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Feb 25 // Conrad Zimmerman

New Daily Runs of Spelunky, Nuclear Throne, and Risk of Rain

This week, I've started posting daily runs of some of my favorite procedurally generated games to my YouTube channel. Today had a rough start to the morning, with a little bit of disappointment over reading reviews for Castl...
Oct 10 // Conrad Zimmerman

Dtoid Book Club: Ready Player One Week 1 (-ish)

Sorry for the delay in getting this week's Dtoid Book Club post up. I'm blaming Dale entirely for this one, as I've been waiting to get his feedback on our current book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. But I can'ts waits no...
Oct 02 // Conrad Zimmerman

Introducing the Dtoid Book Club!

A few times in recent months, I've found myself trailing off on episodes of Podtoid to talking about books I'm reading or recommend books to others. It's prompted some people to approach me and suggest that I do some kind o...
Sep 27 // Conrad Zimmerman

Tokyo Travel Log: What I bought

Hey gang. I did make it home from Tokyo and I'd apologize for not having done more posts while there but, truth be told, there wasn't much more to tell. The rest of the week was dominated by work-related things, with the ex...
Sep 18 // Conrad Zimmerman

TGS Travel Log: Touring, shopping and lots of walking

(Just as a heads-up, at least one photo in this blog is really, really, NSFW.) My dogs, they are barking. While Tokyo Game Show doesn't start until later in the week, we wanted to get here a little bit early so we'd have a d...
Sep 17 // Conrad Zimmerman

TGS Travel Log: Arriving, sleeping

Sitting on the plane with about nine hours remaining in the flight. This flight rather sucks, if I'm being perfectly honest. There's no internet service available, for starters, which surprised the hell out of me. I would t...
Sep 16 // Conrad Zimmerman

TGS Travel Log: Getting there in one (conscious) piece

As some of you may be aware, I'm headed to Japan this week to attend the Tokyo Game Show. If this were a standard kind of trip, I would be ramping up my Twitter usage, communicating my thoughts about the trip as they happen...
Jul 04 // Conrad Zimmerman

I think I need to make a game

I'm not saying that I'd like to create a game one day, that it would be fun to try and turn what I've learned over my years of playing and thinking about games into one of my own creation. This feels more serious. I'm struc...
Jul 03 // Conrad Zimmerman

I'm watching Buffy and Jim Sterling is a right bastard

Last week, I appeared on an episode of Podtoid. At some point in the proceedings, Jim Sterling made some comment regarding Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was shocked when I professed to have no particular interest in the seri...
Jun 21 // Conrad Zimmerman

Custom covers for Borderlands

I enjoyed the absolute hell out of Borderlands right up until that last expansion released and I lost any and all desire to play the game. But that doesn't change how much love I have for the time when I had a lot of love for...
Jun 02 // Conrad Zimmerman

Deadly Premonition custom cover

Been some time since I got around to doing a custom game cover. When I first started making these, Deadly Premonition was always at the top of my list. I just couldn't settle on what I wanted to attempt. My first idea was ...
Jan 09 // Conrad Zimmerman

Custom covers for Uncharted

I took a little bit of time this weekend to whip up more game covers. Since I recently finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on Backlog (my live streaming show where I play through the unfinished games in my collection; Weekn...
Dec 20 // Conrad Zimmerman

A couple more custom game covers

I posted a pair of covers that I made for BioShock and Bayonetta on Friday. People seemed to like them, so I spent a little bit of time this weekend cooking up a couple more. Reading through the comments this weekend, someo...
Dec 17 // Conrad Zimmerman

A couple of custom game covers which I made

I was going through some files, doing a little maintenance, and came across a few custom covers I made a few months ago. Over time, I'll probably get around to making more of these (there's an unfinished Earth Defense Force...
Jul 26 // Conrad Zimmerman

PAX presence, A call for Dtoid Portlanders

After a year away from what's probably the biggest gathering of Dtoiders in the US, I'm happy to say that I'll be attending PAX Prime this year. I didn't join in on the fun in 2009 because getting across the country for a w...
Jul 03 // Conrad Zimmerman

Video Blog #6 Surface-level Satisfied Punk

Once more, it's time for me to put my ugly mug in front of the camera and deliver a diatribe whether you want it or not. In this video, I talk a little bit about my recent move, make an observation about not being very obse...
Jun 24 // Conrad Zimmerman

Video Blog #5 - Moving Nightmares

Hey, look at that! It's another video blog! I haven't done one since before E3 so, despite being absurdly busy, I decided that you guys deserved it. By which I mean you've all been very naughty and need to be tormented with...
May 26 // Conrad Zimmerman

Video Blog #4 - The Zapper

I can't say exactly why it popped into my head when I was trying to decide how to title this video blog, but calling it The Zapper made my brain leap to The Shocker. If there were a sexual maneuver called "The Zapper," what...
May 13 // Conrad Zimmerman

Video Blog #3 - Late Night Delight

It's time for another video blog. Tonight I spend a few minutes talking about my feelings on the cancellation of Duke Nukem Forever and a give some words about Playboy Magazine. No links this week, as I'm sure you're more t...
May 07 // Conrad Zimmerman

Video Blog #2 - Conrad Hatsworth

You asked for it, by God, you're getting it. As I state in the video, this is another test run of sorts as I try to get my audio issues worked out. So, if you're still having problems hearing me or have any other sort of ...
May 06 // Conrad Zimmerman

I did a video blog thing. It is here.

Hey, look at that. It's a video blog. I'm aiming to be more pretentious and egomaniacal every day! Below are links to various things I'm talking about. - Sam and Max Surfin' the Highway: Anniversary Edition (on Amazon) - B...
Mar 22 // Conrad Zimmerman

No Discountoid this week but check your local Target

I'm not going to post a Discountoid on the front page this week because, frankly, it's all too depressing. Best Buy has one game on sale (007: Quantum of Solace, $10 off), Fry's is a desolate wasteland as usual (though they...
Mar 15 // Conrad Zimmerman

On newfags, oldfags, memes and drama

I see a whole lot of people bitching and whining about how the new users are taking all the piss out of Dtoid. This is how it has been since I came on to the site in the first place. And you know what? I suspect it's been goi...
Feb 02 // Conrad Zimmerman

10 Things You Didn't Know about Conrad Zimmerman

I've had a pretty shit day, which is why you didn't see a Discountoid today (maybe early tomorrow, but I'm a little drunk by this point). Reading all of these "10 Things" lists really brightened my day. So, I thought the best...
Jan 21 // Conrad Zimmerman

Looking for participants in Dtoid Discusses

As I mentioned earlier today in the Destructoid Discusses post, we're starting a new thing with the series. We want to get you guys involved and we'll be snagging a community member each week to share their insight on whateve...
Jan 06 // Conrad Zimmerman

Things just got OFFICIAL

Welcome to Destructoid, the hardcore Tyra community. We love you.
Jan 06 // Conrad Zimmerman


Nov 21 // Conrad Zimmerman

Fredo (Bethesda), You Broke My Heart

I finished Fallout 3 tonight. As many were, I was wary about the Oblivion developer taking the reins of one of my most beloved game series. Wary, but hopeful. As I played, that fear completely disappeared. Sure, it wasn't...
Oct 04 // Conrad Zimmerman

GTA IV Special Edition clearance @ Target

Want to be as happy as this guy without spending a lot of cash? I made a run to Target this week to pick up Scene It! after unstoppablejuggernaut's post about the game being a mere $14.99 on clearance. Totally worth every pe...
Sep 01 // Conrad Zimmerman

PAX 08: What I brought home

PAX is like my Mecca (not my Macca, who is also amazing), and I turn to the northwest three times a day to pray to the benevolent geek gods that I shall survive another year to make the pilgrimage back. And, as would be exp...

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