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ADDENDUM: Linkle IS female LINK after all!

Hey, everyone! As you might have noticed, I've decided to start doing musings again in my spare time. It's been too long since I've written anything that wasn't weighed down by deadlines or the...   more

The Legend of Korra proves why we need a female Link

I just got around to watching the Book 3 finale of (heart-wrenching ending, I might add). I'm always amazed by how good that show is. Sure, it doesn't quite reach the same lofty heights as , b...   more

HL2DM: Bringing Awareness to the Art of Deathmatch

Deathmatch, you know what it is, you've heard the term since coined it in the 90s. But how many of you really dove into it? I'm not talking about playing it for a month or so and moving onto s...   more

HL2DM: Bringing Awareness to the Art of Deathmatch

EVE Online: Back Into The Void

About three years ago I wrote a cblog , despite some inaccuracies, the guide helped several people with learning the game and loving it like I do now. Over the past few years I have gone ...   more

Ooooooooooh! Regular Shoooooooooow!

Yesterday, I this picture. What is this a picture of? The new DVD, of course! But wait a minute, you reply. There is no DVD in stores! How did you get hold of this? Simple: Cartoon Network ...   more

Ooooooooooh! Regular Shoooooooooow!

I'm-a Luigi, bitches! Numbah 1!

This is how I fuck up the ceiling in the office.   more

Nostlajourney Episode 07 - Duke Nukem 3D

In this episode we bring in Max Scoville to go back and play Duke Nukem 3D, plus compare it to Duke Nukem Forever. We had 7 people on this time, making it probably the largest episode we've do...   more

Bastion and the value of intelligent difficulty (also hi)

Who's ready for a shortblog on Bastion and a bit of a fireside chat? I hope you are! Let me start with the chat part. The big theme? How's everyone doing? To be honest, life has been absolutel...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 07 Casting Call

With Duke Nukem Forever already out, we've decided to tag along with Max Scoville and revisit Duke Nukem's glory days. Welcome back to Nostaljourney. For those of you who don't recall, Nostalj...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 07 Casting Call

Nostaljourney Episode 06: Resident Evil 2

In this episode of Nostaljourney Jonathan Holmes actually shows up to record! In HONOR of this we... HONOR him with a staged performance on the show. In anticipation of Resident Evil: Operati...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 06: Resident Evil 2

Wryviews: Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned is such a weird, mixed bag that it's hard to even know where to begin. How's this for a start: There's one segment in the game where you use a giant stripper's cleavage ...   more

Wryviews: Shadows of the Damned

Who wants to go to Nerdapalooza in Orlando with me?

Hey there, all you ! It's been a while since I've popped up on the community blogs. It's been way too long, I know! Anyway, I've got a message for all my Florida peeps. From July 15 through 17...   more

Who wants to go to Nerdapalooza in Orlando with me?

Nostaljourney Episode 06 Casting Call

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is on the way and it looks pretty damn cool. In celebration of this we'll be playing and discussing Resident Evil 2, that game where the actual Raccoon Ci...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 06 Casting Call

Nostaljourney Episode 05: Deus Ex

In anticipation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution we play and discuss the original game and have a hell of a lot of fun cracking jokes at the game's expense. Today's episode is particularly diverse...   more

Wryviews: Alice Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns is an oddity of a game; the kind where a numbered review score doesn't really help say anything about it. I knew I had to have this game as soon as it was announced and ...   more

Wryviews: Alice Madness Returns

Wryviews: Dead Rising 2

I've heard a lot of people foolishly try to describe Dead Rising in one sentence. "You kill zombies with lots of stuff." I'm serious. That's all a lot of people have to say about it and it's...   more

Wryviews: Dead Rising 2

Gemnalysis: Mega Man and Bass, the true Mega Man 9

Here is what I was thinking when Mega Man 9 was first announced: "Umm... there already is a Mega Man 9. It's the one where Protoman gets cut in half and you can play as Bass. You know, the o...   more

Gemnalysis: Mega Man and Bass, the true Mega Man 9

Nostaljourney Episode 05 Casting Call

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is on the way. In anticipation we've got three Destructoid editors ready to sit down, play and discuss the original PC game with the community. Welcome back to Nosta...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 04: Mega Man Legends

In this episode of Nostaljourney we cover the wonderfully charming Mega Man Legends series and discuss how well it held up over time. Spoilers: It has aged amazingly well. We discuss the nuan...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 04: Mega Man Legends

Threat Level Jerkface: How to Survive a Douchepocalypse

Today was what we might refer to as a "hot mess." Normally, we'll see a spam blog or two per day, and maybe a harmless failblog or two. Today, it was a perfect storm of fail. The fails piled u...   more

Nostaljourney EP04 Casting Call: Mega Man Legends

We're back to donate free nostalgic games to people who've never had a chance to played them. This episode we have a fairly solid staff already in place, but we need one person who wants to ch...   more

Nostaljourney EP04 Casting Call: Mega Man Legends

C blog cheat codes: Getting your opinion on the front page

Hey community writer people types! Itís time for another C blog cheat codes post. Looking to get some awesome writing done? Hereís a great place to look for that little bump thatíll get your wr...   more

Wryview: Radiant Historia

In my mind the handheld market doesn't have a lot of competition when it comes to RPGs. The most widely recommended RPGs on handhelds are remakes. Now remakes are great; I actually love them ...   more

How to donate to the Jonathan Holmes burglary fund

Hey everyone. We've received a few requests recently from people who wanted to donate something to Jonathan Holmes after hearing that his place had been broken in to and a bunch of awesome stuff...   more

Interviewing the interviewer: A silly chat with LawofThermalDynamics

Why the hell would someone want to interview a bunch of people all the time? Yeah, stupid question, but it's that question that led me here today to present this interview to you, which is pret...   more

C Blog style and formatting tips

My good buddy Andrew Kauz recently became the site's new C Blog Boss, a role that tasks him with keeping an eye out for exceptional posts and offering useful tips and guidance to those in need....   more

What's your favorite PC game?

Alienware has a cool community opportunity coming up for all of you -- something E3 related, if that gives you a good hint. So, how do you get involved? Great question. If you want to be a par...   more

C Blog cheat codes: How to do your first post

While your first blog at Destructoid isnít the best, most important blog youíll ever write here, itís close. A good first impression is key with the community here; take it from someone who did...   more

State of the Cblogs Address from the new Big Boss

In the interest of your time and to save some tl;drs, Iíll start off today with a summary: Iím Andrew Kauz, and Iím your new Cblog Commander, Blog Boss, or whatever you want to call me. In any ...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 03: Jet Grind Radio

In this episode we discuss all things Jet Grind Radio while Funktastic speaks with a crappy generic Asian accent. Some things we manage to cover include the little known Gameboy Advance versio...   more

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