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May 17 // Roager

Greeced Lightning, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kratos

I've been a gamer all my life. I could play a Mario game before I could say his name. I stuck with the NES and SNES far past their prime, which eventually became standard practice for me. I'm not an early adopter. I was rocki...
Mar 25 // ThaFNFreak

Rubberband A.I. Episode 6: The Vs. Series

Rubberband A.I. Episode 6: We're Gonna Take You For a Ride Don't call it a comeback! Really, we actually came back last week. This week on Rubberband A.I. Kyle, Foster, Bronson, and special guest the returning Pat Nguyen are...
Mar 22 // Lord The Night Knight

Gamercise Me: Week Six

Okay, got up to five hours this week, but for a lot of the exercising, I didn't feel it. So next week I'm going to an hour and fifteen minutes. I also start counting calories that week. I sort of counted calories the previous...
Mar 19 // Lord The Night Knight

Weekly Top Ten: Sexiest outfits... and 5 I don't find sexy.

Just for the hell of it, I'm posting a list of (usually) ten items related to gaming. But for the most part they won't be the typical stuff, like my top ten Gamecube games. I want to make discussion over more varied things. P...
Mar 15 // Lord The Night Knight

Gamercise Me: Week Five

There's a setback. The scale says I barely lost anything, and my new picture shows barely any change from the first one. Does this mean this doesn't work? Not necessarily. I'm taking personal responsibility for this. I tend ...
Mar 12 // Lord The Night Knight

Weekly Top Ten: 10 Games That Are Not Bad The Way Many Claim

Just for the hell of it, I'm posting a list of (usually) ten items related to gaming. But for the most part they won't be the typical stuff, like my top ten Gamecube games. I want to make discussion over more varied things. P...
Mar 07 // Lord The Night Knight

Gamercise Me: Week Four

Got a couple more dance games, including Dance on Broadway (which is very similar to Just Dance, just with polygon dancers instead of rotoscoped ones) and the latest DDR for the Wii, which was for sale this week, so I did get...
Mar 05 // Lord The Night Knight

Weekly Top Ten: Best Game Fanfares

Just for the hell of it, I'm posting a list of (usually) ten items related to gaming. But for the most part they won't be the typical stuff, like my top ten Gamecube games. I want to make discussion over more varied things. P...
Mar 01 // Lord The Night Knight

Gamercise Me: Week three.

Sorry this is a day late. Anyway, finished week two of this experiment. Found a bunch of speed bumps, but looking at those just makes me more determined (plus I've heard the second week is often one of the toughest). I did th...
Feb 22 // Lord The Night Knight

Gamercise Me: Week two.

Finished the first week of my gaming exercise experiment, so this is the update. Games I played each day: * Monday: We Cheer. Still haven't mastered the timing for that game, but I did break a sweat trying. * Tuesday: Gold's...
Feb 21 // Xzyliac

Groundhog Day: Rock Cell Radio

Itís kind of hard for me to really pick one game for this. As someone who was raised up squeezing every last minute out of a game because you never knew when youíd get another, Iíve cherished quitw a few games that constant...
Feb 16 // ThaFNFreak

Rubberband A.I. Episode 4

Rubberband A.I. Episode 4: Learning, In My Videogames? Episode 4 of Rubberband A.I. is dedicated to edutainment titles. Why you ask? The release of Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on Facebook. However ...
Feb 15 // Lord The Night Knight

Gamercise Me - Can games really help weight loss: Week one.

My name is Luke Collins, and I'm overweight. I'm 31, 5'10'', and 280 pounds. I don't have a problem with exercising and eating right in the first place, just sticking with those things. Well I like gaming, and my family and ...
Feb 10 // ThaFNFreak

Rubberband A.I. Episode 3

Episode 3: Whatever you do, donít blow up the hamster Weird Ed will be pissed This week on Rubberband A.I. we return from our brief absence to talk about adventure games. The role of Matt Foster is played by Pat Nguyen. Kyl...
Jan 27 // Roager

Retitled: Modded Brawl, not Modded Wii. Brainbarf/rant thing.

The previous title, "I brainbarfed about modding Brawl. Read my Barf" was nixed due to using "barf" twice. Amongst all this Sony stuff on the frontpage, I decided to finally let out all this nonsense that's been in my head ...
Jan 19 // ThaFNFreak

Rubberband A.I. Episode 2

It's been awhile since I've made a post, but I decided I could introduce my new gaming podcast to some people who wouldn't hear it otherwise. So without further ado the synopsis of Rubberband A.I. Episode 2 Episode 2: The Pl...
Dec 05 // Roager

FIghters. Also Smash Bros. Totally on hold. Sorry.

For those of you who were eagerly anticipating the next installment of this here blog series (all one of you. Thanks, dude!) I regret to inform you that due to life happening, I'm gonna have to focus on dealing with my own stuff. I'll get back to it when I can. For now, I leave you with this. Enjoy.
Nov 26 // Roager

Fighters: Philosophy, Design, Execution, Community. Also, Smash Bros. (Part1)

So, a little over a week ago, I posted this, more or less on a whim. I felt like blogging something, Street Fighter and Smash Bros came to mind, and then as I wrote it, I realized the damn thing was too long, and I'd not yet ...
Nov 18 // Brian Szabelski

The VGA category they definitely got right

With the VGA nominees announced ... well, a lot of people are rightfully questioning some of the picks. At least in my mind they are, because some of the categories are filled with abysmally weak choices (hi, Best Song in a G...
Nov 17 // Roager

Fighters: Philosophy, Design, Execution, Community. Also, Smash Bros. (intro)

It's no secret to the people who know me, but since I'm not as active around here as I should be, I figure I might as well lay it out for everyone to see: I like fighting games. A lot. And it's not just the casual "it's fun...
Nov 09 // Brian Szabelski

New documentary looks to capture the Japanese arcade experience

During the summer, many people spent their time going to the beach or riding rollercoasters or any number of other fun activities. Brad Crawford, though, went to Japan on a mission: to film a documentary on the Japanese arc...
Nov 09 // Brian Szabelski

Gran Turismo 5 intro leaked (w/thoughts)

That, which you see above, is the leaked intro to Gran Turismo 5. Really. It was first up on GTPlanet, but Sony's since sent letters out to pull it down. Unfortunately, it's out there now ahead of the game's release (now be...
Nov 07 // Brian Szabelski

Short Thoughts on Kinect: It'll be middle of the road

Kinect is out, and the reviews seem to be mixed. Some people love it, other people think it's garbage, and even more think it's meh. But the question is, in this world where everyone has an opinion, who's right?...
Nov 03 // Roager

So, some people don't know DotA, eh?

*I first wrote this as a comment on a post about DOTA2, but I figured it'd get more views, and thus be of more use, as a blog post. No images cuz I can't be arsed to get them. To make up for my laziness, here's ...
Oct 25 // Brian Szabelski

Should games that have major updates get updated reviews?

Every once in a while, I find a post I started writing and never finished. Tonight's one of those nights. So I present, to you, the Dtoid C-Blog readers of the world, one such post, written a while ago but perhaps impor...
Oct 04 // Roager

Taliban/Opposing Force brainbarf

Ok, so, as you've probably heard, EA has dropped the label of "Taliban" from the new Medal of Honor. And after reading Jim's post, a couple other websites' posts, and more than a few comments on those posts, I decided I wante...
Oct 02 // Lord The Night Knight

What if Hamza Aziz had more to do with Medal of Honor than Fox News?

Yes, the recent news of Taliban being pulled out of the latest Medal of Honor game does have a stink of giving in to controversy, and failing to stick to principles. But was the controversy the reason this change was made, o...
Sep 16 // Brian Szabelski

Why I'm excited about a game with Avatars in it again

For TGS, most people will walk away with excitement over Gran Turismo 5 or The Last Guardian or Catherine or the new Castlevania or whatever else tickles their fancy. But for me, one game's already kind of stolen the show, ...
Sep 14 // Brian Szabelski

Rumortoid: Yun, Yang in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade?

Word has started to spread onto Kotaku and a handful of other notable game blogs about a post at EventHubs concerning Super Street Fighter IV Arcade. Among the changes that apparently are confirmed from a number of test loc...
Sep 10 // Brian Szabelski

More Than Just Noise: Euphoria at 35,000 Feet

"When asking friends for game recommendations, I've yet to have anyone suggest a game to me for the sole reason that the sound/music is stunning." - Jonathan Ross, in this month's Monthly Musing post. When I read that quot...

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