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Sep 02 // Tiff

Post-PAX Love & Farewell to Destructoid (for now)

It's been more than 24 hours since PAX ended, and by this point I probably can't say anything that hasn't already been said. But naturally I have a lot to say, so hey, I'll givitashot. PAX was the last of five total conven...
Jul 22 // Tiff

Back from E3 with more videos and too much work

Of course, nothing's at E3 is amazing as Chad Concelmo The first thing I did upon returning home Thursday evening from E3 was go to Destructoid and read what happened at E3. No joke. While I certainly had my share of getti...
Jul 16 // Tiff

E3 08: Personal Recap of E3 Day 1

Attention ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! I've survived the first day of E3 2008 and have lived to tell about it! Here is the first of (hopefully) many video updates regarding the happenings of E3 and my personal reactions to it. Let me know what you think! Disclaimer:
Jul 01 // Tiff

Hellowz. I am going to Comic-Con.

Oh Hellowz! With plenty of badgering from my Comic-con friends and an unexplained impulse to spend money on airfare, yesterday I decided that I am going to Comic-con! Unfortunately I have only the weekend to spare, so I wil...
Jun 25 // Tiff

some arts. then some farts. oh, and crafts. [NVGR]

THE ARTS For reasons entirely unbeknownst to me, I have begun to draw and craft at a greater frequency than normal. This includes an upturn of sketches and prismacolored drawings of many different varieties. I've begun to c...
Jun 16 // Tiff

3-D Cat Cards (A Video Demo) NVGR

As I lamented in my previous post, my day job has gotten increasingly difficult over the last few weeks. I'm usually stressed out all of the time, so it was a really nice surprise that my co-worker Ayako, a product manager fr...
Jun 10 // Tiff

Web 3.0: A list in progress

Note: I originally posted this a few days ago, but the c blogs hate me and it disappeared from all public sight. Being the attention whore that us bloggers tend to be, I'm reposting it to give it its deserved attention. Or, w...
Apr 30 // Tiff

Ask me about LOOM™

Growing up during the golden age of adventures games has greatly impacted my personal tastes in videogames. Lord knows if you point out a three-headed monkey behind me or drop 12-octaves and begin chanting NUR-AB-SAL there wi...
Apr 28 // Tiff

Colin's Bear Animation

Maybe you have seen this, maybe you have not seen this. But if you haven't seen Colin's Bear Animation, you really should, because it will be unlike anything else you've ever experienced before. Colin's Bear will be popping up again and again in the future. Mark my words.
Apr 22 // Tiff

Destructoid in NYC: Kenka, Sake, and Karaoke

This is ARRRRRRM TEAAAAAAM Last Saturday night Toph, Phist, Powerglove, Galagabug, Samit, Nick Chester & Grrlaction, Cowzilla3, Analog Pidgin (with Nullsleep and Bit Shifter in tow), and myself found ourselves conveniently ...
Apr 15 // Tiff

Tako King Mask Party Time

Amidst the wrapping up of a dinner party, Charlie, Apple, Ross, and Husky showed up at my house. My friends and I were heading out for a bar, but my roommate had a bit of work to do so we had some dead time. So, naturally, I ...
Apr 13 // Tiff

PillowFort™ 2008

The year has finally gotten a kick start with the very first official Pillow Fort. It seemed that the powers of Stickam were at their lowest nearly a few months ago, but with the help of a few new members, Droobies DJ hour (+ Bandana and Aviators), and maintaining a metal as fuck mentality, the stickam dream stays alive. HAVE A GREAT JOB!!! Aw, the Memories.
Apr 10 // Tiff

Stay Puft: Ghostbusters party at Bourbon and Branch

The gaming companies are hitting up the streets left and right in San Francisco this week. With M16 bringing in the first flux of the gaming types, Tuesday kicked off my first gaming event with a sit-in preview of Fallout 3...
Apr 04 // Tiff

A Love Note to ScummVM

Dear ScummVM, It took a few Belgian beers and some local taqueria quesadillas before I heard from you tonight. I came home, sat down to promenade the Internet with the typical expectations of a post-buzzed Thursday night. ...
Mar 23 // Tiff

Prof. Layton proves .tiff and .harr are stupid

[Ripped from my Vox blog] My twin brother 2 years removed, Harrison (or .harr to some, hehe) is visiting from college for the Zombie-Jesus weekend. Sitting side by side, him with my sister's DS lite and me with my PSP, we ...
Mar 07 // Tiff

Beyond the Game

When The Final Countdown or Glory of Love aren't enough to keep your gamer spirits up in times of dismay, the World Cyber Games Theme song aptly reminds how gaming goes beyond the game. I'd like to dedicate this song to all...
Feb 25 // Tiff

GDC + Wondercon + <3

Last week was convention week for downtown San Francisco with a double delight of both GDC and Wondercon beckoning teams of gamers, nerds, and geeks to visit the bay for the week. Living and working only few minutes away fr...
Feb 19 // Tiff

TellTale Adventures with Steve Purcell

GDC kicked off to a tasty start for the Destructoid team at TellTale Games' party held at Cellar. Naturally we couldn't say no to the prospect of zombie makeup, karaoke, and free drinks, but little did I know that the party's...
Feb 11 // Tiff

Sam & Max Original Photo-Chop, Circa 1994

Back before the term 'photoshop' was utilized as a verb within the vast vernacular of the Internet, Papa Chow had the incentive to digitally graft the loving faces of his family onto the cover of Sam and Max Hit the Road as a...
Feb 10 // Tiff

The Count loves to ****...

... and so do I.
Dec 23 // Tiff

I love Luna (and other holiday gifts!)

It had been a while since I had caught up to the influx of mail that is still being sent to my parent's house. I just moved up to San Francisco (yes, I'm a big girl now) and am too lazy to change my address, yet upon returni...
Dec 19 // Tiff

Duke Nukem Screenshot: Textures anyone?

Swelling with epic lulz, this screenshot pulled from teh Duke Nukem Forever trailer is fairly indicative of where the Duke stands. Things to note: • Infinitely long rock star tour bus to the right, with large thick splat...
Dec 11 // Tiff

For your health: Eric Warheim's Music Video

Thanks to fellow Tim & Eric fan, Rocco of Mega 64, I received the link to the following music video of The Bird and The Bee's Polite Dance Song directed by the Eric Warheim himself. In pure cinco form, Warheim's off-the-stre...
Dec 06 // Tiff

the end of my extended 22nd birthday celebrations

In a few days a whole month will have passed since I turned 22, but thanks to my geographically distant friends I had yet another set of birthday presents waiting for me on the east cost! With help from a Pigin I flew ove...
Nov 26 // Tiff

I agree with Rev. Anthony: It's simple. Heres why.

I have strong opinions about the grrl gaming phenomenon, very strong opinions. While I've discussed such sentiments privately amongst trusted comrades and cohorts in the gaming industry, I frustratingly tend to bite my ton...
Nov 23 // Tiff

My Hamsa Kaiju Mini Gargamel !

It's pretty obvious that I have this largely obsessive penchant for collector vinyl toys of every capacity. It must have hit my consumer nerve sometime a few years ago, right around the time Kid Robot debuted. Since my very ...
Nov 09 // Tiff


Fancy that! It's T minus one hour until my Pre-Launch birthday party gets started (it's Pre-Launch, because my birthday is really the 10th), and lo and behold I find that someone has already gone and posted a pic of it befor...
Oct 29 // Tiff

Halloween, courtesy of Ziff Davis

Jared beat me to the punch, but this weekend I had the fortuitous opportunity to attend the industry party at Shane Bettenhausen's humble abode. There were drinks. There were splicers. There were weighted companion cubes. A...
Oct 26 // Tiff

A .tiff remembers E for Balls!

After a hearty day of the 9-5'er, I made my way down the coast to LA in search of the Destructoid crew. I arrived when the Video Games Live concert had just begun, so it was necessary to take a cab to the Nokia theater, costi...
Oct 18 // Tiff

No mo' Emo-gencies: E for All is Love

It's time to dishevel all emo or emo-related sentiments of late and pump up my preposterone for the oncomings of E for All. I'll be flying in following the 9-5 on Friday evening, fully prepared for all varieties of sauce, snorgling, and beer bears. But in case of emogencies, be sure to have this on hand. See you soon Dtoid! <3!

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