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Bring us Merlenderl, and wipe away the debt!

(Made with loving juiciness by Michael Towns)   more

Dtoid Editors discuss important things: Doubling Down on Fetishes

It's like Japanese dick girls Like, you're into DRAWINGS of WOMEN WITH DICKS and the dicks are BIGGER THAN THE WOMEN Now, any ONE of those fetishes, fair enough, go for it But all three? You're...   more

Minecraft FNF? 10/29/2010

Would anyone be interested in playing a Minecraft FNF on 10/29/2010? I unfortunately can't host a server, as I can't get it to work, so someone else will need to. Anyone in?   more

Minecraft FNF? 10/29/2010

The Obligatory PAX Prime CBlog

You can tell it's been too long since I posted a Community Blog as it took me ten fucking minutes to find the right page! Anyway, never mind all that bollocks because I'm trying to talk about PA...   more

Tears for Crippled Giants

6:32 AM, January 26, 2011 Ron finally succumbs to his alarm's wail and hops out of bed. First things first: put on some shorts and head over to the computer to start the morning ritual. Gmail, ...   more

Four Portraits

Howdy sunshine. So good to see you back around these parts. (suggestive wink) I found these four images in one of my art folders. They were done in the span of a weekend, and wouldn't you know i...   more

Jim Sterling (that's me) interviewed on Machinima's Inside Gaming

To say I've been doing a lot of fucking talking lately is putting it mildly. Here is another interview I did, which actually happened very shortly after the fallout of the Final Fantasy XIII re...   more

Jim Sterling (that's me) interviewed on Machinima's Inside Gaming

I arted a little (nsfw a little)

True story. Anyway. I spent a good portion of the weekend drinking and playing videogames. Not the most productive of weekends, but hey, at least it was relaxing. I've been jumping back and fort...   more

Mr. Sterling on Original Gamer

O HAI! More shameless self promotion for you. I was recently interviewed on the Original Gamer podcast where we chatted about Destructoid, and the recent controversies that have made yours truly...   more

Mr. Sterling on Original Gamer

Your old pal Sterling on ScrewAttack's Sidescroller's podcast

HI GANG! I appeared on ScrewAttack's Sidescrollers podcast this week to discuss my editorial. I chat to Destin L and Stuttering Craig about fandom, old school games, and Sonic's legs being too ...   more

Of gentlemen and aliens... an artblog for all seasons.

Just combing through my files after the weekend and came up with some odds and ends that I thought might be of interest to you fine folk. I will add a liberal dash of hilarious commentary as we...   more

Is Jim Sterling Jim Sterlinging the Jim Sterling Industry?

Nah, I don't really care about all of that. Destructoid is a gaming site, not a review site.. remember? We should have fun, not anger! Love, not venom! Art, not war! So. But wait.....   more

Ladees lift yer SHERTS - a quick artblog and a very special afterschool message

Yeah, that's right. Not dead yet. Anyway, sat down and played around with the Army of Two: The 40th Day mask creator on the official site. Although it's pretty limited, I made a couple of mas...   more

My review of all the reviews of my review of thing with the thing


This artblog has criminally little to do with videogames, and is born of vanity

OBSERVE THE NARCISSISM. But for serious face, I am working on some game-related artwork. New entry in the New Challenger series oncoming. But, erm... yeah. Hey, does any...   more

Silly things that may or may not be art related.

So the guy who lives above me has Monday night football parties or something every week. Bunch of people come over, they get drunk. Whatevs. I can dig. Best part? Entire night is now punctuated b...   more

Activision's new James Bond game: six little ways to make it not suck.

During a recent interview with the BBC Asian Network, actor Adam Croasdell (pictured above) revealed that he had taken up the mantle of James Bond with the following quote; The hiring of an ...   more

Activision's new James Bond game: six little ways to make it not suck.


I had a couple of different ideas rolling around in my head for this one, but ultimately went to E.Honda due to the face paint / stripes on his 'clothing'. Thought it could add an interesting ...   more

16-BIT OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW (a tribute to old school) - ARTBLOG

. I love video games. I've played them for as long as I can remember, and despite what your cabal news networks might like you to believe, I think it's made me a better person. A million diffe...   more


Couple of notes on this one; - Since this is an "odd" numbered entry, this counts as a variant piece as assets were reused (similar to Slow Your Beast Roll CE and Bearhug (Mech Zangeif)....   more

Yay! Artblog (GET UP OFF YO' ASS AND DRAW edition)

Man, oh man. Hello there. Been awhile, hasn't it? Seems so. Miss me? I sure missed you. Isn't it awesome when life gets so busy you can barely find "me time", which for yours truly translates dir...   more

So guess what was in my closet ...

Seriously. That was in the closet in our apartment. I've been here almost a year and I did not know there was a Dreamcast just around in a closet. This is both amazing and ludicrous. I think...   more

Nic Cage as Superman - or - that noise was my head exploding (shortblog)

Ever since it began development, comic nerds have been curious about TIm Burton's Superman Lives project. Burton, having come off of making two successful Batman films, was instructed to reintr...   more

Nic Cage as Superman - or - that noise was my head exploding (shortblog)

A Stranger Beauty (NVGR, also semi-NSFW, also LOLWUT)

Earlier today I blogged about how I hadn't been able to art it up. Well, I guess Stella Got Her Groove Back. Or something. I made myself do a jam session tonight, and was quite surprised to see a...   more

A Stranger Beauty (NVGR, also semi-NSFW, also LOLWUT)

A general state of broken pieces (semi-NVGR, all-sexy edition)

So I've been busy. And by busy, I mean . Art stuff hasn't necessarily fallen completely by the wayside, but my priorities have been reduced to a few specific projects. When this particular fun-pa...   more

A general state of broken pieces (semi-NVGR, all-sexy edition)

Everything on Wikipedia is literally true

For some reason, I have a Wikipedia page. Despite the fact it has numerous issues and has been vandalized countless times, it's managed to stay up for about a year. I do not know why. Anyway, peo...   more

We're down a Swayze (NVGR)

Time to celebrate the man that was Dalton. Let's do this up right, people.   more

We're down a Swayze (NVGR)

A Day In The Life Of Chet

Why did I do this? Two reasons, A) I was bored. B) Brad Nicholson makes me laugh any time he's on Podtoid, so I felt it necessary to show my appreciation for brightening my day. Bonus reason:...   more

A Day In The Life Of Chet


This one turned out better than I thought it would. It being the first New Challenger entry done with the Wacom might have something to do with it. I wanted to throw a spin on it, so instead o...   more


Bluebomber and blah.

Just screwing about, trying new styles. I'm actually really happy with how this came out for me doing it so fast-and-loose. This is actually the first thing I've done in a couple of days I'm ...   more

Bluebomber and blah.

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