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Aug 08 // that1dood

Dirt Punch - A Minecraft Podcast Appears!

A couple friends and I have been stewing over the idea of starting a Minecraft themed podcast for some time. After realizing there's no time like the present, we decided to jump head first into the podcasting world. As of t...
Jan 03 // that1dood

2010 Sucked: Keep it Simple Stupid

2010 sucked for me in a lot of ways. I was laid off twice. I lost two of my close friends suddenly and unexpectedly. THIS happened. Needless to say there was a lot of crap going on this past year. So, as a form of stress rel...
Mar 17 // that1dood

My New RPG Campaign

Okay, due to an apparent formatting issue with Chrome, I'm reposting this. So lately, my frienda and I have been doing a lot of roleplaying. We just wrapped an epic Mutants and Masterminds campaign that was a ton of fun. No...
Aug 05 // that1dood

Strong Bad Cometh...

Rejoice! For Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner comes out on Monday. (Whoa that's a mouth full!) Granted, it's a little bit late seeing as how it was supposed to come out at WiiWare launc...
Jul 30 // that1dood

The DHARMA Initiative Wants You!

Namaste! The Dharma Initiative is recruiting the best and the brightest to join up and help out in world changing research! Sign up to be a volunteer today. Just head on over to and sign up. It's easy, you just input some basic information, take a short questionaire and you're in! Easy as jumping between timelin... er, I mean jumping rope. =D Enjoy!
May 13 // that1dood

Lost Winds: My First Impressions

As I'm sure you are well aware by now, the first six Wiiware titles were released yesterday. As soon as I got home from work I immediately hopped onto the Shop Channel and bought me some Wiiware goodness. One of which was Lo...
May 05 // that1dood

My Mario Kart Wii Review

So, I picked up Mario Kart Wii over the weekend finally. All I have to say is damn it's fun. Oh shit my match is up! Gots to go! Oh by the way, 10/10
Apr 22 // that1dood

So, I bought a 360. What now?

And it's about damn time. Actually, I should clarify. My wife bought me a 360 as a gift. No special occasion, she just thought it would be nice. Heck yes it's nice! Coincidentally enough, I got her a present as well. I guess...
Mar 31 // that1dood

Concept Art Blows My Mind

Okay, so not so long ago I found a website that is chock full of amazing artists who just pump it out all day long. I'm not particularly artistically talented, but I do enjoy looking at other people's art quite a bit. Anywa...
Mar 26 // that1dood

Monty Oum Strikes again with Dead Fantasy II

Prepare for you brain to explode from immense amounts of fanboy glee. Also, the animation and direction thereof is absolutely incredible. Enjoy!
Mar 25 // that1dood

Should I sell my Wii?

After post after post after post about how so many things are sucking serious balls on the Wii platform, I've been considering selling my Wii recently. I mean, why should I pay the same price as the 360 version of Rock Ban...
Mar 24 // that1dood

Gurren Lagann Figure is super posable and super awesome!

WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?! A Gurren Lagann fan?! ... Okay, so you got me there. But even if you're not a Gurren Lagann fan, this figure is impressive to say the least. Revoltech is releasing a 120mm action figure in Mid-May tha...
Mar 20 // that1dood

Get 'Lost' Thursday - Meet Kevin Johnson Edition

* "Meet Kevin Johnson" ABC Promo * Promo Pics for "Meet Kevin Johnson" * More Lost Links It seems that life strikes again and I had another unfortunate week long hiatus. My apologies. Anyway, to business! Last ...
Mar 19 // that1dood

Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS Announced

As predicted, the DS iteration of Guitar Hero has been officially announced. But how the crap is that going to work, you ask? Well, by way of the above pictured lame ass peripheral that snaps onto your DS. Don't get me wro...
Mar 19 // that1dood

So... I bought a car...

And now I'm debt for the next 5 years. But at least it's an awesome car! My wife and I bought a Scion xD. It's fairly awesome not only because it's roomy, it's sweet looking, and it gets good gas mileage. But it's name also looks like an ASCII smiley face! ( xD ) lol Anyway, here it is!
Mar 19 // that1dood

Something awesome is afoot...

Yes, something awesome indeed. Unfortunately priced at $81.98, the Gurren Lagann OST is officially available on Amazon. However, they are selling like hotcakes! As of the writing of this post, there are only 3 left though Am...
Mar 11 // that1dood

Smash Bros Brawl is awesome... uh except for one thing

So I bought Smash bros Brawl. Who didn't? And quite frankly I've loved it thus far. The subspace emissary was awesome and was damn long. Even despite it taking me nearly 10 hours to complete, I'm still only at 85%. Those damn...
Mar 08 // that1dood

My hatred for Gamestop is on the rise...

As I'm sure most of you know by now, a certain game is coming out tonight. And it just so happens that Gamestop is teaming up with Nintendo to sponsor a nationwide tournament for said game tonight at 10 PM. Being a fan and en...
Mar 06 // that1dood

Anyone else taking Monday off for Smash Bros?

I'm actually taking Monday off so I can let the Brawling continue for an extra day and to allow for a little bit of extra sleep seeing as how I probably won't sleep this weekend. Especially with the recently announced nation...
Mar 06 // that1dood

Get 'Lost' Thursday - The Other Woman Edition

* "The Other Woman" ABC Promo * Promo Pics for "The Other Woman" * More Lost Links Welcome back to Get Lost Thursday! Sorry for the hiatus last week, I honestly just flaked out and only just realized it. Not a g...
Mar 06 // that1dood

Disgaea coming to DS

Be honest, you're as excited as I am about this. I can't tell you how many hours of my life have been wasted stacking people for insane range and damage, blowing up Prinnies, or laughing at the ridiculous anime hell that is ...
Feb 26 // that1dood

Stuff White People Like... Are all gamers actually white?

So I was on my lunch break earlier today and I had on NPR (yeah, yeah. Laugh it up) and they had on a blogger by the name of Christian Lander. He was talking with Neal Conan about his "controversial" blog, Stuff White People...
Feb 25 // that1dood

Big Big Battles is now in Beta!

My good friend Tyler Tinsley has recently hit the big time with his new tabletop incarnation, Big Big Battles. Big Big Battles is a game primarily directed towards a younger crowd, but don't let that scare you away from tr...
Feb 25 // that1dood

Audiosurf - Where the hell did this game come from?

So I was going through the list of new releases on Steam the other day and came across this little gem called Audiosurf. I hadn't heard of it before so I downloaded the demo and started playing. What I found was amazing! A...
Feb 22 // that1dood

'Akira' Live Action Movie for 2009 - Fans Everywhere Weep

It's official. One of the most iconic and well recognized anime/mangas ever, is being ripped to shreds by non other than Leo DeCaprio. But not only will there be ONE movie, but TWO, that's right TWO live actions movies. Do...
Feb 21 // that1dood

Get 'Lost' Thursday - Eggtown Edition

"Eggtown" CTV Promo Promo pics for "Eggtown" Welcome back to Get Lost Thursday! This week's episode is called "Eggtown". Eggtown is a reference to The Great Gatsby, for those who didn't recognize it. What this could possibl...
Feb 20 // that1dood

Batman - Gotham Knight First Look

As I'm sure we all know by now, The Dark Knight comes out pretty soon. But what you may not know is that just before the release of Dark Knight, we all get a little treat in the form of Batman - Gotham Knight. Basically the c...
Feb 11 // that1dood

Concept Art Monday: Turok (GINORMOUS art dump)

Normally I only post these on Fridays, but I simply couldn't resist. I have found a serious dino-sized dump of concept art from the new Turok game. Say what you will about the gameplay, but this artwork will blow your mind ye...
Feb 08 // that1dood

New Street Fighter IV Screens: HOLY CRAP!

May I be the first to say. OMGPOPSICLES! Via Famitsu.
Feb 08 // that1dood

Concept Art Friday: Age of Conan-Hyborian Adventures

Whether you like MMOs or not, you have to admit that the sheer magnitude of such an undertaking is impressive to say the least. The art teams of such projects are assigned with the task of literally creating an entire world t...

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