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Jun 26 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Tears of Joy

I am going to cash in some Destructoid cred here and write not only a short blog but also one that has nothing to do with video games.  You will forgive me but in my excitement I can't contain myself.     ...
Jun 22 // KingSigy

Hadouken To Win (Short Blog)

Fighting games are a curious beast in the modern era. Since the internet is prevalent on every gaming platform, you'd think developers would be adding characters left and right into their titles. We haven't really seen ...
Jun 08 // KingSigy


Valve recently decided to implement a refund policy on Steam. For a year or so, this was the only thing EA had a leg up on Valve. Their platform, Origin, allowed a refund for any reason within 48 hours. Even the website...
Jun 02 // KingSigy

Frame of Reference

So Hatred is out and nobody really seems to care. This game sparked a huge controversy over it's content and now the game is old news. Having seen some footage of the final build, even I am left wondering what the big d...
May 22 // Jed Whitaker

True Kinect Gamer Progress Update #1: A starts a start

Progress is progress Well week 1 is over for my weightloss journey leading up to E3, where I've been focusing on diet, excercise and becoming a TRUE Kinect gamer. I started at around 268lbs, the heaviest I've been in my...
May 15 // Jed Whitaker


I have to bring sexy back for E3 I know what some of you are saying "But Jed you are already incredibly sexy" and you are correct. In Ohio, I'm like a seven, in games media I'm like a six for video, eight for ...
May 12 // KingSigy

Nostalgia Goggles

Nostalgia can be a cruel beast. We often have fond memories of games, movies or places from childhood that just do not hold up in the present. This doesn't mean that those memories are worthless, just that our perceptio...
May 07 // Jed Whitaker

I know you want to AMA, so Just Dew It

Before you do anything click that fucking video and experience the one true god, Pizza Wizard. Pizza Wizard is a nearly 43 minute mix of the best music ever, and don't you dare say otherwise. Go ahead. Click it. I'll wa...
May 04 // Occams

Hello, I'm Occams. Ask me a Question

I have enjoyed the past Ask Me Anything blogs posted by good and kindly folks.  So I would like to embrace this moment and put it to you, fair reader, to ask me a question.  It can be about anything, video game related or not.  I am an open book.  An open book with pages stuck together and coffee ring stains on the cover.  So fire away.  I am here for you.
May 02 // KingSigy

Forsaken Age

I don't know quite how to feel about Broken Age. I want to scream and yell and claim it is a terrible experience, but I don't overtly hate the game. I had a partial bit of responsibility for bringing it to life (funding...
May 01 // Jed Whitaker

First of May: My favorite season (free games inside)

Ooooooooooh child. I'm so glad it is May, April was pretty rough for me. People think games press is all fun and games, but it is mostly just games and writing. I mean there is fun...somtimes. I went to Vegas in Ap...
Apr 22 // KingSigy

Next-Gen is Finally Here!

Next-generation gaming has official begun! With the launch of Mortal Kombat X, we finally have a game that was completely impossible to run on Xbox 360 and PS..... Wow; I couldn't even finish that sentence before notici...
Apr 18 // Jed Whitaker

CBLOG EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Destructoid Weekly Wrapup Pilot Episode

As you may or may not know, Jess Brohard and I have been been working on a news show for Destructoid's YouTube channel. Well we just uploaded the rough pilot episode to get some feedback from viewers, and currently it is...
Apr 13 // Occams

Occams Thoughts: Mortal Kombat DLC Characters

Mortal Kombat X comes out this week.  The game looks fun in that "Steven Segal direct to video" sort of way and I’m looking forward to experiencing the story later this week the game arrives from Gamefly....
Apr 09 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Cream in My Coffee

It’s a slow day here on Destructoid and in the waking world.  It’s nice when things slow down but sometimes the quiet gets to be a little too much.  So you try to fill the quiet with sound.  So...
Mar 29 // KingSigy

The Linearity of Time

Game developers have made great strides in providing gamers with multiple choices for a game's story. This has resulted in many critics and players labeling games as "non-linear" or "open-world." They all allow you to t...
Mar 20 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Prints and Books

Hello.  How have you been?  Well, I hope.  I can feel Spring approaching.  Slowly creeping in, like a tickle in the back of your throat that signifies you are coming down with a cold.  As a creat...
Mar 19 // Ben Davis

Bbain's Jukebox: It's about to get gay in here!

Hello everyone! I'm in kind of a silly mood, so I decided to do another jukebox blog (which Shade was kind enough to keep alive!) with one of the more random themes I've been considering. I was listening to one of these...
Mar 11 // KingSigy

The Convention that Changed it All

Absence makes the heart grow fonder; while the origin of this quote is unknown, the impact of those words can be profound. Removing yourself from your favorite place can be quite difficult. Sometimes the change is neede...
Mar 09 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: 9

9 years.  That’s almost David Bowie’s Five Years twice in a row.  I haven’t been here all 9.  Lordy, I can’t remember how long I’ve been here.  5 years?  4?  Ma...
Feb 16 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Statues (image heavy)

Hello everyone.  Monday, Monday to quote the Mamas & the Papas.  As I sit here trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes and clear the cob webs from my brain, I think about the truly important things in life: s...
Feb 14 // Jed Whitaker

Mila Kunis gives birth to puppies on my birthday with a Majora's Mask NEW 3DSXL!

I Cry Everytime So my birthday was this week, which I typically hate because it tends to just be a bad day for me. This year I decided to make it a "haha" bad day for fun, so my friends joined me for shenanigans. First w...
Feb 13 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Monthly Musings

Hello everyone.  How are you today?  Well I hope.  I wanted to talk a bit today about musings.  Musing that occur monthly.  I know January was sorely lacking and that’s on me.  The wak...
Feb 05 // Jed Whitaker

Castle In The Darkness out today on Steam, Metroidvania fans rejoice!

Castle In The Darkness is out now on Steam, currently for the low, low price of $4.97. Castle In The Darkness is a fun and challenging shout out to the early days of video games! It's an action exploration platfor...
Feb 04 // Jed Whitaker

What games series that are seemingly dead do you wish would make a comeback?

Sometimes your favorites series dies, let's remember their ghosts Everyone has that one series they "fanboy" over from their past that no one else really remembers or cares about. I have plenty of them, which I'm about t...
Jan 30 // Jed Whitaker

What's your favorite non-video game, but gaming related music? Here's mine.

To better elaoborate my title, what music do you like that SOUNDS like game music, but isn't in a game? I've been jamming to music all day at my "day job" (read: 2nd shift job that prevents me from having a social life o...
Jan 26 // Corduroy Turtle

The Play it/Avoid it Report - 003 // Mario Kart 8, Sunset Overdrive, and more

What's going on, Destructoid Cbloggers? Are you getting tired of me resurrecting this feature once a year? Tough shit! I played a few games that I want to talk about and I am going to use this platform to do so. If you'v...
Jan 23 // Jed Whitaker

Introducing Beard View with Puzzle & Dragons Z

You may have noticed that I've been doing videos over on Destructoid's YouTube channel recently, all of which have been let's play content that has soared in views all the way up to somewhere around 300+ views...
Jan 13 // Ben Davis

Super special announcement from bbain!

Hello everyone! I have some wonderful news to announce. Yesterday, Jordan Devore made me an official member of the Destructoid team! I'm all black and white now! Well, I guess Balrog has always been kinda black and white...
Jan 03 // Jed Whitaker

The game of the year 2014 everyone seemingly forgot to put on their list

Lack of any type of marketing made everyone miss the best game of 2014 I've been pouring over everyone's lists of games of the year for 2014 and I'm shocked by one glaring omission that was easily my game of the yea...

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