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Apr 01 // Jim Sterling

Bring us Merlenderl, and wipe away the debt!

(Made with loving juiciness by Michael Towns)
Sep 16 // Nick Chester

Moving on (also, baby bats in blankets!)

With nearly five years of some of the best times of my life under my belt, I can't seem remember a time when I wasn't on this crazy Destructoid train. So this is going to be weird to type: as this month comes to a close, I ...
Apr 13 // Nick Chester

Questions regarding Bethesda titles Prey 2, Hunted, or Brink?

I'm in Utah this week, learning that being high up in the mountains means that I feel like I've run a marathon if I walk across the street. Pretty neat! I'm here for Bethesda's BFG 2011 event, where we're being shown Prey 2,...
Apr 05 // SenorDoucheoisie

Dtoid Summer Mammaries Good Times! Also, Pre-E3 DtoidSD NARP!

So here's the deal: a bunch of my Alcoholobros are coming into SoCal for E3 on June 7-9, and so they thought, what the fuck, why not come down to San Diego the week or so before and spend time with yours truly? The amount ...
Mar 03 // Jim Sterling

Dtoid Editors discuss important things: Doubling Down on Fetishes

Jim S. It's like Japanese dick girls Jim S. Like, you're into DRAWINGS of WOMEN WITH DICKS and the dicks are BIGGER THAN THE WOMEN Now, any ONE of those fetishes, fair enough, go for it But all three? You're a greedy fucker O...
Feb 24 // Nick Chester

Surprise free Fallout: New Vegas "Dead Money" for PS3 code!

First come, first served: C2PM-ACNC-CKAH Have fun. Spoiler: the money dies.
Dec 17 // Nick Chester

Podtoid Championship Edition Episode Beta #2

Thanks to everyone who listened to and gave feedback on the last episode. We recorded another test this week, the unofficial episode #2 of the "beta." I'm making it a bit easier to access now, so just go here: You can stream it or download it. Let us know what you think!
Dec 11 // Nick Chester

Podtoid DX Championship Edition EX + Alpha 3: The Dream Warriors

About a month ago, the guy who signs my checks (that's Niero) said to me: "Hey, we need to get another podcast off the ground with the site's everyday, core writers. Get it done." He doesn't often demand I do things, so I f...
Nov 17 // Nick Chester

On being a Spike VGAs judge (bonus: my nominees!)

[Note: This is a first draft ramble about the process; I had originally intended to just dump my choices here and move on. So please forgive any errors or oddities.] Little known fact: to choose the nominees for the VGAs, Sp...
Oct 03 // Nick Chester

Fallout: New Vegas launch party, game magazines, a baby

So first off, Bethesda has the best fucking stamps. When they sent me a holiday card last December, the stamp had a picture of Vault Boy wearing a Santa Claus hat. Here's the stamp that was on the invite for the upcoming laun...
Sep 12 // Jim Sterling

The Obligatory PAX Prime CBlog

You can tell it's been too long since I posted a Community Blog as it took me ten fucking minutes to find the right page! Anyway, never mind all that bollocks because I'm trying to talk about PAX Prime! Last week was my firs...
Sep 08 // SenorDoucheoisie

Team FortRonathon: Week 2 Results

Late post, what with Labor Day and PAX and all that, but rest assured, I did play an awful lot of TF2 last week, and made some pretty hefty bank. Monday, August 30 Points Accrued: 58 $$$ Raised: $5.80 $$$ Raised to Date: $...
Sep 02 // SenorDoucheoisie

More Than Just Noise: The "SEEEEHH-GAAAH" Effect

Here's a fascinating statistic for you: 90% of our childhood videogaming experiences are clouded by nostalgia and sentimental value, without any regard for specifics in plot and/or gameplay details. Surprised? You should be...
Aug 30 // SenorDoucheoisie

Team FortRonathon: Week 1 Results

One week has passed since I made my awesome declaration of charity for Ronathon 2010, and in that week I've played a decent amount of TF2. Let's look at the results. Tuesday, August 24 Overall, bleh day. I think the s...
Aug 23 // SenorDoucheoisie

Ronathon 2010: Doing My Part for Someone I've Never Met on the Internets

First, a little housekeeping: -Winners of my previous contests, don't worry, your prizes are coming. I just moved out a couple weeks ago, and shit got thrown around and whatnot while moving. What with having a full time jo...
Jul 21 // SenorDoucheoisie

The Great Summer 2010 Moveout Giveaway! WINNERS + FINAL DAY

So bros, this is it. All of the hard work you put into entering both of my contests pays off right here, when I announce the winners of both of the contests. First up, the Batman contest. All of you brahs wrote some impres...
Jul 11 // SenorDoucheoisie

Alex Barbatsis, I Accept Your Invitation to WAR. (aka Gobun's Party was AWESOME)

Yesterday night was our dear Gobun's birthday party. Dude must've had a deprived childhood, because before yesterday he apparently had never had a birthday party in his entire life. I had a horrible childhood. Naturally, ...
Jul 09 // SenorDoucheoisie

The Great Summer 2010 Move Out Giveaway! DAY TWO

Here it is, Day Two of my Contest Weektacular. Remember, Day One is still going, so if you're even remotely interested in Batman, make sure to hit that up. Today, I'm giving out several pieces, once again Comic Con 2008 Exc...
Jul 07 // SenorDoucheoisie

A Collection of Arts by a One SenorDoooosh circa 1990

If there's one thing I've learned while getting ready to move out, it's that I'm a massive hoarder. I don't know how it happened, but apparently ever since I was a wee lad I've been keeping every single goddamn piece of marg...
Jul 05 // SenorDoucheoisie

UPDATED: The Great Summer 2010 Move Out Giveaway! DAY ONE

Hey boners, I have more shit to give away. I hope this will be much more successful than that disaster of a Scott Pilgrim contest that Gyrael ended up winning by default, but considering the prizes, I'm sure it will. So her...
Jun 21 // SenorDoucheoisie

The E3 '10 Scott Pilgrim Party: DA CONTEST

Nearly forgot to make this post, as I know there are a few of you out there diligently waiting for a chance at this, but yeah, we all ended up with some swag after the Scott Pilgrim party: a totally badass T-shirt, and a not-...
Jun 21 // SenorDoucheoisie

The E3 '10 Scott Pilgrim Party, Or: Why Everyone in the Dtoid Community is Rad.

So E3 was last week, and if you were like me, you spent your precious time waking up early and leaving work late, just to catch the live streams of pressers from various videogame companies. But of course, that's never the mo...
Jun 08 // SenorDoucheoisie


Sup cock mongrels, miss me? Been a while since my last microgame, partly because Gobun's stopped drawing his amazing scribbles, and partly because of the ridiculous deluge of amazing games that've come out in the past couple...
Apr 20 // SenorDoucheoisie


Back again for #7, just as I promised! I probably should've spaced out these releases, since Gobun's comics will be coming slower, as he's still working on Operation Winback: A letter to zombielifecoach. Ah well, if I just ...
Apr 19 // SenorDoucheoisie


Remember that post waaaay back when, when I said this would be up tomorrow night? I lied; I just wanted to whore out my own badass self to all of you. Seriously though, #6 was just so simple and yet conveyed the best part o...
Apr 19 // SenorDoucheoisie


Miss me, boners? After meticulously analyzing Gobun's last two FORUM ADVENTURES doodles, I finally have ideas for microgames, and I'm working on them as I'm typing. Yes, I multitask like a boss. Anyway, in the mean time, h...
Apr 13 // SenorDoucheoisie


I'm churning them out as fast as Gobun is! Just couldn't let the inspired idea of boner-dodging get away from me for too long. I eagerly await the next one.
Apr 12 // SenorDoucheoisie


Two games in one night?! BLASPHEMY! Actually, this one was fairly quick and easy, and yet still pretty fucking awesome. What happened to #3, you ask? Well, those of you following Gobun's comics knows that #3 was pretty un...
Apr 11 // SenorDoucheoisie


#2 in my adaptations of Gobun's comics. It's the most brahsome one by far, but #3 and 4 have a good chance of surpassing this greatness. Maybe not.
Apr 08 // SenorDoucheoisie


So there's been some controversy concerning Gobun's doodle comic FORUM ADVENTURES #1. Gyrael says that's not how it happened, Gobun says it is, and a legendary rivalry is born. Gyrael retaliated earlier this evening with an...

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