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5 Drinks Worth Drinking (NVGR)

So recently I was put on some medications that made it so I couldnít drink, so I decided to do the next best thing and fantasize about drinking! †I like to be a thorn in some bartenderís sides by...   more

5 Drinks Worth Drinking (NVGR)

Contest Time Bro - Steam Only

Suppers brahs and brahettes. Been awhile since I ran a contest time and I'll be damned if this game didn't inspire me to run another. I'm of course talking about . This game has been giving more ...   more

Titanfall Review: Bury me in my robot

I never got down with , the franchise Respawn's lead designers turned into a juggernaut before their messy public split with Infinity Ward. The heady fumes of dude-bro machismo associated with ...   more

Titanfall Review: Bury me in my robot

Savestate: Rend the Storm (Demon's Souls)

Demon's Souls is a game without many set piece moments. There are a few, but unlike some games where proceeding through the set piece in the exact manner you're suppose to is the only way for...   more

Getting picked on by someone your own size

Bosses are cheap. They tower above your itty-bitty character, just as likely to kill you with a fatal boot stomping as they are likely to erase you with the BFG-GodMode2000 hanging off their ar...   more

Blindly Exploring La Mulana

During one of the Steam sales, I decided to pick up a game that had some good buzz, but I knew almost nothing about: †La Mulana. †I know it is supposed to be a hard as nails, oldschool experience...   more

Wrench's Indie Game Love Giveaway - Winner

There are two kinds of ways of looking at love. The first is the kind espoused by the Beatles. This is the kind of feelgood generalized love that binds us together as a society, lifts us spirit...   more

Wrench's Indie Game Love Giveaway - Winner

My Reaction To the 2/13 Nintendo Direct In GIFs

(I was going to write something, but I decided to Buzzfeed my way through it.)   more

My Reaction To the 2/13 Nintendo Direct In GIFs

Is Senran Kagura Secretly Brilliant?

Hey, happy Valentineís Day.† Letís talk about breasts. A while back, I was on The Escapist sifting through the forums -- something I donít do all that often, unless thereís an interesting topi...   more

Shortblog: Dark Souls Preorder Changes Nothing

In a sentence that will surprise no one, I absolutely love Dark Souls. †It is my most played game of...ever. †On PC alone, I have put in 120 hours, after putting in nearly 200 on XBox. †I know th...   more

Shortblog:  Dark Souls Preorder Changes Nothing

Wrench's Indie Game Love Giveaway!

A few months ago, I held a game giveaway to celebrate my favourite holiday, Halloween. Now I'm throwing one to celebrate a holiday I have a considerably more complicated relationship with Ė V...   more

Girly Guys and Manly Girls

Fair warning: this is probably going to be the stupidest post youíve ever read.† Or if not the stupidest, then the one thatíll draw discussion away from the topic and put me under (or on) fire....   more

Raging Chart On: Player Ratings

59Hj7bp38f8 A lot of my previous chart ons have focused on mechanics found inside of games, but today, I decided to go into something else behind the scenes in games, but not directly used in t...   more

Raging Chart On: Psuedo Random Distribution

I was going to ask a friend of mine if he thought that todayís topic would be interesting, then I remembered that interesting is highly subjective. †Many people couldnít care less about how and w...   more

Raging Chart On:  Psuedo Random Distribution

[NVGR]Underboob? I want the Underpenis!

Disclaimer: this blog talks about penis. If that makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you stop now. No graphic sex or anything, but there's some descriptions of morning oak and speedo wearing, so, ...   more

My Characters Know How to Take A Beating

I've heard fighting games described as speed chess with punches. When you boil them down, fighting games are essentially a series of choices. They play out insanely fast, and you may not even r...   more

Is Toad Middle Eastern?

First, we discovered that the clouds and bushes in were using the same sprite.† Later, mankind theorised that the entirety of 3. was actually a stage play. And now, I have unearthed the next ď...   more

Lightning Returns: One Last Battle

I donít think Iíve had an existential crisis this bad since I watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon and legitimately wanted to bash my head against something until everything went black.† Just...   more

Lightning Returns: One Last Battle

Raging Chart On: Valve's Top 100

Today is an incredibly exciting day. †Do you know why? †Today, we get to unravel the secrets of the gaming world by looking at through a lens of analysis instead of baseless conjecture. †I have a...   more

Raging Chart On:  Valve's Top 100

Save State: 'Car'mic Revenge (Saints Row 2)

For me, Saints Row 2 very well may sit at the top of the sandbox genre, a position that it got out of misunderstanding, targeting the wrong demographic, and laziness. †Please, let me explain. ...   more

Save State:  'Car'mic Revenge (Saints Row 2)

Raging Chart On: Rolling in the DPS

I decided to merge together 3 different things that I like, and make them into a blog today! †They are a love of math, a love of video games, and a burning desire to use my video capturing softwa...   more

Raging Chart On: Rolling in the DPS

Wrenchfarm's Best of 2013

2013 was a weird year in gaming. Old consoles winding down, new consoles stumbling out of the gate, and Steam growing bigger, stronger, and all the time. According to all the previews, we have t...   more

2013: The Rise of a backlog, and some of the fall

Whoo! †It has been quite a year hasnít it? †For me, it has been an INSANE year. †I wound up buying my first house, my second car, paid off two student loans, , received a hefty bonus, and gotten ...   more

2013:  The Rise of a backlog, and some of the fall

2013 in Gaming: Better/Worse than Ever

What a year, eh? Another triumphant year for current gen consoles, the introduction of the next generation, the higher standards of AAA experiences and the greater exposure and availability of in...   more

Holidays and the Wii U

Howdy everyone! †Hope you all enjoyed the holidays! Mine were, in a word, interesting. †First of all, you have to know that I live in Iowa, which is about six hours away from my original home bac...   more

Holidays and the Wii U

It was the Best of 2013, it was the Blurst of 2013

Twas the day after Christmas, and crackedbat was drunk Off of Redbull and Vodka, Red Stripe and spunk With his eyes the color of blood and his face so damn pale, he decided to sit down and writ...   more

And now a special message from PhilKenSebben.

Merry Christmas you sacks of garbage. I love some of you, I hate most of you, but I'll fuck every God damn single one of you. I hope you all have a great day, I'm grateful to know and inter...   more

The invisibility of the older woman...

I'm currently 51 and frankly, when I hit 50... shit happened. †I stopped dying my hair only to find out that I no longer had dark brown hair, but instead when the sun hits my locks, you could b...   more

The Internet Has Made Me An Insufferable Prat

Goddammit I hate the internet. I hate it so much. This device, this network, thisÖ series of tubes has turned from a normal, boring introvert into a man with two personalities: my web persona and...   more

Risk Of Rain Review: The Deluge

Harkening back to the day of the 8 and 16-bit platformer, is deliberately inscrutable roguelike that relishes in its masochistic difficulty curve. Skipping any kind of pretense of a tutorial...   more

Risk Of Rain Review: The Deluge

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