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15 games that will define 2015 for me

We are nearing the end of March. Both you and I are wondering why the heck I'm writing this now rather than at least a couple months back. Well, I have a very simple answer for that: "........." Can I have some time to t...   more

15 games that will define 2015 for me

Like electric flowing through my brain

When I listen to a favorite song of mine lately, something happens inside me that I can't quite explain. It's the same feeling you get when holding back tears. I know that feeling a lot. I find myself holding them back ...   more

I kall dibbs on Erron Black!

After seeing the reveal trailer for this new Mortal Kombat character I made my decision. This will be the one I use for the first matches online against noobs from every region I am allowed to FIGHT!!   Not only is...   more

I kall dibbs on Erron Black!

The Agenda: Republican generosity

The other day I read something that made me drop my glitter and fairy dust - the  governor of Indiana and several other American states are giving away money to the rest of America. They're giving away gaming conven...   more

Remastered Collection announced for PS4, PS4 rebranded PS3: Definitive Edition.

Sony today revealed that they are well into production of their newest title, the “Remastered Collection”, said to be compiling the latest hits of the last five years with minor graphical improvements and fr...   more

25 even more video game tracks you should devour with your earholes

Man. It's getting harder and harder to fit in these titles.  Drop the bass! Welcome to a third edition of this series of blogs, which have consistently remained some of my most-loved works. I'm glad somebody around...   more

An art challenge about Video Game Villains #3/3

This is the third and last c-blog about the big Art Challenge for members of the Community. It ended at the last weekend finally and resulted in around 50 illustrations of video game bosses, vilains and m...   more

An art challenge about Video Game Villains #3/3

Bbain's Jukebox: It's about to get gay in here!

Hello everyone! I'm in kind of a silly mood, so I decided to do another jukebox blog (which Shade was kind enough to keep alive!) with one of the more random themes I've been considering. I was listening to one of these...   more

Get to know the Destructoid community team!

Dtoid really is the best website on the planet Earth. And like any best thing, a TON of effort goes into making it that way. The writers do a great job working their tight little tooshies off day in and day out to churn...   more

Combat-toid!! - Test Your Cnowledge!! #4MC Fakts!!

    As everytime when I start a blog or an article I have absolutely no klue what I am going to write in the next minutes ..except that I want to share some facts about Mortal Combat today not everyone of you ...   more

Combat-toid!! - Test Your Cnowledge!! #4MC Fakts!!

I buy video games but I don't play them often.---What?!?

As I told u guys last month I got the Playstation 4 and when I browsed through my trophy stuff for the first time ever today I noticed something weird which made me wonder... Why the hell are only ## % of the people who ...   more

I buy video games but I don't play them often.---What?!?

Friday Night Flicks! Phil's ode to the 80's

So like Frights, we would watch movies (duh). Only we watch movies only from the 80s and I'm shooting for action/adventure/comedy/etc. No horror flicks, as that is what Frights is for and I'm not about to get slapped wi...   more

It was a great time on the Discworld, Rest in Peace Sir Terry Pratchett.

 “DON'T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.” ― Terry Pratchett, Good Omens One of my favourite authors ever and a great humanist died today at th...   more

You've once again stepped into the world of fuckin' nerds

A short while ago, I was taken by Occams' blog about some of his totally radical statues. I wanted to show off too! ... but what, exactly? While I don't have but perhaps 1 or 2 things amidst all the crap in my room ...   more

2015: The Year of Linux?

I love Linux. In fact, if I could reliably get my Windows games to run on them, I'd drop Windows like a bad habit. It's faster, it has more user support, nearly every program for it is free, and there are about a thousa...   more

2015: The Year of Linux?

Why I repeat to post: Don't support EA Games

[Rant]   A long long time ago I never cared about the video game industry or developer teams and the companies behind them. I just wanted to play the games and get sequels to the games I liked. With the time I grew...   more

Why I repeat to post: Don't support EA Games

Sonytoid: Hoffmann can't believe the Playstation 2 is 15 year old today

Yup, just read it and of my most favourite Sony consoles ever, the Playstation 2 was released exactly 15 years ago in Japan and some months later in the rest of the world. I took my time to get that consol...   more

Of Dragon Age and Bunches of Jokers

So not too long ago, I did a post on Xenoblade Chronicles that took a look at its story.  That’s fine and all, but I’m wary of the fact that I didn’t really talk about the gameplay -- which, you k...   more

Of Dragon Age and Bunches of Jokers

9 Dtoiders I'd Like To F**k

How the fuck is someone like me supposed to sit down and pick nine of you to feature in a list like this? All the friendships I've made, those I've tried to help, those that have helped me.... man. As a longtime member ...   more

Hee-ho! Here is literally all of the best Persona 5 fanart I could find

Only semi-related, but I also found this. So adorable! All it took was a single well done piece to send me on a manic search for literally every great Persona 5 fan do-up I could find. I didn't think I'd ever do a blog ...   more

Hoffmantoid: Look at these awesome video game artworks created in February 2015

Back on the 19th February I did that blog here about video game fan art created in 2015 and mentioned that I would make it a monthly series if at least 10 people would upvote that blog. Only 5 did but the  dtoiders ...   more

Vidja Ramble 001: Please be gentle

[Vidja Ramble is a quick little experiment I wanna try. I'm in a good mood and feel amibitious enough to begin an original series of blogs. Well, nothing is original anymore. Rather, I'm blissfully unaware of anything l...   more

10 video game pre-rolls worth a million watches

Pre-rolls are far too often simply gameplay montages, story montages better suited experiencing along with the actual game, or sometimes just tiny bits of trailers you may've seen many times before even considering your...   more

My parents, the artists

When I was young, I played with a TON of action figures. Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spider-Man, Thundercats... I could make this entire blog just a big list of the action figures I liked. There was a disconcer...   more

Leonard Nimoy has died :'(

I'm not normally one to write a eulogy blog -- especially a mostly NVGR one (Seaman notwithstanding) -- but the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing has really hit me hard :'( By all accounts Nimoy w...   more

Some of the best Super Nintendo games that are rarely listed as the best ones

Because there is a small twist to the list of these ten awesome games. Everyone is usually thinking at masterpieces like Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World 1 and 2, Final Fantasy VI or Star Fox and that wit...   more

Seymour's Guilt-Tripped 9 Favorite Dtoiders List

You guys have had a lot of love to give with our latest little blog trend and that's been equal parts exciting, heartwarming, sexy, inspirational, all sorts of feelings. Good feelings. Problem with me is I typically keep...   more

(NVGR) Let it Out - *Possible Heavy Feels Warning*

Trigger Warnings: Suicide/Depression/Booze/Foul Language/Real Talk My dad always taught me to lead by example. Usually, this is what I do. Never really felt like a leader online though. I come here to be someone else ki...   more

A robot, a snowman and a man in a pink robe said I won a thing.

I said this thing:   And won this thing: There were also things in it, like music for my ears, art for my eyes, a case for my future New 3DS XL and a game that says you should draw the maps if you want to remember ...   more

An art challenge about Video Game Villains #2

Hello everyone,   exactly one month ago, on the 24th January I featured the 2nd "Art Challenge" by the Game-Art-HQ Community. The idea was and is to illustrate villains from video games and over 50 artists from...   more

An art challenge about Video Game Villains #2

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