20 minutes and sp...
Oct 18 // deadpixel

How did we miss this?! Okami is in Super Smash Brothers!

Do you see him? I love this dog SOOO much. I remember I played this game so much that my mom got upset because she had another miscarriage but really it was because I was so good at the game. I told her I was going to run a...
Oct 18 // deadpixel

BREAKING NEWS!OMG!Okami will upscale to 1080p!

Sweet?! Thats what Okami will look like on my 71 inch cocktacular plasma ray of death screen. My mom said because I got only three D's this semester that I can get Okami and some of my porn back, but not the hardcore stuff ...
Sep 21 // deadpixel

Smash Bros. Caption Contest - Because I'm not witty enough for this

Original Pic: Some help for those with only MS Paint: Winner gets my respect. Sorry all my money went to sending out those damn posters and my eye doctor. Make me laugh damnit.
Sep 16 // deadpixel

Post your email, get a free NextFest Poster

Sep 14 // deadpixel


While digging through the bowels of the internet I found this: CLICK ME FUCKER The only reason I find any humor in this is because it's from a SEGA CD promo video where they we're trying to tout the S-CD as the next generation in gaming. Irony is awesome.
Sep 10 // deadpixel

Reason #247 why I hate AOLJoystiq

Here's a free tip - if you have a shit eating grin, don't smile.
Sep 07 // deadpixel

Need some help

A friend of mine is trying to whore up some votes over here VOTE HERE GIVE EM 5 AND TELL THEM DA PIXEL SENT YA Please give him some votes so he can win this contest, thanks.
Sep 04 // deadpixel

Kotaku mentions the Xbox 360 possibly intergrating a parental timer, Brian Crecente more than happy to comment

[Via Kotaku] "Rumor has it that the bi-annual Xbox 360 firmware update set to hit this fall will bring with it a number of interesting updates, chief among them a new Parental Timer. Sources tell me that the update will a...
Aug 27 // deadpixel

Remember the Digg ban on DTOID? Well read this if you want to get AOLJoystiq'D

Yes I still check in on Digg. The community has de-evolved faster that a Mario movie koopa troopa but fuck, you still find some interesting news. Of course when complete shit like a podcast starts to climb the ...
Aug 22 // deadpixel

Pathfinders Episode 1

I'm not the biggest fan of machinima but since this video has been made in front of my very own face for the past couple months I cannot help but shamelessly promote it. Say what you will, but a lot of hard work went into this and the guys who made it put up with a lot of shit - enjoy.
Aug 20 // deadpixel

Check out this funny HL2 Video - priceless

Vote over here, thanks!
Aug 15 // deadpixel

Heavenly Sword is a fucking bitch (full version, not the demo)

Yes, from time to time I actually get games before they come out, it comes with the territory of being a freelance game reviewer. I just got my advanced copy of Heavenly Sword, which I was not to excited for since the demo...
Aug 14 // deadpixel


Aug 13 // deadpixel

I'm sorry, I just had to

Thank you to dyslixec who I totally ripped off
Aug 08 // deadpixel

Age of Conan looks awesome!

Wow, what can I say it looks so original and fresh and .... Oh.
Aug 03 // deadpixel

Hands on with StarCraft II

Just got back from BlizzCon - I hate WoW - I love StarCraft so you can kind of guessed why I went. Waited in line for about 15 minutes to play a 20 minute single player demo where you could pick the Terran or Protoss - Ter...
Aug 03 // deadpixel

Free BlizzCon Murloc Costume and SWAG for you ... kinda

Part of my crap day job (the non-NextLust one) is to come up with and run retarded contests. I need to get a ass load of submissions in by the end of the weekend and simply cannot do it on my own. Therefore, whoever ca...
Aug 01 // deadpixel

Raise your hand if you're going to BlizzCon

If you're representing the Dtoid army wear a shirt that says "Also Cocks" or something then we can all get together for a big make out party(!)
Aug 01 // deadpixel

It's true, I was once a G4 intern

I'm the guy getting tortured at the end - fun times
Aug 01 // deadpixel

Heavenly Sword is kind of meh. Anyone feel the same?

Last time I saw this games was at E306. Looked great, looked fun. Played it last night on my (new!) PS3 and felt kind of like, "Really?" For a while Heavenly Sword carried a sense that it would be the next God of War (Godd...

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