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Xbox FNF: Back to School

This past week was the start of school for my son. †He had to go back kicking and screaming. †If y'all have kids, or starting school again yourself, I hope y'all had a good week! †Now play some...   more

Xbox FNF: Back to School

Bbain's Jukebox: Final boss

Boss music is often the most thrilling, intense music found on a video game soundtrack. Then there is the final boss music, which takes things to the extreme, highlighting the climactic action of...   more

It's ok not to play Depression Games

Recently with the death of†, depression has been discussed quite a lot. Also with the push of††and ironically the scandal involving the personal lives of the creator††and others (I won't spread t...   more

I'm not going to PAX, because I suck. Adopt my avatar, please.

Happy Monday! (it's Monday, right?) It's that time of year again, "PAX avatar adoption" time! As usual, I will not be attending PAX this year. I believe this makes.....every year now that I've m...   more

Going to PAX? Why not take your favorite Dtoider with you?!

So you were one of the lucky few who managed to snag a pass to PAX this year. How exciting! You've got your flights booked, your hotel reserved, and your bags packed (boy, you're really on the ...   more

Xbox FNF: Gamescom

I'm still trying to play catch up to all the news that's been coming out of Gamescom this past week. †A ton of news has come out and I haven't had a chance to unbury (That's a word now) myself ...   more

Xbox FNF: Gamescom

Glowbear takes to the mountains for charity

So I'm giving another go at raising money for a good cause. Alcoholic Bears Not-So Anonymoose was a riveting raunchy success. We made enough money to buy even more booze than we had already. B...   more

Goodbye Robin

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say goodbye to a man who taught me how to laugh and the your eccentricities are a strength rather than a weakness. Yesterday, as I'm sure most of you know ...   more

Radio D 043 - Live blogs from the Apocalypse

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 043 - Live blogs from the Apocalypse! In this technically difficult episode: Aaron saves time on editing, Conor commits bioterrorism at Taco Bell, Kyle doesn't ...   more

It's what's on the outside that counts

The past few years in gaming have pushed forth many different topics and principles. Those who play video games complain, more as consumers, than as gamers and yet both are intertwined together...   more

Xbox FNF: Bort?

Short post for me today. †Remember that old Simpsons episode where Bart can't find his name on the license plates at Itchy and Scratchy Land and there are a ton of Bort's hanging around? †That'...   more

Xbox FNF: Bort?

Inconsistent Appearance - How ugly should Horror really be?

Sex sells. It's a cliche but it's true. The more attractive your characters are the more likely you are to catch a viewer's interest long enough to draw them in, get them interested in the rest...   more

Inconsistent Appearance - How ugly should Horror really be?

Xbox FNF: Summer Blues

With fall around the corner for many of you, I'm sure y'all will be looking forward to fall festivals, apple cider and whatever other fall stuff there is. †I don't really know because where I l...   more

Xbox FNF: Summer Blues

Just sharing some thoughts

Hi!† So there's never a dull moment when you work in the wonderful world of video games. For instance, I just got finished with a move! That Dtoid HQ we had in SF is more or less done. For now a...   more

A Magical Dolphin Plays... Claire

********************** Hey there guys. Panzadolphin56 here, I haven't really written anything for awhile but having picked up a copy of 'Claire' recently on Steam I found myself with the sudden...   more

A Magical Dolphin Plays... Claire

Radio D 042 - Nice Hot Mike

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 042 - Nice Hot Mike! In this episode: Aaron is faced with an editing dilemma, Andy watches Netflix, Conor is all about the grimey lifestyle, Kyle strokes a tree...   more

Bbain's Jukebox: Western

The past few weeks, I've been playing . It's a pretty solid fantasy RPG, but what drew me to the game in the first place was its western theme. Much of the game seems to be tenuously related to t...   more

Dark Souls II - Crown of The Sunken King Review(Spoiler Free)

uLqRS5_x_s4 Tubby here with a review of the new DLC. Keeping it light as most Souls fans like to find things on their own so I only showed just enough footage to get your dick hard. You gonna ha...   more

A Fashionably Late Entry

The objective of the was to showcase the best in lazy artwork. I like to think taking 4 months to finish this makes me the ultimate bestest winner. And so, without further ado, because I know y...   more

Xbox FNF: Vacation

I went on vacation last week to Marco Island and had a blast. †I didn't do a thing except lay on the beach and by the pool and drink my 6-pack of Smirnoff Ice over a period of a week (No, its n...   more

Xbox FNF: Vacation

I Love: My Dick!

What can I say about my dick? He is an awesome ass dude. Standing at 7-7.5" (interest depending) he is a stout, somewhat short gentlemen. He clocks in at decent girth of almost 2 inches and wea...   more

Tomb Raider is actually a survival horror game

Confession time: I've only ever played one video game which is considered a part of the survival horror genre, that game being . I've never played any , or , or , or , or or what have you. And i...   more

Fighting Games and Familiarity

[EDIT: I was informed that this was unreadable; once I finally saw it on my page, I noticed that the font was invisible somehow, so I tried to fix it. I hope you can read my rambling nonsense now...   more

Fighting Games and Familiarity

Occam Thoughts: Youtube

So letís see.† Itís been a while since I wrote one of these.†Whatís new with me?† Iíve been engaging in all kinds of media lately.† † Iíve been playing a silly amount of Final Fantasy IV: A R...   more

Radio D 041 - Romancing Keith David

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 041 - Romancing Keith David! In this episode: Aaron sucks at tie-dyeing, Andy rises from his grave, Conor knows Skeletor, Kyle Shovel Knights the hardest, and gue...   more

Xbox FNF: Getting Back To It

Well, well, well. Look who is back AGAIN. Look at this guy that forgot to put up the request forum this week. Psshh, this guy. Who does he think he is? Some kind of guy or something? Does he re...   more

Xbox FNF: Getting Back To It

Bbain's Jukebox: Happiness

Hello everyone! If you've been following my presence here on the site, you've probably noticed that I really enjoy video game soundtracks. I talk about them a lot, and these days I actually tend ...   more

game, why are you so good?

I watch myself getting older and my backlog getting bigger and bigger. While this happens, the excitement about gaming in general dwindles at an alarming rate. Perhaps not that alarming a rate as...   more

Xbox FNF: Happy Freedom Friday!

Short post for me today. Happy Fourth of July to †the US readers! † I'm about to leave to go to Orlando to visit my sister-in-law for a Fourth of July cookout. †It should be interesting. †She'...   more

Xbox FNF: Happy Freedom Friday!

Radio D 040 - Drug-Laced Pacifiers

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 040 - Drug-Laced Pacifiers! In this episode: Aaron succumbs to Nintendo, Kyle freaks out over Captain Toad, Conor is a magical creature only Mxy can hear, and gue...   more

Radio D 040 - Drug-Laced Pacifiers

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