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Jun 23 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST 34: E3 wrap up & opinions + Crysis 2 OST

The GATTACAST gang talks about the high and low points of E3 2012 featured music from Crysis 2 Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Splinter Cell, The Cave, Sound Shapes, PS Vita, Assassin's Creed, Halo 4, Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313 & more! download MP3 directly here or on iTunes or embedded player at
Jun 02 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST 33: Special guest from Destructoid & Kotaku fame Colette Bennett

We are joined by special guest, video game journalist and podcaster, Colette Bennette to talk about the death of the $60 game. We also talk about some games we are playing: Diablo III Dragon's Dogma To the Moon Lost Odyssey download MP3 directly here or on iTunes or go to for the embedded player
Apr 21 // GATTACASTjesse

Play Video Games & Fight Slavery

GATTACAST is hosting a fundraising/awareness event for NotForSale on May 4. This is a chance for gamers to show our true colors as caring, active, members or our community. Come to the Microsoft Store at Mall of American (M...
Mar 27 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST30: Meagan Marie of Crystal Dynamics & Game Informer interview, Journey

Meagan Marie, formerly of Game Informer magazine, currently at Crystal Dynamics joins us to talk about the video game industry, Lara Croft, & cosplay. Jesse & Mandy discuss: Journey, I Am Alive, and wonder if Elder Scrolls V...
Mar 10 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST29: What is a Game Worth? Kingdoms of Amalur, Alan Wake, Zelda: Skyward

special guests: game developers Ashley McLaughlin & Ty Burks join us to talk about game pricing and value. We chat about the games we've been playing: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Alan Wake: American Nightmare Legend of ...
Feb 25 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST 28: Mass Effect series review + OST, PSVita, "Who Am I?" game

Jesse, Mandy, and Jared are joined by Emily from Top Score Podcast to talk about our favorite characters, moments, and elements from the Mass Effect games so far. Then we play a new game "Who Am I?" Can you decipher which vi...
Aug 28 // GATTACASTjesse

19 Cloud Gaming, Music from Deus Ex: Human Revolution + More

Jesse, Jeff, and Jennifer talk about the possibilities of the future with streaming and cloud based gaming like OnLive! game talk: Bastion, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rock Band, Deus Ex: Human Revolution music from Deus Ex: Human Revolution by Michael McCann download MP3 directly here embedded player available at or subscribe on iTunes
Aug 17 // GATTACASTjesse

I Moved My Blog

Hey Destructoid-ers, For anyone that has enjoyed any of my posts here, and would like to read more of them - this is a heads up that I moved my writing to 1up. I am currently in the middle of a 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I'm...
Aug 12 // GATTACASTjesse

18: Can Games Do Drama? + music from Deus Ex & Video Game Pop Quiz Trivia

Can video games give us a true emotional and human dramatic experiences outside of the typical sci-fi and fantasy milieu? Plus a video game pop quiz challenge. Jesse, Mandy, and Jeff talk about: Fallout: New Vegas, Batman...
Jul 28 // GATTACASTjesse

The Untold Story of Wii U

There has been no shortage of people’s thoughts and comments about Nintendo’s next console. The word “potential” has been thrown around a lot, but potential to do what has been pretty ambiguous. I won’t be getting into the co...
Jul 26 // GATTACASTjesse

17 Outland, Homefront, Catherine + D&D board games & music from Sword & Sworcery

In GATTACAST #17 - Mandy and Gilbert join Jesse to talk about designer/tabletop board games. i.e. Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Dominion, Battlestar Galactica, and more. but first we discuss the video games we've been playing: ...
Jul 08 // GATTACASTjesse


Jeff and Jennifer join Jesse to talk about the summer blockbuster movies, video game to movie adaptations, movie to video game adaptations, why those typically end up being failures, and if there is any potential for success ...
Jun 24 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST 15: Music Ep. Portal 2, FFXIII, BioShock 2, Chrono Cross OST + more

If you love video game music this is the episode for you! We are joined by Emily Reese who hosts "Top Score" from Classical Minnesota Public Radio. You might want to take notes as she provides some great information on vide...
Jun 21 // GATTACASTjesse

GUYS, GET OVER IT! Girls Game. Some Don't.

It is 2011 and I still see frequent blogs and articles of how to get that girlfriend or wife of yours into video games. Guys want to find ways to coax their girls into a passion for their hobby. Publishers try to scheme up wa...
Jun 16 // GATTACASTjesse

The Video Game Micro Review

My friend talked me into doing something I never intended to do for the gaming community – write game reviews. There is no shortage of game reviews to find, whether professional or amateur. I don’t like giving scores to games...
Jun 10 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST #14: E3 Reactions, LA Noire, Mass Effect Music, & an Interview

Jesse & Mandy welcome Jeff as a guest to discuss E3 reactions: PSVita, Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft Kinect, Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Star Wars Kinect, Fable: The Journey, Halo 4, Disneyland Adventures, Playstation 3, XBOX Li...
Jun 05 // GATTACASTjesse

3 Game Scores to Recommend to Non-Gamers & Non-OST Listeners

There are plenty of us gamers that love and appreciate video game soundtracks. However, the majority of the public still prefer the verse/chorus pop format. I have been involved in the writing, performing, producing, and tour...
May 27 // GATTACASTjesse

#13: Good & Bad Video Game Protagonists & Music from Splinter Cell: Conviction

In episode #13 Jesse, Mandy, & Jennifer talk about video game protagonists: Nathan Drake, John Marston, Samus Aran, Kratos, Ico, Abe from Oddworld, Isaac Clarke, Mass Effect's Shepard, Master Chief, Lara Croft, Sam Fisher, a...
May 23 // GATTACASTjesse

Dear Nintendo, It's Not You. It's Me.

Nintendo, we’ve grown apart for quite a while. It’s time to move on now. There are a lot of people that really like you. You have a lot to offer. But let’s not fool ourselves any longer. We just aren’t for each other. You h...
May 15 // GATTACASTjesse

EPISODE #12: Japan, Retro Games, & a PS3 Binge

In the latest podcast Jesse and Mandy get together to talk about her binge on the PS3, Jesse's trip to Japan, and retro games that are still worth playing today. games: Heavy Rain (major spoilers!!!), Dragon Age 2, Gitaroo ...
May 12 // GATTACASTjesse

Of Course Video Games Are Art - Duh!

ah yes, quite classy. this man has won awards... more than one... plural. ART! proof that skilled writers exist outside of the game industry this is simply juvenile compared to the narrative in most Resident Evil or ...
Apr 14 // GATTACASTjesse

Our Charity Needs a Better Model

Most people who play games on a regular basis likely have disposable income. It is imperative to look beyond ourselves, to have a global perspective, and see there is true suffering in the world that each of us can do somethi...
Apr 06 // GATTACASTjesse

3DS: 7 Minutes in Heaven or 10 Minutes in Limbo

First impressions can be a bitch. From the moment the press went bonkers over the Nintendo 3DS at last year’s E3, I was buying into the hype. No glasses 3-D in a handheld system sounded amazing. I was hearing how vastly impr...
Apr 03 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST #10: The Growing Division Among Gamers

In this episode Mandy, Jesse, & Gilbert talk about the different types of gamers, and the growing division in the gaming community between them. game talk: Metro 2033, flOw, DoDonPachi, Hard Corp Uprising, Chime, Alan Wake, ...
Mar 30 // GATTACASTjesse

Voyaging to E3 and Beyond with Kmart

The video game industry does not simply need more voices. It needs new voices. As an adult and life-long gamer, I love video games for where they have come from, where they are, and I love video games especially for where the...
Mar 28 // GATTACASTjesse

Dragon Age 2: Life in Kirkwall so far

No need to consider this an official review, but after twelve hours or so I’m just going to describe some of my Dragon Age 2 experiences. I played through DA: Origins twice as a rogue. I tried as a mage once, but it was not f...
Mar 21 // GATTACASTjesse

When Trolls Become Journalists

In hopes of an actual intelligent conversation, I am providing a point by point response to the article published here regarding Jonathan Holmes’ comments on David Cage and Heavy Rain (
Mar 05 // GATTACASTjesse

GATTACAST episode 8: Bad Games We Love

Jesse & Mandy talk about bad games that we enjoyed. Game talk: Deadly Premonition, Uncharted 2, Spirits, Beyond Good & Evil Bad Games We Loved: Deadly Premonition, Alpha Protocol, Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire, Harry Pot...
Mar 03 // GATTACASTjesse

Tell Me What Bad Games Do You Love

On my next podcast (GATTACAST), we are going to talk about some games that we had tons of fun playing, but concede are actully quite bad. My personal favorite is Alpha Protocol. I don't know if I could recommend it to anyone ...
Mar 03 // GATTACASTjesse

Living in the Renaissance of Gaming

Now is the time to play video games. Perusing game site message boards and forums could lead one to think video games are terrible and the industry is all going downhill. There is an abundance of complaints about too many seq...

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