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2015: The Year of Linux?

I love Linux. In fact, if I could reliably get my Windows games to run on them, I'd drop Windows like a bad habit. It's faster, it has more user support, nearly every program for it is free, and there are about a thousa...   more

2015: The Year of Linux?

Why I repeat to post: Don't support EA Games

[Rant]   A long long time ago I never cared about the video game industry or developer teams and the companies behind them. I just wanted to play the games and get sequels to the games I liked. With the time I grew...   more

Why I repeat to post: Don't support EA Games

Sonytoid: Hoffmann can't believe the Playstation 2 is 15 year old today

Yup, just read it and of my most favourite Sony consoles ever, the Playstation 2 was released exactly 15 years ago in Japan and some months later in the rest of the world. I took my time to get that consol...   more

Of Dragon Age and Bunches of Jokers

So not too long ago, I did a post on Xenoblade Chronicles that took a look at its story.  That’s fine and all, but I’m wary of the fact that I didn’t really talk about the gameplay -- which, you k...   more

Of Dragon Age and Bunches of Jokers

9 Dtoiders I'd Like To F**k

How the fuck is someone like me supposed to sit down and pick nine of you to feature in a list like this? All the friendships I've made, those I've tried to help, those that have helped me.... man. As a longtime member ...   more

Hee-ho! Here is literally all of the best Persona 5 fanart I could find

Only semi-related, but I also found this. So adorable! All it took was a single well done piece to send me on a manic search for literally every great Persona 5 fan do-up I could find. I didn't think I'd ever do a blog ...   more

Hoffmantoid: Look at these awesome video game artworks created in February 2015

Back on the 19th February I did that blog here about video game fan art created in 2015 and mentioned that I would make it a monthly series if at least 10 people would upvote that blog. Only 5 did but the  dtoiders ...   more

Vidja Ramble 001: Please be gentle

[Vidja Ramble is a quick little experiment I wanna try. I'm in a good mood and feel amibitious enough to begin an original series of blogs. Well, nothing is original anymore. Rather, I'm blissfully unaware of anything l...   more

10 video game pre-rolls worth a million watches

Pre-rolls are far too often simply gameplay montages, story montages better suited experiencing along with the actual game, or sometimes just tiny bits of trailers you may've seen many times before even considering your...   more

My parents, the artists

When I was young, I played with a TON of action figures. Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spider-Man, Thundercats... I could make this entire blog just a big list of the action figures I liked. There was a disconcer...   more

Leonard Nimoy has died :'(

I'm not normally one to write a eulogy blog -- especially a mostly NVGR one (Seaman notwithstanding) -- but the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing has really hit me hard :'( By all accounts Nimoy w...   more

Some of the best Super Nintendo games that are rarely listed as the best ones

Because there is a small twist to the list of these ten awesome games. Everyone is usually thinking at masterpieces like Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World 1 and 2, Final Fantasy VI or Star Fox and that wit...   more

Seymour's Guilt-Tripped 9 Favorite Dtoiders List

You guys have had a lot of love to give with our latest little blog trend and that's been equal parts exciting, heartwarming, sexy, inspirational, all sorts of feelings. Good feelings. Problem with me is I typically keep...   more

(NVGR) Let it Out - *Possible Heavy Feels Warning*

Trigger Warnings: Suicide/Depression/Booze/Foul Language/Real Talk My dad always taught me to lead by example. Usually, this is what I do. Never really felt like a leader online though. I come here to be someone else ki...   more

A robot, a snowman and a man in a pink robe said I won a thing.

I said this thing:   And won this thing: There were also things in it, like music for my ears, art for my eyes, a case for my future New 3DS XL and a game that says you should draw the maps if you want to remember ...   more

An art challenge about Video Game Villains #2

Hello everyone,   exactly one month ago, on the 24th January I featured the 2nd "Art Challenge" by the Game-Art-HQ Community. The idea was and is to illustrate villains from video games and over 50 artists from...   more

An art challenge about Video Game Villains #2

(NVGR) Cooking with Phil - First Edition

Welcome hungry readers. Listen to my stomach roar. Through a boombox. Look, I couldn't find a decent header and I just fucking winged it, ok? All the pictures are weird sized. I got lazy at the end. 2104 FUCKING WORDS A...   more

game, what are you doing to me?

Too much nvg-related activity made me neglect the c-blogs for some time now: new line of work, new year, next-gen. My motivation to write during my sparse spare time had reached a spectacular low. Approximately a week ag...   more

The Agenda: The Ring of Pandas

Over the years I've heard much about mythical "panda rings." I have been told game developers hand them out to certain groups of people to get them to buy their games. I imagine this is why you hear about about Bioware g...   more


Our glorious and superior leader, Niero, proposed a very interesting though slightly nerve-wracking question to the community while I was asleep in Seymour's Dreamland. A question I had never considered, but one I am now...   more

Dtoid 9th Anniversary - Fuzzy List of Feels

Panzadolphin – Panza is just a lovely guy, who has listened to me talk nonsense, always had kind words to say to me and even better, has some pretty great retorts. But he’s a dirty slut so he should be good ...   more

Some Brainfarts and stuff about that Blog by Niero today

I was away from my PC for around three hours and thought about Yanier's Blog today where he discussed to add topics like movies to Destructoid. Since I am super-clever and know everything better than everyone else (accor...   more

Some Brainfarts and stuff about that Blog by Niero today

9 inspirational true life stories on this week's episode of Destructoid

The ninth year of Destructoid has dawned, and we've been asked to honor the nine Dtoiders who have inspired us. This is no easy task for me, Dtoid has been an inspiring presence in my life for more than half a deca...   more

Hoffmanntoid - Friday is Bad News Day

  Tri-Ace, the creators and developers of the Star Ocean Roleplaying series which started with an amazing Super Nintendo game were bought by Nepro Japan, a smartphone company to develope only Smartphone and Tables ...   more

Hoffmanntoid - Friday is Bad News Day

Iím Really Feeling [Meditations on Science and Warfare]!

So Super Smash Bros. is threatening to make me hate Shulk. Some bad experiences made me realize that he’s one of my least favorite characters to go up against.  I’m not about to claim that he’s go...   more

Iím Really Feeling [Meditations on Science and Warfare]!

Look at these awesome video game artworks created in 2015

As some of you might know I am quite active on deviantART and see the majority of video game related fan art there due to maintaining two communities there.   Thought I share a couple of artworks with you which I fo...   more

Look at these awesome video game artworks created in 2015

The Flame Game

The Inferno Goddess moves in mysterious ways. I am only one of Her priestesses but it as recently come to my attention that a TV show depicted alleged Inferno Goddess worshippers in a negative light. I'll be frank, ...   more

The Flame Game

Hoffmanntoid: Let's Laugh!

There are probably thousands of different lists put together about video games. Like "These are the ten best FPS ever" or "The worst Nintendo games" etc. I never came across a list with some of the more charismastic, cr...   more

Hoffmanntoid: Sengoku Basara 4 Review

  Last week there was a little incident on the frontpage related to Amiibos and someone (I forgot who) came up with the Hoffmanntoid name since there are so many comments from me on the frontpage. I thought okay..l...   more

Hoffmanntoid: Sengoku Basara 4 Review

PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Lifetime Sales

VGChartz Writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U in January shows how the PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its lead over the Xbox One and Wii U. also shows how sales quickly declin...   more

PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Lifetime Sales

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